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  1. New to the Forum: Need help deciding

    UPDATE: Decided to go with the Mizuno JPX800. Should be in middle of the week, cant wait to take them to the range
  2. New to the Forum: Need help deciding

    I'm not sure that ever looked at the pro version. after he knew my measurements he just started handing me to clubs to hit. I tried not to look at the club that I was hitting, so I wouldn't judge on brand.
  3. New to the Forum: Need help deciding

    Thanks Elvis, Im probably going to go with the Mizuno set. Between the two, I felt better with the Titleist, but either would be an improvement over what I currently have. And yeah Tweaky, I've learned my lesson. I went to a professional club fitter and will get the correct club length and grip size. Which is different than my current clubs. They wont be coming off the shelf, Rather they will be ordered through Mizuno
  4. Hey everybody, Im new to the site, and was hoping to get some input from all the professionals out there. Im looking for a new set of clubs and to get a proper fitting ( I bought my last set at Golf Galaxy, in which they did a fitting for me but let me take the clubs straight off the shelf). Needless to say, I've learned my lesson and decided to do some more research before buying a new set. The two sets that I liked the best were the Titleist AP2 and the Mizuno JPX800. There a good size price difference between the two sets, so is the forged set worth the money over the cast set. Of course I like the AP2's more but not sure if I like it $300 more. Im a 14 handicap trying to get down to single digits, and I play once to two times a week. Thanks in advance for any input