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  1. Yup, exactly why I didn't rec anything. Figured I'd just muddy the waters... heh.
  2. IMHO, you are working on the wrong thing. Figuring out your hands would drop your handicap 10 strokes. You just have too much good going on in your golf swing to get ruined by flippy hands. I'd imagine iacas has some drills to help you get rid of the flip, ping him and see what he's got. Here's you vs Tiger (best on a PC, zoom the browser out):
  3. There is really a lot of good going on here and a lot of potential to develop a really good golf swing. However, as currently working, your hands are "flipping" through the ball. That is to say, the angle you generate at the top of your backswing is unwinding too early in the course of the downswing when compared to elite ballstrikers. If you can figure out the concept of impact hands, you'll improve dramatically, like crazy improvement. You have too much ability to be shooting in the 80s, and I mean that in the most encouraging and positive way. Some resources for you: Brian Manzella (best $9.99 you ever spent in your life) Clay Ballard (free on YouTube) Any other YouTube search for impact hands...
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  5. So Matt's got a wierd backswing and the foot lift is highly unconventional. But from the top down, he's as conventional as it comes. While I certainly would not advocate for Matt's backswing, I would absolutely do anything Matt is doing from the top into the ball. In terms of OP, great hands through the ball, position of hands at the top is not super relevant. IMHO.
  6. The Good - There is a lot to like about your swing. It's very athletic. There are aspects of your impact position that are much much better than your average 18 handicapper. Your head is behind the ball, your hands are in front, you have an excellent flat left wrist and combination bent right wrist. You also generate loads of club head speed. I'd guess you played some baseball in a past life? The Bad - If you came from baseball in a past life, the bad stuff coming up is pretty common for former baseball players. A baseball swing requires dynamic movement to be able to adjust to the ball speed, location, movement etc... None of that is required in golf as the ball is just sitting there waiting to be struck. Your lower half is waaaaaay too active. In your backswing your left foot comes off the ground and your left leg rotates inward. As you start your downswing, the right foot is on tippy toes. In terms of your upper body, your head and torso are moving down through the backswing and up as you are coming through the ball. You're just never going to hit the ball consistently with this much going on. First order of business, your lower body needs to match the static nature of a sitting golf ball as opposed to the dynamic nature of a moving baseball. Hit the range and keep both feet fully on the ground during the backswing and downswing (yeah, I know, it's gonna feel really weird and very un-athletic). This will require less weight on your toes and more on your heels. Those heels are not going to stay on the ground without some pressure/friction. You are only allowed to lift your back foot AFTER striking the ball. Try to keep your lower body much more quiet in general. Think of your lower body as a solid stable platform that your upper body simply rotates on/around. For reference, check out how little is going on with Tiger's lower body in his back swing (compare side by side to yourself). In the downswing, just a bump forward to his front side. Work on steady head and steady spine angle from start of backswing until contact. If anything, your head is only allowed to go down a bit through impact. Secondarily, and less important, backswing is very flat and downswing a little over the top producing the fade. After you fix the stuff above, do some mirror work to line things up a little better. The good news, there is absolutely no reason you can't play some really good golf. Dramatic improvement is in the cards. Won't surprise me a bit if you are back in a year as a 5 handicap. With your impact position/hands, there is absolutely no reason you can't consistently hit really good golf shots, shot after shot after shot. P.S. Don't let anyone tell you your wrist is too bowed at the top, pros hit from this position fine.
  7. I have a buddy who left a very reputable four-year university to enter the MLB draft in his second year of school. He was a great player and was snapped up by the Minnesota Twins organization. He played a couple of years of A/AA/AAA ball and got injured. After that, not much. Had a brief stint with a team in Japan, went into the armed forces, started his own business. But he has struggled financially for a most of his life. To this day, he has deep, deep, regret for leaving the reputable university before finishing school. Here is my advice: PlanA: Go to a community college, play on the golf team, transfer to a full 4-year university, play on the golf team, graduate. Worst case scenario, you have four year of education at a University level, if golf doesn't work out, you can still make a decent living. PlanB: Go to a community college, play on the golf team, transfer to a full 4-year university, play on the golf team, graduate. Play Pro Golf. From your original post, it seems like you think golf is an easy way out of going to school... From practical knowledge, it's a lot easier to make it as a college grad with a career than it is to make it as a touring pro. Another thing you may not understand is that golf is an expensive hobby. If you go down your current path of touring pro straight out of HS, you run the risk of failing, struggling financially, and not being able to afford to play golf recreationally. But good luck to you whatever you decide. Choose wisely. It's your life...
  8. My putter is a strange club... I have days when everything goes in. But I have some days when absolutely nothing goes in. I look back at a scorecard and see and 81. It could have easily been 75 or 76 on a good putting day.
  9. 1999. #3 at Hobble Creek in Springville Utah. It's a medium length par 5. I hit a decent drive and a three-wood into the bunker. I holed out from the bunker. Had one more eagle that summer. Didn't have another eagle until 2011. I had one. 2012 was a great year though, I had three! None for 2013 yet though...
