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  1. Got a set of Cobra S2 forged irons, a Kuro Kage silver stiff shaft for my driver and a new callaway bag :D
  2. Driver: 260-270 carry 3 wood: 245-255 carry 2 hybrid: 225-235 carry 3 Hybrid: 215-220 carry 4 Iron: 200-205 5 Iron: 180-190 6 Iron: 170-180 7 Iron: 160-170 8 Iron: 150-160 9 Iron: 130-145 pw: 105-125 sw: 80-100 lw: 50-75
  3. nike mojo or bridgestone e6 i use e5 but i dont have asmuch of a slicing problem, thats probably from you tryign to kill it all the time
  4. i highly recommend Bridgestone E5's, i started playign this ball last month and its been amazing
  5. im not a fan of the digital camo but looks liek you did a good job, definately wont see anyoen else with that paint
  6. i wouldnt grind the edges, those irons are made to take divots like that, i take huge divots with my Apex FTX's sounds like they just are not the right irons for you if you dont liek irons that take big divots maybe you shoudl try somehting different
  7. i played a nice round this morning at my local course, only played 9 holes shot a 41 on par 36, thats about what i usually shoot
  8. oh and budget is around 200-300 dollars, hopefully i can find a decent set of irons on ebay or somehting in that price range. i only need a 5-9 iron set
  9. Hey guys, im new here, ive been golfing since the age of 9 im 31 now. the last few years ive been using a set of Ben Hogan apex ftx irons but they are getting quite worn. i figure now is a good time to buy a new set of irons since there are alot of products on the market that are very appealing! please suggest me a few good sets of irons, im a decent iron player so they dont have to be too forgiving, though a little forgiveness is always good to have. i will need a stiff shaft, i will need to be able to shape the ball a bit and i dont have any trouble getting the ball up
  10. sometimes the driver just is'nt right for you, i had a dunlop loco pro back when it first came out and used to slice the ball like crazy, eventually i decided to go test drive a whole bunch of drivers and ended up setteling on a bridgestone j33r wich i hit straight 90% of the time. fact is usually your driver can be fixed/fitted for you at a pro shop fairy easily, usually the rigth shaft flex for your swing is all it takes
  11. Driver: 270 average 3 wood: 240 Rescue: 220 4 Iron: 195 5 Iron: 185 6 Iron: 175 7 Iron: 165 8 Iron: 150 9 Iron: 140 E wedge: 120 52: 110 56: 99 60: 88
  12. ive been shopping for a new set of irons myself recently and so far im really loving the mizuno stuff, maybe try finding a set of mx-23's or mx-200's, they can be found cheap online
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