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  1. Just an update.. I ended up buying a set on ebay. 4-AW. Total cost with shipping was $350.00 and I ordered it today around 3:00pm E.S.T and the UPS tracking is showing it will be at my doorstep tomorrow by 4:00pm. Thats a solid deal right there!
  2. Hey guys, thanks to a previous thread I made I've decided to buy a new set of Diablo Edge Irons. Does anyone know of any CURRENT deals on these clubs from their local retailer? I know that at Dicks and Golf Galaxy they are $499.99 for 4-AW-Steel/Uniflex shaft. Ebay has some ok deals, like 6-AW for 329.00. Not sure what to do.. if anyone has seen any deals please let me know!
  3. This is probably true but I'm weird in the fact that the burner plus irons are from 09 and the diablo edge are from 2011 so my thought process is- "is the technology between 2009 and 2011 found between the burner plus' and the diablos?"
  4. As you guys can tell from my handicap (30), I'm not the greatest golfer. I'm not a hacker, I lose most of my strokes on the green, not necessarily getting to the green, but I'm still looking to upgrade from my boxed 2008 Slazenger Wrath irons. Which iron set would you recommend from the above- Burner Plus, Burner HT, or Diablo Edge. I've hit all on a simulator, all feel great but I know its a lot different when you get on the course. Are the SGI clubs as good as they are hyped up to be? All I want to do is be able to hit the ball straight with a little more ease, I'm not looking for distance..
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