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  1. If it is not damaged, 36 holes is my max. I play a couple of courses; one I usually lose a ball and the other I seldom lose one.
  2. dbuck

    Wilson Staff

    It 's funny for old timers to hear that question, "Is Wilson as good as the major brands?" There was a time in the 60's, 70's, and very early 80's where they were THE major brand, as was Macgregor. The wandered in the wilderness for many years; I don't know the whole story, but the latest owners seem to be putting them back on the true path. The V6's look great and I also wish I had the game for them. I honestly don't know about their game improvement lines.
  3. Both have the hoseI but I don't see the weight system on the TS2 in that picture.
  4. dbuck

    Your First Set of Clubs

    My first set came from Service Merchandise bought by my parents when I was about 13-14. Ram Golf boxed set; driver and 3 wood- some type of solid hard plastic similar to a bowling ball-Cyclolac I think. 3,5,7,9 irons, a putter, and a plastic canvas bag with matching headcovers.
  5. dbuck

    Question about my scores (new player)?

    Simple answer is that shooting in the 90's with that level of experience is not bad. Depending on which data you read, that is better than average. Complicated answer is what do you mean by "90's" There is a lot of difference in 91 and 99. If you consistently shoot 91 your handicap will come out around 16 whereas shooting 99 will be closer to the 25 you have listed, depending on the course you play. How did you keep score? If you hit OB of the tee, did you re-tee and count that ball as laying 3? Did you putt every ball out? I am not being critical; we all did that starting out-mulligan off the tee, redo in the fairway, gimmee in the leather. In a casual game with friends that I am not posting for handicap, not a big deal to me, I do it myself. Golf should be fun. If you really want to know how good you are, play the ball down and by the rules, sign up for a handicap and post your real scores.
  6. PING G400 and TItleist 718 AP1 as other suggestions. I had the 2016 M2, and traded for the Titleist 718 AP1. The AP1s are a better fit for me. The M2s were high and long as advertised. I think the stock shaft was a little light for me, and while the looks were cool, I like the more traditional look of the AP1s better. The AP1s are similarly "hot" lofts and are also high and long with a good pass.
  7. dbuck

    1983 Interview with Ben Hogan

    Thanks for sharing.
  8. dbuck

    How would you play this 495y par 5?

    I am probably hitting my 3 wood off the tee as straight down the middle as I can. Then a hybrid again as straight as I can, probably slightly favoring the left center. That should cover about 415-430 if I execute properly. Then a 48 or 52 to the green.
  9. Most of the major brands have irons that are forgiving but have more traditional lofts, or at least less jacked up lofts. I.E. Titleist AP3s are in between the AP1 G/I clubs and the AP2s that are played by many professionals, and Mizuno makes 3 versions of their JPX900 series, just to name a couple.
  10. I tried a sleeve of these this weekend. I did find good distance and feel off all clubs. The feel off the putter was good. I can't comment on greenside as I am not a great spinner of the ball, but it seemed ok. I need a little more experience with the ball to comment on greenside compatibility.
  11. I used one wedge for a LONG time. I upgraded this year to a 3 auxiliary wedge set up, and plan to rotate every 2-3 years or so. Might change my mind, but even I can tell the difference with fresh grooves.
  12. I have a set of Wilson Staff Tour Blades from 1979, that my dad bought for me in college. I have a set of Hogan Apex PC's - bought them at Goodwill a couple years ago, and have played them a good bit. I have 1-3-5 PING Eye2 laminated woods-agree with Patch that they are among the easiest to hit certainly of any wooden club, I have a couple of Bert Dargie persimmons, one from the 80's and one with a graphite shaft from about 92. I have a few Tony Penna persimmons-his own not the Mac's. I have a couple of Joe Powell persimmons, and several other persimmons but most are remakes--none of the original Macs. Up until last season, I actually played mostly with these vintage sticks for the past several years. I don't really collect them; I just got them mostly to play with for enjoyment since this is the type stuff I learned on. I got bit by the modern bug last year, but still can't resist walking through Goodwill or other thrifts and if I see something interesting, I usually pick it up.
  13. dbuck

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    I shot an 82 on Saturday; best round this year so far. I will have to credit LSW, as I have been working on more distance and it was definitely a factor. On two holes, I made par with a penalty shot- with out the penalties would have been a birdie and an eagle. Besides those holes, I made 3 legit birdies. I don't think I have ever done that before. Obviously with that math, I still had some "others"-a double and a triple, as well as my usual mix of pars and bogeys. The birdies were all directly related to distance. One short par 4 and two shortish par 5's. I was closer to the green on the par 4, and longer drives and longer second shots put me closer to the green on the par 5s. I had easy little pitches on all three. On a side note, I tried the Titleist AVS. I bought a sleeve and actually didn't use them until the back, but in limited use they performed well for me. I like the feel and distance was good. Not enough experience to comment on greenside performance, but they do feel good off the putter.

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