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  1. This is just my opinion, but the longer the club the less hitting down on it you need to do. For example, with a wedge I have the ball back of center in my stance and hit down on it pretty steeply. With a 3iron or hybrid club the ball is inside of my left heel and the angle of attack is much shallower, but still a slightly descending blow. Drivers off the tee should be slightly ascending blows.
  2. Hybrids

    I have a couple Maxfli hybrids that I really like in 21 and 24*. Unfortunetly I don't hit the 21 quite high enough to get enough maximum distance out of it. I think I'm going to replace the 21* hybrid with a 5 wood to better even out my distances in the 210-230 range.
  3. Which driver do you use?

    I just put the Cleveland HiBore XL in the bag this week and I'm loving it.