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  1. I hit this driver after drinking one of those 6 hour power energy shots that the jersey shore girls endorse and the department of homeland security was at my course in minutes wanting to know who was performing unauthorized nuclear demolition testing. I drive green on all of the par 5's with this driver. I've also been hired by the Navy to hit Nike Mojo's at Somalian pirates to cause mass casualties.
  2. i plan on buying a few pairs just because they're awesome. "If I wore pants like that I'd kick my own ass." - Happy Gilmore
  3. I've hit a few pro v's but i dont care for em as much, my favorite high end ball is the 20XI for sure, that ball has great distance and really good spin!
  4. a buddy of mine who has a lower handicap than i was playing the ad's and couldn't generate any spin at all. He had quite a few errant drives as well. I played a round with trispeed tours a few days ago and I felt like my drives were staying straighter and even put some good spin on the ball. Sports Authority has em for 20 bucks right now, i may need to stock up!
  5. I can't speak for the G20 but I have hit the R11 and Razr Hawk and I didn't care for the R11 at all. My drives have significantly increased with the razr hawk, not only longer but I'm hitting more fairways too.
  6. I'm 22 years old and learning the game, tend to grip a little too tight and fade to right. I have wrist and forearm pains and some arthritis from 8 years of football. I would really be interested in trying this glove to see if it can help me, mostly with the pains I feel in my wrist and hand.
  7. Picked up a half dozen of these for 20 bucks at sports authority and WOW. I really liked playing this ball, it flies well off the driver but is nice and controllable around the greens. Overall I really enjoy this ball and I am going to take advantage of the clearance deals while they last, after that I may have to try the Q-Star... I holed in a par from the sand today with a tri speed tour as well. As for putting I was lights out inside of 6 feet with this ball. It is really smooth off the putter face, much better on the green than the e6 for sure. As for off the tee I liked it as much
  8. Srixon Trispeed Tours for 20 bucks at sports authority!
  9. that sounds like a good deal to me, i would go look at them. ask if the seller could meet you at a local driving range to hit the clubs and see how you like them.
  10. because I play Bridgestone E6 and Nike 20XI-S when I'm feeling frisky!
  11. depends on where the company televising the event is based out of... If it is an american broadcasting company then I hope tiger plays! If not, Ricky Fowler better be on that team!
  12. they always put the ones in that either come up short or fly too long and never go straight!
  13. i rushed to walmart after reading this and they didnt have the deal, FAIL.
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