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  1. Day 1 of restart. So, I fell off the wagon. Actually I have done at least 5 minutes every day, but haven't posted in a few. I took a couple days off from work and had some honey dos. I played 9 holes on Thursday, trying to implement some of the things I have been working on. I can see some progress, but still have a ways to go to get to where I want to be this season. I will post a video and start a my swing topic as soon as I can. I am still working on the first 3 keys. My head is steady, but maybe could be steadier. I am pretty good on lateral movement. There is rotational and vertical movement, which I understand there can be some, but I might need less. I have a turn and do shift my weight forward on the downswing, but it needs to be more. I am working on the slight lateral move forward in the downswing, but not quite there, and consequently, I do not have inline impact. There is a slight flip right at the bottom which usually results in a fat shot. Thin is rare, most often fat. So practice today was 15 minutes of putting, working on aim and stroke, and about 15 minutes of chipping with my 56* ,
  2. Try the Wilson Duo. It is very soft. It does not quite have the greenside response of a ProV1, though if you like a little rollout on chips you might like it better. If you like soft feel, it feels great off the putter. I don't have a high swing speed, and the ProV1 is still my current favorite. I also like the RXS Bridgestone.
  3. Day 73 10 minutes putting from 3-5 feet, working mainly on my new stroke, which is more pendulum like. I think I am starting to get comfortable with it.
  4. Day 72 I spent about 15 minutes putting 3-6 feet. Working on improved impact condition -past peak acceleration with slight forward lean. I spent about 20-30 minutes reading the 5 keys in LSW, and on the purestrike5sk website.
  5. Day 71 10 minutes putting working mainly on stroke (speed). Working on implementing longer stroke with better impact condition.
  6. If they would start wrapping them again, maybe this ball goes too far thing would subside. The folks that think it goes too far could just hit them with the wrappers on.
  7. 718 AP1 is the ONLY way to go---kidding of course. I like mine, but as others have said, there are many very good ones available. The Mizuno JPX 900 range is one to look at, as are Callaway range, but there are many. As others have said check out several, pick a few that fit your eye and go from there.
  8. Lost A Good Friend Today

    My condolences.
  9. Day 70 Hit about 25 balls working on impact. I took about a third of a backswing and worked on weight shit turn and strike. Spent about 20 minutes putting, working on a longer balanced stroke and improved impact conditions.
  10. Day 69 A few practice swings with driver. Mainly just working on turn and smoothness. 20 minutes putting mainly working on a slower stroke and improved impact conditions
  11. Day 68 15 minutes putting. Trying out a new stroke I learned here in a discussion.
  12. Goldfinger was playing a Dunlop I believe. Long story, but GF was cheating and Bond found a Dunlop numbered 7 in the rough, GF was playing a 1. He or his caddie took the balls out of the hole and switched, so that GF played the wrong ball on the last hole, forfeiting the match which was for 10,000 pounds. Imagine Sean Connery saying " I pleay a Penfold HAAHTS... The book is told stroke by stroke.
  13. In the James Bond novel "Goldfinger", by Ian Flemming, Bond unwraps a Penfold Hearts ball at the start of his match with Goldfinger.
  14. Using 8 clubs this year

    I played a short set for a while a couple of years ago. Driver, 4W, 4H, 5,7,9, an old Wilson JP PW that worked well enough for a sand wedge, and a putter.
  15. New Golf Grips

    For irons I like Lamkin Crosslines or Golf Pride Tour velvet. I like GP multicompound on my driver.

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