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  1. Do I have the potential to be really good?

    True. Enough talk, time to play some golf.
  2. Do I have the potential to be really good?

    I'm not the type of person to take criticism personally. On a side note, anyone know much about the long drive competitions?
  3. Do I have the potential to be really good?

    This was the type of information I was looking for. Trust me, I don't think being a professional athlete is easy. I've been playing competitive soccer all my life. Played for the provincial team and had a small stint for the national team in Canada. But eventually I realized I am not good enough to compete with European and South American players and dealt with. I put a lot of time and effort into soccer but some players were just more naturally gifted than me. Sometimes talent is more important than hard work. I'm just looking to give golf a shot and see if I have a knack for it.
  4. Do I have the potential to be really good?

    ...around the age of 30.
  5. Do I have the potential to be really good?

    It's not a get rich quick scheme, I just want to do something significant with my life. I am not trying to be cocky or insult anyone, I was just wondering if having a strong drive can be a competitive advantage that you could use to leverage into playing near a professional level. Finding out if I am actually hit 300 shouldn't be difficult and I plan to get some lessons to improve my swing anyways. I am going to go real hard for the next couple of year because I enjoy the game. The only distinction is that if I feel I can have a chance to be great, I will put in that extra time and dedication. I hope age is not a major concern but I have heard many times that golfers hit their prime
  6. Do I have the potential to be really good?

    I never tried out for the university team and I guess it's too late now because I am graduating soon.
  7. Do I have the potential to be really good?

    What do you think it is equivalent to then? Also I could probably improve my distance a little bit with proper clubs because right now I just borrow from the place.
  8. I am 22 years old. I haven't played any real courses, but my friends tell me I have the tools to be real good. I usually go to the driving range couple times a year. This year I have gone around 8 times, and I can consistently hit around 300 yards with 6 out of 10 going straight. I can get around par on most mini-golf courses the first time but I doubt that means much. I read some article about an average guy who plans to spend 10,000 hours playing golf to see if he can become a professional. I plan to dedicate myself to the game although not to his extent because I am going to university. I am wondering, how long would it take for me to find out if my game can be good enough to play professional. Also can hitting 300+ yards be a big advantage? Anyone have any stats on what percentage of golfers can hit thus far. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks