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  1. Hi - New to the Forum - but hoping to get some adivce/opinions on a question I have. I am a mid-80's player, and I have broken 80 a handful of times with 76 being my lowest score. I was hitting my driver about 245 regularly, but I had a lot of spin and a very high launch. On the advice of a guy at Golf Town, I got my driver reshafted. I was hitting a 55g regular flex with a low kick point (the shaft that came with the driver). They put in an Adilla NV 65 stiff shaft. Long story short, it instantly reduced my spin and I started driving this thing up the middle and I was carrying about 260 yards. This has got me thinking that I shoudl look into reshafting my 3 wood and hybrids. I am even considering reshafting my 5 and 6 irons as I pull them left and think I may need a stiffer flex. So, my question - should I look into buying new equipment, or just stick to reshafting? I currently hit Adams Idea Tech A4 Irons and hybrids (3&4) with regular flex. I like the clubs, and would prefer to keep the heads if it made sense. Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Also, if you can suggests any good shafts for a three wood, hybrid, or irons - that would be great. I am looking for a lower ball flight and less spin. Thanks
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