  10. I will go contrarian here... When my handicap was higher, I couldn't hit anything and keep it in play. Not sure it would have mattered if it was a 3-wood or a driver. Now though, with a much improved swing, I'd argue that my driver is the best club in my bag in terms of scoring. I was useless on the week that it was in the shop for a new shaft. The driver gets me to inside a 9-iron on the longer par 4s and within range of reaching the green in two on par 5s. Though, I do hit the hybrid and three-wood (and sometimes even less) off the tee sometimes when a driver might be simply too long and invite trouble. I rather like my driver and would sorely miss it if I didn't have it. Absolutely no way would I play from the tips on my home course without it (almost 7K yards, 74.6/142). I don't think I would be willing to play blues without my driver... My toughest holes are the par 3s. Those 3, 4, 5 and 6-irons into well-guarded greens are honestly the most demanding shots I have to hit. And I'm sorry, don't hate... long balls are lots of fun to hit. I would not enjoy playing golf without really letting it fly a few times a round. I'd argue that if your answer is yes, you should work on your swing and turn that driver into a scoring tool. When you learn to hit it well, it shortens the course dramatically.
  11. Let me start out by saying that I like Dan and I like the project. I am impressed by the dedication and effort that he is putting in. I believe it to be doomed, however... When you go to a PGA event, you realize that these guys are physically impressive. When you watch on television, you don't get the full scope of how athletic they are. Generally speaking they are big, strong dudes. Big strong guys generate a lot of speed. The shorter guys also generate a ton of speed for their size, even more impressive, IMO. Dan is little, slight of frame, and not particularly fast. That right there is the whole enchilada as to why he doesn't hit a big ball. It's not a case of instruction. I have been around guys who never had any instruction, pick up a club and a week later they can hit is 250+. It certainly isn't for the lack of practice and playing. He simply doesn't have the physical capability to hit a big ball. Moreover, the notion that Dan can play at a professional level is a pipe dream. I don't even think he'll make scratch. I think the 10,000 hour theory will come out completely busted. It takes hard work and dedication to play at a high level of any sport. It certainly takes a lot of time. But there is more than that. It takes talent. No amount of time can make up for the lack of talent. Anybody who disputes that simply hasn't been around high level athletics and therefore has no idea what they are talking about.
  12. Hey all, Looking for some input here. Lately I have been ruining rounds as soon as they start. Almost every single round. It's a double on the first hole, bogey on the second, another double on the third etc... I don't even get going until the 6th or 7th hole, after which I play pretty good golf. It happens regardless of whether I start on the back 9 or the front 9. Today again +6 after 5 holes. -2 for the remainder of the round. 76 is still a really good round for me but I can't help but think about what could have been if I was playing well for the entire round. I really had it going... Looking at the score card, I struck the ball pretty well all day. When I missed, it wasn't by much and I had chances to get up and down. I certainly didn't get up and down early in the round. I also had a double on the par 3 over the water (number 13 was the fourth hole I played today). My warm up routine might be suspect here. Typical is to hit a 6 iron, half shots, 10 to 15 balls. I try to feel my weight forward, hands in front, maintain lag and hit down on the ball. Once that feels good, I hit some full 6 irons. Once that is good, 6-10 balls with the driver. At that point, I simulate 9 holes. I hit driver, 8. Hybrid, hybrid. 7-iron. Driver, wedge... etc... I go through the front 9 in my head. If I have time to chip and putt I do but usually it's straight to the course. Maybe it's simply a matter of my current approach to the game. I am focused 100% on the long game (full shots). I used to be a very erratic ball striker with a great short game. It used to make my buddies laugh, it was fun at times, but I figured the way I was playing, the best I was ever going to shoot was mid 80s. Instead, I am trying to become a ball striker first and foremost. I figure can sharpen the short game again once I am happy with what is going on tee to green. It's getting really good but the long game still needs work. Maybe the trick is to just be patient until then. It could be all mental too... maybe I relax a little after the round is already gone. It's funny I seem to play better when I am consciously working on my swing on the course. I think most would argue against working on your swing mid-round. Typically though, it's after I consider the round blown. It seems that with all the swing changes, I can't make the swing work without thinking about it. I'd imagine that eventually, it becomes automatic but it certainly isn't at this point in time. I really need help... Your thoughts?
  13. I was back at it again over the weekend... had a 532 yard par 5 straight into the wind. Hit a marvelous drive and followed it up with a blistering three-wood, pin-high just right of the sand trap surrounding the green. I proceeded to hit a 60* wedge with the face opened (trying to get more loft). Ever so slightly thick, it was short and plugged in the bunker right up against the lip, classic poached egg. Two shots out of the bunker, and two putts, what should have been a 4 turns into a 7. Such is my game at the moment... I have been working very hard on ball striking this year with pretty good success. My short game, however, has gone to crap. The shot I hate has to be the failed chip after a great driver and three wood into a long par 5.
  14. Great drive sets up a wedge in... theoretically an easy shot. Blade and goes over. Makes my blood boil...
  15. daSeth

    nike golf clubs

    Heh, yeah, funny you say that... I don't know if I would have bought them had I actually paid retail. At straight up retail, I'd have gotten some Mizunos.
