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  1. dbuck

    Who is on Golf's Mount Rushmore?

    Nicklaus, Woods, Player, Hogan - all have a career slam. Not in order but Woods and Nicklaus have TRIPLE slams to put that in perspective. I could certainly argue Arnie or Bobby Jones instead of Player or Hogan.
  2. dbuck

    Tee or No Tee?

    I tee it up on every tee.
  3. dbuck

    Golf Philosophy… Which One for You?

    Neither fits me directly. I am not a pro, and could care less what they hit, though I enjoy watching them. I am a 60 year old 13 handicap. I usually have more bogeys than anything else. I usually have a few pars, and birdie or two and a double or two on every round. I like to play from tees that are around 6000-6500 yards and par 72 with a mix of lengths for par 4's and 3's. This gives me a chance to hit most every club in my bag. I like to have at least one par 5 that gives me a chance to reach in two. Most often, I play from the regular mens tees, occasionally from the senior tees. If I played the senior tees on my most frequent courses, I would be hitting wedge on most par 4's. On the course I play most often, clubs for the par 3's are usually include hybrid, 5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, or 9 iron, depending on where the tee and hole are set- and the setup usually includes hitting at least 4 of those clubs. Generally, on every non par 3, I am trying to advance the ball toward the hole as far as possible on every shot, and hit or be near the fairway on every tee shot. Occasionally, strategy may dictate something else. For instance, there is a par 5 I play frequently, where I may hit 2 layups to allow for a level shot with a favorite club for my third. I would rather have a smooth 8 iron from a level lie, than a partial wedge from a hanging lie over water.
  4. dbuck

    What's Worse: 50 Yds Away in Rough or 100 Ft Putt?

    Dave in Fl said it best-100 ft from a perfect lie is better than 150 feet from a bad lie.
  5. dbuck

    Why Do You Play Golf? A Two Option Poll

    I play for the fun, and I enjoy it even if I don't score as well as I expect. I try to lower my scores, and plan to continue, but if I shoot over my handicap I still have fun.
  6. dbuck


    I can't remember ever playing with a hangover, but I don't think it would be good. I can't drink and play, and the best cure for a hangover is a cold beer. Honestly, I haven't had a hangover in over 30 years. The closest I've come is 4 beers. I drink very sporadically, and when I do it's one drink or a couple beers or glasses of wine.
  7. I grew up admiring and watching Nicklaus. I read a couple of his books, and learned some from them. I did not try to emulate his swing, but some of the thoughts and concepts have been beneficial. Freddie was an influence. Obviously I wouldn't try to copy his swing, but I have tried to mimic or at least have in my mind his rhythm. When Tiger came along, I certainly admired his athleticism, but it was not something I'd even attempt to do!! "Game with which I am not familiar"
  8. I know, I should get fitted properly. With that out of the way, I am 60 and just went through my bag and stuck with stiff shafts. While I did not have a proper fitting, I did hit a few different shafts on the monitor, and my dispersion was better with stiff with insignificant differences in distance. I also know, "feel ain't real", but I just seem to have more control with stiff, and my irons especially go high enough.
  9. dbuck

    Favorite Golf Quotes

    Attributed to several folks including President Woodrow Wilson: "Golf is a difficult game of trying to hit an elusive ball into an even more elusive hole with implements ill-designed for the purpose" From Billy Graham: "The only time God doesn't answer my prayers is when I'm on the golf course" From the heavenly to the, er uh: "Sex and golf are two things you don't have to be particularly good at to enjoy"- could be Bob Hope, Jackie Gleason, or Chi Chi-I can't remember
  10. dbuck

    Favorite Golf Quotes

    I read it from Lewis Grizzard, but he probably modified it from somewhere else: Playing St Andrews badly, and missing a shot with a club the caddie suggested, the player said, "You must be the worst caddie in the world!" To which the caddie responded, "That sir, would be to great a coincidence!"
  11. dbuck

    What are Your 2019 Golf Goals?

