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  1. I would definitely get something other than the rain hood...
  2. I agree. I have no idea how anyone can read that report and not see clear facts pointing to a cover up, and that they knew what was going on.
  3. First of all, that may have been the most insensitive, ignorant, and immature post I've seen. Second, I am all for gun rights, but it is pointless to debate whether this guy would have been stopped because it IS legal in Colorado to carry.
  4. It may not be any different. I have nothing against them. Just a personal preference. Play whatever you're comfortable with. I wouldn't be comfortable with them.
  5. You can pretty much walk around carying a gun anywhere in the country (with a permit).
  6. I would go used, and stay away from clones. As I mentioned, you can get great quality, name brand sets that retailed for $1,000 5 years ago for $150. Irons are not that different over the last 10 years or so. Do you golf with anyone that has other types of clubs? Ask to swing other people's 6 or 7 iron to get a feel for the different types and brands.
  7. Agreed. If you don't mind "chunky" clubs, a set of SGI irons would do you wonders, IMO. I paid $130 for my Big Bertha 2004 irons. There are a ton of quality iron sets that are 5+ years old that can be had cheap. But, at 5'5", a fitting probably should be in the not so distant future.
  8. Yes, that is the type of person I could see having such a problem with it.
  9. We know what it means. Are you saying it is dumb to you? Upsetting? Offensive? You never answered why you won't play it.
  10. I don't agree with that either, but I know more guys that can and do hit 300 yard drives than most people on here would ever believe. It certainly isn't easy to do, but I see a fair number of young, very good, athletes that do it.
  11. It's still a slippery slope and uncharted territory for the NCAA. The NCAA has never punished anyone for criminal activities, or "unethical" conduct having nothing to do specifically with an athlete or a direct NCAA violation. Coaches get arrested often, and make questionable ethical decisions. Very tough to prove and easy to fight. I'm not saying this isn't an extraordinary circumstance and that the NCAA shouldn't try to do something. I think they should. They may have difficulty, however, based on the legal analysis I've heard thus far.
  12. The problem is that it is difficult to cite NCAA violations in this case. Paying players is about as bad as it gets in terms of NCAA violations, and completely different. As bad as this is, I think the NCAA will have a hard time enforcing any violations and penalties.
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