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  1. Senior British Open

    Great track. Best thing about traveling to England/Scotland/Ireland....They let you play these great private courses. The US mostly has the get lost attitude. Much more accepting/inviting across the pond.
  2. Bubba Watson at The French Open

    Believe Bubba just got down and was caught on a bad day....Part of being analyzed 24/7. He's a talent, bit of a Dalyesce type and needs a personal secretary filtering all his moves. But He is always a story.
  3. Golf is much more than a sport. No other game utilizes such dramtically different playing fields. It is a way of life. Much grander than just a sport. It's not a matter of if you will play Golf rather than when....Look at all the base/basket/foot ballers who get consumed by the sport.
  4. Your Lowest Round Ever

    68 Irem Temple CC Dallas, PA....long time ago 3 handicap.
  5. The Top Five Hardest Shots in Golf

    downhill lie in bunker with water over green on other side...
  6. Great River about an hour north of NYC is spectacular and 1/2 price of Pound....
  7. Looking to initiate a dialogue regarding ways to play Top Courses and also ways to procure discounts at courses. Please share an idea or two. I'll start by providing avenues I have utilized to garner teetimes at Top Courses. 1] eBay- Did you know eBay has a section for teetimes? People travel and get rained out and have no intention of returning. They sell their voucher. You will find some interesting options at eBay. Many other types of play are offered too. 2] Charitybuzz- This site sells all types of goods and services on behalf of Charities. You will find plenty of options to play at nice places as well as playing with celebrities and such. 3] Biddingforgood- Another Charity site with golf options. 4] EZlinks- This is a teetime service that has times at a great many courses. Many maybe right in your area. They are discounted too. 5] Golfnow- This teetime service has a substantial list of courses. If you can wait till 24-48 hours prior you can typically get the best discounts. 6] Boxgroove- This service requires a paid entrance. But it provides access to a great many private courses. This may be a great way to play places you wouldn't think you could. That's a very good start to a number of ways you may be able to play Great Courses. Also you might find an avenue to a discount or two. Utilizing these above websites I have been able to get onto Galloway National, Black Diamond, Wannamoisett, Huntsville, Philly CC and others.....I have seen but not acquired Olympic Club, San Francisco CC, Winged Foot, Numerous Trump Courses and many others. You may not get a bargain when you buy a 4some to a track like Winged Foot but it's a way that you might find to play a course like that without knowing a member..... Best of Luck in your Golf Travels