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  1. basicly i feel as a newbie, playing for 6 months in total i feel i may have jumped the gun and gone for irons that are a little too good for me, my bad shot is a very very nasty strait pull left, no hook just way left but strait, i do get the odd hook and slice top and thin but the killer is the pull so do you think changing to a more forgiving set of irons will help me out a little more, i will also be taking lessons to rectify the issue
  2. just got back in and im happy with my performance today, i scored 32 points, and didnt bottle it, only really had one nightmare hole the 16th but easy to just forget about it, the beauty of stableford, putting was on form today only one 3 putt, and narrowly missed 2 long off the green putts by 6" short, irons where behaving also only one major pull left, the naughty club was the driver who was retired not long after starting in favour of my hybrid which i hit nearly as long but more consistent either strait or a nice gentle fade i have figured out today that i play better when im pla
  3. Been out today for a practice, and all my iron shots are pulled way left with the occasional strong draw (hook) and really getting annoyed with myself So i tinker a lil bit and end up standing slightly futher away from the ball arms reach a little more but not enough that im stretching for the ball, and bam shots are alot straiter slight pulls and pushs completely different satisfying but very much managable So have i found a mask for my bad technique? Or is it a fix?
  4. haha yeah that was the wife text messaging me, she should know better when im at golf!!
  5. yes left heel is now planted, still working on shortening the backswing slightly and keeping the hands from turning over to soon resulting in me pulling shots, also need to keep my head still more because i hit a fair few very fat any other opinions?
  6. i have no idea if i resemble anyone, let me know if i do tho
  7. medium long par 3, took 3hybrid off the tee stuck it to 15ft and dropped it for my second ever birdie!!!!
  8. playing 3 times a week, and had one lesson i have recorded another swing video heres when i first started iron and driver and heres the upto date as of today thoughts?
  9. i have joined my first golf club a week ago and loving it, subbmitted my 3 cards for handicap popped to the club today, for a cpl of hours short game practice, and looked at the comp board and noticed a stableford comp next sunday, so stuck my name down, in a field of over 30, asst pro says i will more than likely be playing of 27/28 and that my cards will be processed ready for sunday excited and nervous as its my "first" competition, just going to enjoy it and take in the experience any first timer tips?
  10. nike for clubs and apparel srixon for balls oakley for shades
  11. wow, seeing as im new to the game, i havent experienced wind like i did this morning today i was so lost with my club selection, hitting into the wind always short, with wind behind me off the tee was pretty simple, on approch shots wow, i was about 130yards out so i thought an easy PW would get me to where i needed....wrong just kept going resting about 30yds past the green!!! managed an ok round 101, but boy i had to really work today judging the wind! met office has the wind at 27mph, with gusts of 37mph!
  12. one pocket for balls, another pocket for a varity of tee's and my gloves, large side pocket for jacket shoes ect small pocket for drink and str8-fit wrench divot tool and ball marker in trouser pocket
  13. nope AF as in american football, started out as a CB/WR in my first team broke my leg gained weight and played DE, then switched teams, and played QB/slot/FB/RB!!!! for 2 years
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