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  1. eahollis4

    Rant: Chewers

    i don't mind dip but when i look and see an old fat stogie or some dog shit lyin on the green that pisses me off.
  2. aren't they giving away a free 3 wood with purchace along with a free bottle of draino, one of those hear it all hearing aids, a pet nail clipper, and Billy May's scratch remover? Moses parted the sea with the hammer! POWWWW!
  3. I can't believe the golf channel promotes this What junk! My budy was really excited about his new hammer driver. I advised him before he bought it that this is crap. We arrived late for the tee time and didn't hit any range balls. He gets up to the first and says "Tiger Woods doesn't have sh*t on me and my hammer." He then takes a swing and yells powwww and the club head breaks off and goes flying in the lake. After that he played with the hammer 3 wood for a few holes. He hit it a couple fairways with it at first then the ball started going all over the place. After slicing one into the road on 18 he threw the club in the water. powwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
  4. eahollis4

    Tom Watson

    The old man got tired. He played well i just wish that second shot on his 72 hole was about a foot shorter. Anyways Stewart Cink killed this tournament for me. good job ya twitter!
  5. What a bummer this turned out to be. Good job for Stewart Cink though.
  6. eahollis4

    Tom Watson

    This is about as exciting as it gets. I don't hink there is any other story in "all" of sports history that can compare to him winning since David vs. Goliath. I hope he goes out there tommorow and kicks ass.
  7. Calcavecchia. He won't feel as old with Tom Watson in the mix.
  8. I can't remember a time where Tiger has done well when its cold and windy. It seems the field gets the best of him. Maybe his hands don't work as well in the cold. I know he's gotten away with mediocre shots when one of his tendency's arise but this is because his hands can fix the problem at impact.
  9. Looks who's won at Turnberry Watson, Price, and Norman. Those weren't long shots. Besides Hamilton, Curtis, and Paul Lawrie during the past few years It was been very consistent in producing favorites over the years. It maybe the best major for producing the best players because a shot off line is more penalized than the other majors most of the time.
  10. I hadn't played a competeive tournament for three years. I was playing a qualifier a week ago and one over 73 advanced. I started out 4 over after 2 holes then i settled down and brought it back to 1 under with only one hole left. All i had to do was double bogey and i was in. Eighteen is a par 4 420 yards with water right and short of the green. I nut a 3 wood off the tee to about 165. I look up at the green and there's about 40 people watching so i wanted to stick that ball right next to a flag that was maybe 5 paces past the water. I hit a 7 iron and laid the sod right over the ball... splash did'nt have a chance. Then i drop from 80 yards. I hit it fat again and and dunked another one. The next one i hit 30 ft past and 3 jacked it for a smooth 9. I had to get drunk as shit that night.
  11. There's different organizations that can make you a certified instructer. I recomend if your good enough to pass the PAT(playing ability test) to gain an apprenticeship with the PGA of america. I believe inorder to pass it you have to shoot better than 15 shots higher for two rounds on the course rating. I'm currently a member of the PGA and most all the good clubs will take a pga member over the other organizations. This is because the other organizations don't having a playing abilty test and an instructer might not be able to get the ball airbourne themselves. Plus the PGA will teach you the buisness aspects of the game and many other fields related to golf.
  12. David Duval gets back in the hunt with something in the mid sixties tommorow.
  13. Haha thats one of the best stories i've heard. I bet that guy was in fumes after the match.
  14. Some people on the forum think you have to hit the ball perfect inorder to go pro. I've seen pro's shank it, duff it, top it, hook it, slice it. Even the best at this game aren't even close to hitting the ball perfect. When you get to certain level it becomes a game of misses. All the pro's know their strengths and they use this into configuring their course management. It becomes a game of mathematics. If anyone here wants to know what it takes to make a living as a pro when your hitting it poorly miss the ball in the correct spots and when your hitting it great take advantage of it. And most importantly make everything you look at on the greens.
  15. oh but it looks good on you though
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