  16. So, there's a rake in the bunker, my ball hits the top of the bunker and rolls part way down the slope of the bunker and comes to rest on the rake in the bunker. It's obvious that if I move the rake, the ball will start rolling down the remainder of the slope of the bunker. It's a pretty steep slope. What is the ruling? Secondly, is there an official/unofficial protocol for the rakes? I always leave them outside the bunkers. But I have seen some courses where they are put inside the bunkers.
  17. Shot 76 on Saturday with 7 birdies... would have been great if not for 3 doubles bogeys. Personal best on the home course. Shot 79 today, 41 out and 37 in. I seem to start very slow on the first nine and have a great second nine. Not sure what that's about...
  18. daSeth

    nike golf clubs

    Dunno man... I picked up the VR CB Combos during the holidays. Forged split cavity 6-PW iron, forged pocket cavity 3-5 iron. Great clubs, great look, great feel. Can't speak for the other models though. I guess they don't feel great on mis-hits but that's the point of a forged club, right? It's awesome when I hit them flush though. What models of Nike did you try?
  19. So I haven't broken 80 since a New Years Day 78. I've been really frustrated with my game of late, ballstriking in particular. I take my son out to Buenaventura, he's playing a local junior event there tomorrow. I want him to have a look at the track. Easy course... from the tips it's 68.3/117, just over 5800 yards. I shoot an even 35 on the front and 34 on the back for -1 and 69. I have never been even close to par for 18 holes. I've only ever been in the 70s half a dozen times. I didn't even play that great. But it was like all my misses just worked out perfectly. Every putt for par went in. Honestly, this is a seriously stupid game.
  20. I think it is mostly the lack of proper golf culture and etiquette. One of the first things I was taught in golf is to keep up with the group in front of you. If you can't manage to, let the group behind you play through. I heard it from my dad, I heard it from the parks and rec golf program instructors, I heard it from the marshals on courses. It meant something to me as a little kid. It means something to me still. It's not just that, it's the rest of the golf etiquette things too. I don't think people in LA have that background. LA is a very diverse place and people come from all over. I think that the majority of people simply weren't introduced to the game properly. It also doesn't help that they let out fivesome after fivesome after fivesome... BTW, dead serious about Rancho Vista GC in Palmdale. Haven't played there for a few years, but when I used to it was a great little track. Very fun. Very reasonable.
  21. Oh yeah, Rustic in Moorpark is not bad. Good call Clambake. Totally forgot about it. It does gets a little busy though, usually 4+ hours. I think the press has soemthing to do with that. Rustic has shown up in Golf Digest lists for public courses. Robinson Ranch in Santa Clarita is another one I want to check out. Have heard a lot of good things about it.
  22. About 10 years ago, I tried to walk on as a single at Knollwood. It took an hour and a half before I could get out. There were some ten singles before me. Only in SoCal... Ended up in a fivesome. Turns out every group was a fivesome. If you can imagine every hole with ten guys (and sometimes 15) sitting and waiting to tee off. The round turned out to play 6.5 or 7 hours. I tried Balboa, same thing. I tried Woodley Lakes, same thing. I tried the couses by the zoo, same thing. I gave up. On rare occacsion when I play a muni, it is the back nine in the morning before everyone makes the turn. Don't imagine I'll play 18 at a muni in SoCal, ever. Come to think of it, I don't think I have ever played the front 9 at Simi Hills (moved to Simi five years ago). I promise you that nothing will be done about this. As I understand it, part of the deal with the City of LA is that the marshals are not allowed to say anything to players regarding anyting, let alone slow play. Some LA PC crap. I went private... If you can't do private, bag LA munis and travel a bit. Driving time vs. slow play will be a wash. At least you will enjoy yourself. There is a great couse in Palmdale, Rancho Vista Golf Course. If you haven't played there, you should make at least one trip. Try to get out in the morning as the afternoon wind is brutal. But if there is the Santa Ana condition in LA, any time of the day is good in Palmdale (well, now that I think of it, there can be frost early morning when there is Santa Ana condition). I can also speak for few of the faster Ventura county courses. Moorpark CC is semi private and a really nice place to play. You can get on in the afternoons for a pretty good price. Lost Canyons in Simi is a bit run down. It's gotten reasonably cheap recently, and not a lot of people on it. It's good for a fast round. Play the Sky course, avoid the Shadow course. I have played Sterling Hills in Camarillo. It's a lot of fun and it's not bad at all in terms of time. Elkins Ranch in Fillmore is a bit further but cheap and fast. You can get on at Tierra Rejada in Moorpark, but I don't care for the course too much. Good luck...
  23. Heh, all politics aside... Obama is a pretty awful player. If I were Obama, I'd put Butch Harmon on staff full time at the WH.
  24. Yeah, mats are not so great for practice, IMO. I have yet to find one that accurately replicates the interaction with actual turf. You have to be careful that you don't get away from hitting down on the ball and taking a good divot after contact. Mats can be very forgiving on fat shots as well. Just try to make sure you work in some practice with actual turf... Or like my buddy jokes all the time, take a mat around with you on your round...
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