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  1. That not very expensive part of the lesson is the website hosting not the forum software which is free. As I said there are other benefits for me to have the domain. Not looking for an App, social media or anything outside of a privately hosted forum on a domain of my choosing. This is not business, it is personal.
  2. I'm not really looking to do this on some other platform or on anything other than my own domain which has side benefits for me. Texting, other websites and platforms are not in consideration.
  3. I would think offering players the option to play 1 hole on each 9 from where the pro's play might alleviate some of the problem. Not allowing the players to pick the holes but having one hole on each nine setup with an extra set of tees.
  4. I think a product would come up short unless it specifically asked you 'was that last shot a good shot, fair shot or bad shot?'. Everyone has their own definition of what was a good shot is. Last night I was trying to hit my 46 degree gap wedge 130 yards to get to the 100 yard marker right in the middle of the fairway. It ended up right at the 100 yard marker and split the fairway but what product could tell that it was a low slice that got lucky? Also, sometimes a good approach shot does not have to be on the green to qualify as a good shot (in my book). Sometimes getting in a greenside bunke
  5. That I can agree with. When some of the courses I play cut the lawns it leaves a lot of foamy balls of what looks like soap bubbles all over the course. It can make it challenging to locate your ball at first.
  6. Sounds good in theory but not everyone has a facebook account or wants one. I wouldn't have one if it wasn't needed for work.
  7. Fun with marshmallows. In an outing leave one near the cup on a green that requires mostly blind shots. Just make sure you are using the Campfire brand in the USA or the Rocky Mountain brand in Europe.
  8. Not a forum such as this one. What I am thinking is more along the lines of creating a private forum just for the people I have played with and plan/hope to play with again. The idea being using the forum to get a group together rather than emails, phone calls and texts which can be quite tedious. I'm the guy who will mostly play anywhere and anytime but always seem to be the one trying to piece the group together when everyone else has certain restrictions (tee off time, location, difficulty of course, cost of course etc.). So I have been back and forth on the idea of such a forum and wo
  9. I believe some people turn regular courses into a 'special' course if it is above their ability level or it is a high priced course. At least the more expensive courses seem to have a higher likelihood that a ranger will be monitoring pace of play but that is not always the case.
  10. Yes, I do something similar. I like to know which part of the game seems to be costing me the most strokes. For me it tends to be tee shots but those are the hardest to work on as there are not many decent grass driving ranges in my area. They all seem pretty beaten up if they have grass and the rubber tees on the mats never seem to be the right height. I looked for a pack of rubber tees in 1/4" increments but haven't found a set yet. 1/2" increments is too much IMO.
  11. I don't think tee it forward is meant to be a be all end all solution. It is just one initiative to try to help improve the pace of play AND make the game more enjoyable for most people. If it gets more people conscious about pace of play it is a good thing. Yeah, I would argue that they probably should play an easier course but I have no problem with them playing a course that is above their abilities IF they are conscious about their pace of play and play accordingly. It's the people that know they are in over their heads but insist on playing every stroke or looking for every lost ball
  12. Aspirin, band-aids, batteries, tees, gloves, emergency cigar etc. Anything you think it might be convenient to stuff in there.
  13. Scoring is all well and good but I tend to measure my rounds by how many good shots I feel I hit. Last night in 9 holes I had 17 good shots which by measuring scale is very high but still shot a 5 over (4 over for handicap) which is good but not great. Anyone else run through their rounds afterwards and keep track of the good shots? I sure some will say you only played as good as your score but that's just their opinion.
  14. It's not about the individual round or individual group it is about the overall group. Just shaving 10 minutes off the average time to play 18 holes and a few strokes off of average scores can make the game that much more enjoyable (except for that special group that feel they are less of a man if they play from shorter tee's).
  15. Well to us common folk that $1 million or even a tenth of that would move our needle much longer way. Jordan already has close to $25 Mil in tournament winnings and the endorsements probably add up to more than that. I saw a chart that stated during the 2013 season McIlroy earned $2.6 million on the course and $18 million off the course. For the top guys another Million, before taxes and costs, really isn't a huge motivator when things are going poorly.
  16. -1 by me for 18 holes and -3 for me for 9 holes. I do sometimes get to play with players better than myself but haven't had anyone go really low yet. Now if we are going by Net the lowest would be -11.... for 9 holes. That's what a guy shot against me during league playoffs last year. Not a fan.
  17. I don't get the hate for the program. It is just a guideline and too many times I play with guys who are definitely playing from the wrong set of tee's. Just a few weeks ago we were paired up with 2 seniors who felt the need to play from tee's at about 6,300 yards. They were miserable because they couldn't reach most of the par 4's in 2 with their best shots. They would have enjoyed the round more and we would have enjoyed the round more if they had been playing from an appropriate tee.... which was forward. All they did was make themselves and everyone else around them enjoy the day less.
  18. I am pretty certain one of the clubs I play league in does not have a committee. The other seems to be addressing some concerns about handicaps but I cannot confirm 100% that they have a committee. From my perspective I only care if they try to make league play more competitive since I don't actually belong to the club. For most public courses I would think it would be a lot tougher for them to have committees as the number of club members is usually much smaller than a private course.
  19. I can only speak from the kids perspective an I started with the plastic club and balls at 4.5 years old. If we had moved next to the golf course earlier in my life I could easily see starting at 2.5 to 3 years old. In my experience starting the game and my experience from watching other parents is you cannot make them want to do it. They need to show the interest and I think watching a parent play/practice will let you know if they are interested.
  20. Stand-alone hand held GPS (Garmin G5). Over the years I have not wanted to trade it in or switch it to my phone as the increase in the phone plan would add up a lot quicker than the cost of the stand alone unit.
  21. I think it is going to be a lot more common than you would like. It wouldn't be the first time I heard it this year from a club pro or pro shop employee.
  22. It's a bit of pain these days as you need to play with someone in order to be 'allowed' to record the score for Handicap. I tend to avoid courses where they don't have an online booking system. At least that way I have an argument if someone doesn't want to be paired up. Some courses have much better starters than others.
  23. Southeast PA had about the same weather as you did and the courses lost a LOT of money this weekend. I had to spend a few hours hopping around to a bunch of different courses websites just to be able to find a group I could join. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to record my score. When I finally found a group and made it to the course they had already sent out the twosome I was supposed to join. Maybe I could have caught them but I wouldn't have been happy about the whole thing. Luckily one of the guys who works at the course was going out at the same time. A few minutes later and it would have b
  24. You dodged the question about what physically changed in the round played last year to this year. Nothing changed in the physical playing of the game and we both know it. What did change is the rules set forth by the USGA. That does not change the fact that he physically played the round the same. It does change if he is allowed to post the round he physically just played to the USGA handicapping system. You changed it from a discussion of a rule to what constitutes playing golf.
  25. Yes, he is. Tell me what has physically changed from the way he PLAYED the game last year to this year? There is no change in the way he played or even reported. There was a change to the rules set forth by one organization that tries to govern competitive events but that is a change to the rules not the way he played the game last year or this year. Nowhere in the definition of Golf do I see mention of the USGA or that you have to play by the rules set forth by the USGA. They do not own Golf and as much as they would like everyone to conform to their rules you do not have to in order to
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