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  1. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Played the same 6000 yards (5950 to be exact) as last week and shot an 82 with 3 doubles. I should never have a double on this course. Of course, I probably shouldn't have had some of the pars I got either, LOL.
  2. My 5 iron is 21.5* !! I carry 20* and 23* hybrids, and I hit the 23 longer than my 5 iron. This compliment gives my pretty decent coverage though. I carry 5-PW (43.5), then 48,52, and 56 wedges beyond that.
  3. What'd You Shoot Today?

    I shot an 81 last Saturday on about 6000 yards, including a double and a triple. Parred the #1 and 2 hcp holes, though.
  4. Irons change. Advice needed.

    The correct answer is to find a place that can do a proper fitting. That said, if that is not available, I would suggest trying the following if you can find a place to hit them, using the stock shafts in both regular and stiff. Titleist AP1 Ping G Taylormade M1 and/or M2 The Callaway equivalent of the above You may not fall in love, but I feel these are representative and will give you an example of what is out there. These are all in the GI/SGI category. Beyond these, the combinations of heads and shafts are overwhelming, at least to me if you are not working with a legit fitter. In either of the clubs I mentioned, you will probably be at least one club longer than you are currently. On the monitor, you may be 2 clubs longer, but not likely that will transfer to the course. You will likely be able to drop to a 5-GW, and have room in the bag for a hybrid or 2, if you so desire. I am almost 60, and still hitting stiff shafts, but will consider regular next time around at least in my irons. Titleist is coming out in October probably with a club called the AP3, which is said to be a kind of in-between club in lofts and forgiveness. Given your handicap, it might be of interest to you.
  5. Fairway woods vs hybrids vs irons

    At my level, I think it is a lot of personal preference and what gives you the most confidence. I was a late converter to hybrids, but I love the two I have. I find them to be very versatile, and I have a good degree of confidence with them. I have used the 4H successfully from 155 to 185, mostly by choking down, and have hit it from some nasty lies. The 3H is usually for good fairway lies, light rough, and from the tee. From a good fairway lie, or from the tee I can get around 185-200 from it.
  6. I would give Jordan about even odds of doing it this year. Hopefully, Rory will follow soon. I feel they are both good for the game, and hope their success continues.
  7. Agree with the all the comments/advice that has been given. Plenty of people still play with Eye2's. Only concern I have is if the Blue fits you. If not mistaken, they are 1* upright and 1/2 inch longer than black. intended for someone around 6'1'' or taller, but this is not a hard and fast rule as arm length plays into it as well. I don't look at grips as an investment or improvement, more like changing the oil in your car, or waxing it. New grips make old clubs feel new, as they are the only interface with the club. I like Lamkin Crosslines, if I don't have something specific in mind. A good durable, no frills grip. Certainly the Golf Pride grips are just as good or better, just my preference. I have begun trying the GP multi-compound in a premium grip.
  8. What's Your favorite club and why?

    I have a 16* Taylor Raylor that I bought new in the early 90's that has consistently been in the bag and won't leave anytime soon. Can't really call it a favorite, but fairly reliable over the years. My Callaway hybrids are also reliable, and the 4h is a go to club when nothing else is working. I have used it successfully from 152 to 185 yards. I have upgraded the rest of the bag this summer, though, and pleased enough, though the irons and I have not completely worked out our relationship. For the first time ever, I actually have a matched set of wedges, and that is enlightening.
  9. I know I should get fitted, and probably will, but how much difference is there between the stiff and regular in the Xp90 as in Titlelist AP1's? Common wisdom is to err on the side of the softer shaft, so if my numbers are similar, go with the regular? I am almost 60 but in decent shape--but I can tell as I get tired the snap is not there. I still use a stiffer shaft (Aldila Rogue silver) in my 915D2, and am pleased with it.
  10. Putter question

    I don't think it will hurt it. Most people use a longer putter than they should. It will probably hurt the resale value, because most people use a longer putter than they should.
  11. I have the bug bad this year. I have upgraded my driver, putter, and wedges, and am pleased so far. I am currently playing Titleist DCI's that are about 25 years old!! They are in great shape, and the gaps work. I currently carry 5-PW, the 5 is 28* and the PW 48. I carry 20* and 23* hybrids. I have 52 and 56* Vokeys. Obviously, newer irons will have different spreads and I may add another Vokey depending on the lower end of a new set. I am considering Titleist AP1 and AP2. For those of you who have them, what kind of real world differences or help would I expect from the AP1 or AP2? If you have played both, how much difference in forgiveness between the AP1 and AP2?
  12. What'd You Shoot Today?

    I shot an encouraging 90. The score was encouraging because I had 8 pars, all except one were gir or very close, meaning puttable. One had a poor chip and a long putt. Only one drive requiring a chip out; 13 of 14 very playable.
  13. What to do before a fitting

    I think it depends on the fitting facility. Some businesses charge for the fitting upfront, then take that off the price if you purchase the clubs from them. In that case, I wouldn't see a problem if you elected to buy online. If the place does the fitting for free upfront with the expectation you will buy from them, I would think you would want to advise up front that you might not purchase from them. As the saying goes, honesty is the best policy. If I was buying new AP1's, I would be careful online, making sure of the reputation of the seller. I have actually been doing the same shopping that you have, and from legit retailers, there really isn't much difference in price. The going street price for new, 8 club sets of 716 AP1's seems to be about $899 regardless of the vendor. I occasionally see something on Ebay for maybe $100 less, but if I am spending that much, $100 is cheap for peace of mind. I have at least one fairly local vendor that has a loaner set, and does a complete iron fitting for $35, and takes that off the $899 if you buy from them. This advice is coming from a long time scrounger, who can't pass up a pawn shop or Goodwill looking for cheap clubs. I recently bought a 913D2 for $75 and love it, so I am not above going that route. However if I am going to the trouble of getting fit, and spending $800 on clubs, I will spend another $100 to do it right.
  14. If it is feasible, I would get both hybrids. A few years ago, I was in a similar situation and a buddy sold me his 20* and 23* hybrids. Two of the most versatile clubs and some of the best money I ever spent on golf. To answer your question, though, the 22* is likely the best candidate for the specific purpose.