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  1. This is me. No doubles. Complete the no sixes challenge. If I could do this, my handicap would fall as would my scores. I recently had a round with 3 birdies and still shot 85. I hit a lot of decent golf shots. The no sixes/no doubles is the hardest for me. I should never have a double on the courses I play. Both of the courses I frequent have at least one par 5 that six is not a terrible score for me. I feel like I should make 5, but I do have to hit on all cylinders to do so.
  2. One Hit Wonders @ Golf Course - Market Survey

    I also voted no for a somewhat similar reason. I could be more of a maybe, if the price was really cheap, like $10 per dozen, I might try them for "knock around" rounds. I can buy ProV1 practice grade for $30, and I don't lose that many. Only downside to the practice is that there are often a lot of ProV1x in the box. Same reason I don't use NXT's-the ProV1 Practice is cheaper and only $8 more than DT SoLo. The Practice grade balls are new full spec balls with only a cosmetic defect.
  3. Mother's mag and aluminum wheel polish is what I use. Cleans and protects.
  4. When Do You Lay Up?

    What is the carry and margin for short/over, and do I have a comfortable club for that? Off the deck, for me, max is 200, maybe a little more off the tee. Conditions including lie, stance, and weather. Generally speaking, less than optimal reduces max. How am I swinging today. This can override-meaning reduce max for the above. What is the upside/downside. I don't necessarily mean risk/reward. For instance on one hole I regularly play the fairway slopes left toward the water, and you can sometimes have a hook lie. While the club I need might not be perfectly comfortable, the bailout slopes toward the water and the hook lie makes it more hazardous to try for the bail out than to hit harder or use a longer club to go for the green. If I use a long enough club but still hook it, I am left of the green and long as opposed to short and in the water.
  5. I'm moving backwards

    Can't add much to what Dave and Wutiger said. There is no substitute for quality instruction. If you are hitting bad shots, then what you THINK you are doing is not what you ARE doing. Bad practice grooves bad habits, Grip, setup,backswing, downswing, follow through to finish. If grip and setup are incorrect, everything that follows will require compensation to overcome.
  6. Tough hole vs Gimmick

    18th hole where I play is tough, but I wouldn't call it gimmicky. Even I can't it driver from the regular men's tee. There is a huge bunker and beyond that, a barranca. Short of the bunker leaves you about 200 yards to the middle. There is a sliver of fairway and rough to the left of the bunker that I can usually hit with a 3 wood that leaves 175-185. It would take a DJ drive to fly the barranca. Well, maybe 300 carry from the tees I play.
  7. How long is your golf commute?

    I voted 31-40. Actual drive is just over 30 minutes. My favorite local course is only 10 minutes, but my main golfing buddy has a plan at the 30 minute course. Other than the drive, I like it almost as well, so we play there.
  8. Cool. I did see the pencil, or rather didn't see it after the time expired I guess. How long is the time limit? Where do I find the rules; probably time I re-read them. Re-read defined as actually read them all. :)
  9. So I went back to add to an earlier post, and the edit icon is not available? Am I an idiot?
  10. ebay, Craigslist, Goodwill search Wilson Staff persimmon-you will find something acceptable. Be careful. If you are willing to accept something similar but a lot newer, you can save a lot of money. Persimmon clubs and repros from the late 70's early to mid 80's are plentiful and cheap. I have about 20-30 pieces acquired at $4-$10 each, the most I paid was maybe $25 with a new grip installed. You do have to scrounge a bit; most of mine came from Goodwill. Some really old ones are actually worth a little bit, I am not experienced enough to know which. The thing on ebay is that some sellers think they are worth more than they are, and some are just trying to make a profit. The only ones that are worth real money are a few select rare ones, some really old ones (hickory era certain makes), or clubs that have a documented connection to a famous player. So caveat emptor. It is more difficult to find a specific club, than to just get something similar. Louisville Golf still produces classic persimmon drivers and fairways, I think about $210 per club.
  11. Michelle Wie, blonde hair

    I like her. She is a great golfer and she is hot, no matter what color her hair. I would like to see a little more poise and maturity in her interviews, but I forget how young she still is, being in the spotlight for so long. I think she is an asset to the game.
  12. Are Rangefinders contributing to slow play?

    Like everyone else so far, I voted the no option. I think they help the pace of play tremendously. No looking for the nearest marker and stepping off, no fiddling with gps. I don't own one, so I expect a slight learning curve, but after that, look and go.
  13. Grades for Tiger's Performance

    I will have to go with A. Not A- nor A+. Old school grading would fall in the 93-97% range, and for a first outing, I think this is fair. I think he checked most if not all the boxes of things that would indicate his potential for future success. Pain free, finished top half of field, good driving and putting, good ball speed, 3 rounds under par. Competitive in a field over which for the most part he has 10-15 years in age. There were media comments ad nauseam about the 75, but I think the whole field shot in the 70's on Saturday. As time goes on, I would use a sharper grading scale, as I am sure would Tiger. He will not be satisfied long term with middle of the pack, but for this one event, I think it was better than anyone could expect. A great start.
  14. I voted yes on both in spite of the fact that my scores have not moved that much. I have been working on a problem with my iron shots for almost a year, and feel that I am making progress. My consistency is improving, and my distances are starting to come around.(accepting the fact that I am a 60 year old bogey golfer) I have videoed my swing, and it is looking better. I am hitting shots that I didn't hit a year ago. I have made some changes that are starting to become more natural, so got worse for awhile to get better. I recently had a round where I made 3 birdies. I still shot 85, so still problems with bad holes, but I have never made 3 birdies in one round before. I have made par or better on every hole on the course more than once, so I feel the potential is there to get to around a consistent 80. I am optimistic that if I continue on my current path and stay active during the winter, next summer might be one of my best.

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