    1. Get Ghin index below 11. This is an unachieved goal from 2018. I started last year at 14.9 have been as low as 12.7 finished at 13. Secondary goals/strategies to reach goal 1: 2. Increase distance. I would like to add 10 yards to my drives and maybe a half club to my irons. Currently I am around 230-235 with the driver; my 150 iron is a 6. I would say these are 75% reliable. I am a 13, so I will have a few misses. I got a new driver in September, and our relationship is progressing nicely. It was initially a little shorter than the best shots with my previous club, but much more reliable, and the distance is coming back. It is better suited with a little more standard loft. My iron gaps are ok, really, but by improving strike which is my real goal, I think I will pick up a little more distance, and I so want to add a smidge of speed as well. I am a 60 year old 13 index, so I don't expect 300 yard drives and 180 yard 7 irons, but I think the above is realistic. 3. Lose 15 pounds and increase strength and flexibility. I have a modest home weight machine, and I just need to get back on it. I also need to do some flexibility exercises, and improve my diet. I think these efforts will give me a little more speed and distance. 4. Play and practice more. I currently play once a week fairly religiously. With work and family, twice a week is not really achievable, but maybe 5 times a month. Also, the driving range near me was closed down this season for upgrades, so maybe at least once a week to the range. I have made it to the putting green once a week most of the season, and will continue that as well. 5. Practice more during off -season. While I will have a few decent days between now and March-April, I will not likely play 18 holes more than 2-3 times. I want to make it to the range in the interim at least twice per month, so I can have a quicker start in the spring.
  12. dbuck

    Your First Car

    I learned to drive in my parents' cars; a 1966 Beetle, a 1966 Chrysler Newport slightly smaller than Texas, and a 1954-56? F100 that had a steering wheel the size of a ship's wheel, and had to be double clutched between first and second. They bought me my first actual car, a 1974 Dodge Charger- factory mag wheels, vinyl roof, 318 V8, air conditioning. It was brand new, and under $4K out the door. It had an AM radio, and later I added an under dash FM/8 track. I wish I still had it.
  13. dbuck

    Goodbye Pro V1

    I hit some of the old Srixon Q-Stars and liked them. I like the Titleist AVX better. In all honestly, I probably could not tell the difference in my score, but balls are just as personal as any other equipment. I think I hit the AVX about a half club longer with my irons than anything I have tried. Your mileage may vary-that's why all brands are able to sell a few.
  14. dbuck

    Are you a brand snob?

    My original post in this topic was a little off the mark, and before the poll was added, so I voted yes, and am reposting. I am a snob in that for a driver, fairway, hybrid, or irons, I would stick to a major brand, and I guess I have a preference toward Titleist, though I have no plans to trade my Callaway fairway anytime soon. In putters or wedges, I would use some of the boutique brands, though I am currently all Titleist in that area as well. My bag is a current Titleist stand, but that is because I won it in a scramble (or should I say, my partners won it for me!). My prior bag was a Titleist Staff Bag, but I picked it up at Goodwill for $20. I don't use the factory driver, fairway, or hybrid headcovers. I use knit headcovers that I had made. I currently use the AVX as my primary ball, but I have been meaning to try the Snell, and would have no problem using it if it worked for me. A side hobby is playing with vintage clubs, and I am less snobby there. I have tried some lesser known brands that were copies of well known classic clubs, as well as an assortment of odd putters. I do consider Wilson a major brand, and am glad to see them having somewhat of a resurgence. I like the looks of the new "players" irons they have introduced of late-the V6's and their new blades. My first set of decent clubs was the 1979 version of the Staff Tour Blade that was very prominent on the tour in their day.
  15. I need to find and read some of my old posts. I used to opine on the price of golf balls and say I had no need for a premium ball at my level. As others mentioned, I like the Wilson Duo, a very soft feeling ball and played a lot of Titleist DT SoLo. I also tried a dozen or so of the Supersoft, but never quite acquired an affinity for it. Last year sometime, Dicks had the Duo for around $9, and I think there are 5 dozen in my closet. Unfortunately , when the Titleist AVX came out, I tried it and have developed a serious addition thereto.

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