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  1. Haha....just saying...it doesn't matter what he does because .we're all on the guy's nuts from reporter on down to golf forum. ;)
  2. The ones I dislike most are the sub-average forum dwellers who dare to have some type of opinion on men who have actually gone out and accomplished something with their lives. ;)
  3. I like that Wilson Staff was known as my Grandfather's clubs, and then fell out of popularity and recently has pretty much become the unknown red-headed stepchild underdog. But then their philosophy and product line has really come around in the last few years and I very much relate to what they're doing....so much so that I carry an entire W/S bag. No W/S bag....but that could be next!
  4. I don't post much, but seriously.... If people don't like tiger, they can just ignore him. Journalists can simply not ask him questions. The media can simply not report on him...focus on better players. And above all, forum members can refrain from starting threads about him. The truth is, ALL YOU PEOPLE are addicted to the guy. Don't deny it. You can't get enough of him. You're consumers and you can't get enough of him. You can't help yourselves. Otherwise, you wouldn't bother. ;) I don't bother. You love him, that's why you make threads.
  5. My apologies then. Often anybody whose 1st post on a forum is a controversial or accusatory topic is seen as a troll who is merely there to stir up crap. As Hurricane Golf is one of the BETTER companies out there (which is harder to find these days) I felt posting a thread with this title was out of line, thus my attacking you. I'm glad all was straightened out and that you've corrected your statement. Yes, I've seen the movie...but didn't recognize the image. Still kinda weird in my opinion, I think I'd go for the nailgun scene or something, but to each their own. ;)
  6. Hurricane is legit, as are their products. I've purchased 2 sets of irons, a driver, a hybrid, and a pair of shoes from them. I recommended them to a friend who bought a set of irons and a driver, and another friend who got some shoes. We were all pleased with their prices, fast shipping, and overall service. I would question the legitimacy of a 1-post member who chooses a homo-erotic image of a shirtless man as his avatar, and claims a company is selling fakes before even taking it up with the company.
  7. I'm a beginner (started playing in July) and do exactly what you're mentioning. I started with a set of Game Improvement irons (Wilson Staff Di11) and since then ran across a really good deal on a set of FG Tour irons. They're essentially a forged players iron with a slight cavity back to them. I figured I'd pick them up and eventually "grow" into them as I improve. What I found as I practiced with them, was that I started to learn what a flush shot feels like....something I don't really feel with the Di11's. After only about 4 sessions at the driving range with them, I found I was
  8. Maybe it's hitting a tee'd ball that's causing you problems. Try dropping a ball right on the grass and hitting one of your long irons. Then, other than the fact that you're hitting IN the "tee box" it shouldn't be any different than a fairway iron shot. If you find that helps then perhaps you might look at exactly how you're teeing the ball. Maybe practice at a grass driving range where you can experiment with different teeing heights, etc. Or are you thinking it's more or a performance anxiety thing with being on display? I get this when we're teeing off at the first hole and the
  9. These other people are WAY golf-smarter than me....and I suck....however, I did exactly that. I removed the driver and woods from my bag and have certainly improved! Where I golf the driver was a crutch and I am now forced to hit the proper the proper iron. Doing way better. But some will likely disagree because they are way golf smarter and that's what matters.
  10. I bought a set of Wilson Staff Di11 irons, and these clubs have a really low set of loft specs.. It's a 4-PW,GW set, but here are the specs on the higher irons: 7 Iron: 32 degrees 8 Iron: 35.5 degrees 9 Iron: 39 degrees PW: 42.5 degrees GW: 46 degrees Essentially a 3.5 degree spacing between clubs. I'm contemplating what to do about my remaining wedges. WIlson sells an optional SW in the Di11 line that is 55 degrees, however that leaves a 9 degree gap between the GW and SW. Is that too much? As a complete noob, do I even care at this point? I was
  11. First time ever on a golf course today (Ive had about 4 lessons at the driving range) and I shot a 56 on a 9-hole Par 27. :) MUCH different than the driving range, and a real eye opener. Tons of fun though!
  12. Agree with the last post. There are a million reasons why this world is going to hell, and golf is about reason number 972,681. Honestly, you could make a case for vilifying just about every endeavor...from NASCAR to the space program to reality TV. Hell, give me some tweaked statistics and well-spun BS and I could make a case that bearing more than 1.3 children (do we really need MORE of these ungrateful rats using up resources????) isn't very "green" or responsible. :) Either way so what. Just go play some golf and it'll all be good.
  13. As an update.... This morning I made an appointment for a 3:30pm fitting and club consultation. I show up 10 minutes early, they charge me $50, explain that it's refundable if I purchase my clubs there, and am told to go out to the "Player Performance" building. I head on out there and wait. As I was waiting, I now see what you guys are talking about. Essentially each club mfr. has their own little customization station. For instance, I saw a W/S station (which included the Di11's I've already hit, along with various other W/S models) which had each of the iron heads, and the
  14. Im taking lessons at a golf course here, and as part of the deal it includes a free fitting at the pro shop. If you end up buying your clubs from them, they also give you two half hour private sessions with the golf pro. I figured I might as well take advantage of the fitting I get as part of my lessons, but that is a good idea you bring up. I will look into that as well.
  15. @Shindig, thank you for that explanation...that makes much more sense now. I think I'll go ahead and schedule a fitting for this week and see what we find. Thanks again for all the info...it was very helpful..
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