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  1. Weight loss and golf

    perhaps you have experienced some muscle loss with your fat loss. without weight training whil eon a diet, you are probable losing 75% fat and 25% muscle. This could certainly affect your swing and distance.
  2. One thing the new owner has is plenty of money. time will tell if he is willing to spend it. as of right now, he is saying all the right things to the locals. we'll see.......................
  3. I do not know yet... I had paid 50% for 2012. Waiting for new ownership to reach out to the members. I hope they'll do something.
  4. Last year, october, my club was shut down for financial reasons. It then re-opened for two weeks after a one week shutdown. At the end of the two weeks, it shut down for good, was foreclosed on, and the auction was set for January 10th, 2012 all the rumours in town were about how developers were going to buy it for housing developments. I was quite concerned, as I live on the eighth hole, and did not want a development in my backyard luckily, an investor who runs a driving range/pitch & putt, batting cage establishment wanted to get into "Big Boy Golf" and purchased for his family to operate. Now I cannot wait until spring. Club will be private (Vs. semi-private last year) which I am enthused about. He is giving interviews to local newspapers indicating his desire to return it to the top notch course it was in the past. April 15th can't come fast enough!!
  5. Best 14 Way divider bag?

    nike performance carry. i love mine
  6. Keegan Bradley - First Pitch

  7. I live in WMass, and work in CT. Gillette Ridge is great. My wife works at MetLife which is right on the course, so when she needs rides to work for whatever reason (car in shop, ect...) I try to get there 5 hours early!! I was just at Wintonbury in Bloomfield. Great course also. I am a member at Hampden Country Club, try that one out. Hampden is on the CT line, bordering Somers and Stafford, CT. 40 minutes from Hartford. I also play a few rounds per year with a friend of mine from NH. We meet halfway, which , for us, happens to be right at Bernardston, MA and Crumpin Fox. The Fox has been voted best course in MA, so if you haven't played there, i'd give it a try. 30 minutes north of Springfield, MA. other good courses are the Ranch in Southwick, MA, and the Ledges in South Hadley, MA. Both 20 minutes from Springfield. Anybody wanting to play Hampden, let me know. I'm always up for a round.
  8. How many Aces for you Guys? Hit my first hole in one today!

    Does anyone remember the public relations statement put out by Kim Jong Il of North Korea a couple of years ago? It stated he played golf for the first time and got something like 9 or 11 holes in one. Funny.
  9. i just bought it, and it seems great. anybody else out there with one? comments?
  10. Just played there. What a course. has anyone played the fox courses in FL or CT?
  11. Iron number and wedge question.

    good luck with them
  12. long irons

    keep at it, or get hybrids.
  13. i'll try it next time i go to the practice green.

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