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  1. What is Your Punch-Out Club?

    I marked 6i/7i, but it really depends. 7 iron is my go-to to get out of trouble( or now with strong lofted clubs an 8), especially if I don't need to run too far, like straight out into the fairway or short angle without having it run through. If I have the angle to advance up the fairway, or other times when I want more roll, I will use a 4 hybrid.
  2. What'd You Shoot Today?

    40-47 for and 87. Right around my hcp I guess. 10 pars and a birdie. That's right, 15 over on 7 holes- and four pars and the birdie were in the 47, so that was 11 over on 4 holes! If that was not enough "adventure", I almost stepped on a cottonmouth.
  3. Best Shot of the Week

    Saturday, 14th hole. It is only 337 on the card, but the tee shot is blind. OK tee shot for me, but in the rough 125 out and pin on back of a 2 club green. 8 iron to 18 inches and made the putt.
  4. The (No) Sixes Challenge

    I love this challenge. It is my goal in life. I have felt all season that I was getting close, and was 8 holes on the way Saturday, until a lost ball on 9. Blind second shot- I heard the ball hit what I thought was green or fringe. When I got there, there was a ball, but not mine! Wouldn't have mattered as the back nine was a roller coaster. I will post again when I actually claim it.
  5. Older clubs to fit

    OP, what are you playing now? Shop the major retailers who are closing out 2 year old models. Dick's for instance has PING G30 series irons 599 Driver 249 Hybrids 149 and you can get one hybrid at 25% off if you buy online So, driver, 2 hybrids, and irons for 1,108. They have Mizuno JPX EZ irons for $389 I am not plugging Dick's; other retailers have similar deals at this time of year. And sometimes you can get even a better deal at smaller shops.
  6. The lofts are going to be about a club or so weaker as others have said, but the important thing is to just enjoy them and their connection to your Dad. The Golden Bears of that era were pretty good clubs. Fresh grips will improve the feel.
  7. I have an old Tour Preferred Taylor Raylor ca. 1991 that occasionally makes its way into the bag. My hybrids are about 10 years old. I have a 37 year old putter that makes the occasional round.
  8. Worth buffing out?

    Agree with all that has been said. It is cosmetic, I might hit the burr with sandpaper or fine grinder on a Dremel just to knock off the sharp burr,no more.
  9. TaylorMade M2 irons

    I am too old for lessons!! LOL Actually I did have traditional lessons from a PGA professional many years ago, and still use basically the same swing. I hope the "iron problem" is temporary; it is getting some better. I think the problem was sequencing/timing/tempo causing me to leave the face open, and possibly standing too close to the ball. I have been hitting my driver, fairway, and hybrids fairly well for a nearly 60 year old, and my wedges fair as well. Just full shots with irons were crap. The purchase of the M2s was a knee jerk reaction to the bad iron play, and loss of distance from age. They look great on the shelf, and I liked the numbers on the simulator, so I bought them. If I hit them well, they fly as advertised. My "modern" clubs were Titleist DCIs from about 1992, so the M2s are a big change. They are cool looking, but a little too chunky, a little too bouncy, and a little too much offset. I have hit the 718 AP1s on the simulator, and with the best shaft they are more consistent, though the distance is a little less than I would like. I may experiment with a couple more shafts. They are just more traditional to look down at while still providing a good amount of forgiveness and launch assistance, though I have never really had trouble getting the ball in the air. I am probably going to trade after the release, even though I will take a beating. I am paying for the impulsive purchase though, rather than what I feel is a good investment. I will seek instruction if necessary, I am sure I could benefit.
  10. Callaway Sure-Out Wedge?

    I haven't seen the Callaway version, but if it is like the old Hogan version it is true to its name. They are a little weird looking, but good out of greenside rough as well as sand.
  11. TaylorMade M2 irons

    I have a set of the 2016 version with the Reax standard shaft in stiff. If you hit them well, they are high and long. I was having trouble with my old irons, and these are probably 1.5 to 2 clubs longer-on a good strike. I am having iron trouble right now, but they don't seem particularly forgiving--that statement qualified by the first part of this sentence. My good shots are pretty good, but my bad shots are beyond forgiveness right now. For what its worth, if they don't get a lot better in the next couple of weeks, I am likely trading for Titleist 718 AP1's. I know it's the indian not the arrow.
  12. Yep, that is the word!! HAB comes through again!
  13. In the early days of steel shafts, they were colored like that to have a hickory/woodtone look. The name escapes me at the moment. I am guessing those clubs were made between 1930 and 1940.
  14. I don't think they did. Best I can tell, the AP2 lofts are unchanged, the AP1s have strengthened by 1 degree except the PW, and the AP3s have the lofts of the 716 AP1s. Bit of a dilemma for me as I was considering trading for a set of 716 AP1s if retailers put them on discount at the 718 release.
  15. What'd You Shoot Today?

    "Golf is cruel mistress." Same course, same clubs, same golfer. 81,82, .....95!!!! Seemingly, I wasn't hitting the ball that differently. I hit driver 13 times, 12 were in the fairway or just off. The one bad one, I got lucky and could have salvaged bogey at worse, but tried to be a hero and got an 8. Bad judgement cost a couple of strokes on other holes. I had 3 shots that were just bad ball striking, but would up being very costly. Excepting the aforementioned 3 really bad strikes, there is no hole in this 6000 yards that I should have a 6 on.