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  1. AbsoluteTruths

    Your Workout Today

    In month 4 of doing Wendler's 5-3-1 program with bodybuilding accessory work. Today was press day. Setting new PR's each week.
  2. AbsoluteTruths

    My Swing (AbsoluteTruths)

    Had a short game lesson with my coach. He found some bad flaws in my swing so we could not work on short game until I fix them. I was lifting my right heel in my back swing and jutting my right knee out on the down swing. I also was moving my left knee too far toward the ball on my back swing. He had a PVC gadget that sits on the ground in front of my knees and told me not to hit it with my knees on my back or down swing. I made one at home and have been practicing with it. Swing feels more compact now.
  3. AbsoluteTruths

    My Swing (AbsoluteTruths)

    Had a really good lesson with my coach. Has me really coming from the inside. I was draw/hooking everything at the end of the lesson. For the last couple weeks after the lesson I have been practicing every day in my cage. I find this much better than going to the range maybe every other week. I played a round last weekend. I am really hitting the ball much firmer and getting better distance. I was on or near GIR on almost every hole. My short game and putting were not good so my score did not reflect my improvement. I am going the get a short game lesson next time I see my coach.
  4. AbsoluteTruths

    My Swing (AbsoluteTruths)

    I am going to what my coach calls Oversee Practice Friday. We will see if he thinks I am improving.
  5. AbsoluteTruths

    My Swing (AbsoluteTruths)

    I have not been on the course in more than a month. You are correct It will not be proven to be effective till I am on the course or the range. I did it on my Android tablet.
  6. AbsoluteTruths

    My Swing (AbsoluteTruths)

    Here is one with the right orientation. Sorry for the casual dress. I am on vacation and in my back yard
  7. AbsoluteTruths

    My Swing (AbsoluteTruths)

    Can someone tell me how to rotate this please
  8. AbsoluteTruths

    My Swing (AbsoluteTruths)

    I had another epifany in my golf cage yesterday. My coach told that there are only two arm/hands/wrist movements. Cocking uncocking the wrists and the rolling of the forearms. So I concentrated on that while turning back and through. Uncocking through impact. l was really connecting with ball well. I was also keeping my elbows close together like my coach advised me at my last lesson. Any thoughts?
  9. AbsoluteTruths

    Two copies of digest

    I get two identical email digest each morning. How can I stop this?

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