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  1. They do have an e6 that spins, its the B330-RX. More money but straight, putter soft, low driver side spin, and stops on a dime. You can always play for the e6 extra roll out too, but I like to go at the cup.
  2. Same here, use them a lot. Never had a problem.
  3. I normally buy Titleist bags. Currently I have a Titleist stand bag, old leather Titleist staff bag, and a Sun Mountain Three 5 stand bag. I hate carrying the heavy leather staff cart bag to the driving range or when I walk. But I have 13 mid-size grips and a Superstroke on my putter and the clubs constantly get stuck and two, or three come out when I remove one. Both Lightweight stand bags Tity and SM. I'm thinking about purchasing a Tity Staff Stand Bag. Has anyone tried the Titleist Staff Stand bag using mid-size grips?
  4. I also dropped woods in favor of hybrids. I carry two. A 15* and a 21* degree. And sometimes I leave my 4 iron out and go 13. I rarely use it.
  5. Fred Couples, smooth yet powerful. Even past 50 yrs old
  6. Two dozen of Bridgestone 330RX, buy one get one half off.
  7. By a request from a friend who works at a golf store, I tried the Wilson Duo. For 20 bucks it is soft as a ProV, and distance is nearly equal. And its a 2pc ball. Sold me.
  8. Hey joem1cha3l I got my Razr HLs a few months back, and noticed a distance increase also. But I did get fitted for the first time with these, and my old irons were used Burners. So yeah, fitting did make a big difference in distance and consistency.
  9. Haven't tried the B330RXS. Used Bridgstone e6 for the past season and loved them until I tried a sleeve of Titleist Pro V1x. I might get a extra 5yards it seems from the V1x off the deck, but the Bridgestone are great balls.
  10. Rocking my Ogio Vapor Stand Bag when I walk 9, and Callaway cart when I soot 18.
  11. I too, went to get a set of irons because I passed down my Burner 2.0 set to my son whos taking up golf now. So it was between Ping G20, Razr HL, or TM Rocketballs. Well the Rocketballs were almost exactly like my Burners. The Ping and Callaway felt better. Both were very forgiving, and the Razrs hit the ball higher and had a better sound. Me personally went with the Callaways.
  12. Driver- (carry 270) 295 total avg 3W- 240-250 3H- 220-230 4H- 210 5H- 190 6i: 180 7i: 170 8i: 160 9i: 150 PW: 135 GW: 110 SW: 95 LW: 75-85
  13. Ditched my 2.0 Burners for a set of Callaway Razr-X HL's, earlier this year. Plan on staying with the Callaways.
  14. Waste? Buying a putter fit for your height, and swing will increase your accuracy. (You don't use drivers on par 3's) and it is the only club you use on every hole on every course.
  15. 3 dozen of Bridgestone e6 balls (and a form to get a free polo shirt), and a black military style Taylormade "Burner" cap.
  16. I played the orange Bridgestones for a while, but during the fall when there were orange/yellow leaves on the ground. Lost more balls than I ever have. Even in the fairway. I'll stick with white, can't speak for the yellow though.
  17. Purchased some Bridgestone e6 because of a suggestion from a friend and haven't looked back either.
  18. Back to the website, Cheesy is a compliment. Did you guys see the credit card logos? This is probably the worst scam golf website yet.
  19. Agree about the balls, they are definitely my favorite. And I too want to like there clubs, but the price tag on their irons is enough to make me hit them at the local Golfsmith a few more times. And none of my friends have Bridgestone clubs.
  20. I use Bridgestone balls now but, what do you guys think about Bridgestone driver, irons, wedges? I'm looking to upgrade my Burner 2.0 driver by the end of the year. Has any played the J40 clubs, and what do you think about them compared to the competition?
  21. I'll have to check out GPPGolf. website looks great.
  22. I carry 44*, 49*, 56*, and 60*. Most iron set they sell now has 44-45 PW and 49-50 AW. So you wont find many "wedge sets" starting with a 50*
  23. Agreed TGW is great, and I also love Rock Bottom Discount Golf. And for used, through eBay I always check with 3Balls first.
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