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  1. I was playing a couple nights ago and well....my driver wasnt really "on"....So I pulled it out on a par 4 that had a big dogleg right about 245-250 yards up from the tee. I hit it into the next fairway over. At my course all the holes are separated my a great deal of trees, so it was going to be a tough shot back over to the correct fairway. I pulled out an 8 iron and picked a line and let loose. I hit the green about 10 feet away from the hole so I was still able to putt in for birdie....Quite possibly the luckiest hole of my entire life.
  2. Im kind of looking at putitng together a set of clubs for myself this winter and have been researching how to build clubs and all of that good stuff. But what I cant seen to find in my searches is a good website that kind of goes step by step on the basics of club building...if i can not find something like that soon I will probably just order a book on it, but if anyone knows of any sites with tips on club building I would appreciate ay info you might have.
  3. I dont know if you would call it a living but it gets me by during the summers when im out of college but I work at a golf course. Then in the winters I work part time at a ski resort since Im in college.
  4. Well the golf season is starting to heat up here in AK. I went out for a couple 9 hole rounds over the past few days and shot a 41 and a 44. Not too shabby for me. It was a good way to start the season off. Everything seems to be clicking for me right now. Maybe there is still hope to get that single digit handicap...
  5. Ill probably buy it eventually. But Ive gotta make the best of the rest of the golf season up here. It will onl last about another month, maybe a little more. Im desperately making a run at breaking into the high 70's by the end of the year. Probably wont happen, but you never know.
  6. Congrats on the Eagle kgk. I think my best shot this week would have to be on the 2nd hole from about 90 yards out. I hit a SW to about 10 feet. But the best part of the whole shot was that it had enough backspin that it spun back towards me, and on most of Alaskas crappy greens doing that is not common at all.
  7. I would go see somone. I have tried reading stuff online and from books, but none of it works as well as instruction from a pro. Heh, I wish I could shoot that well but not putt very well.
  8. AK-Edge

    The NHL

    I think he is a great player, a lot of people seem to compare him to Gretzky, which I think that pointwise (especially with the new rules and regs for the NHL) he will be comparable if not better than Gretzky. But I think he is a much better 2-way player than Gretzky was, he isnt afraid to throw his weight around and such, kinda like Peter Forsberg or someone like that. I am looking forward to seeing him play with the NHLers so I can see how he compares. I really hope that he really is humble like the press seems to portray him, I would hate for him to be a cocky SOB now and then not end up
  9. Got a big fatty zero. I have all different colored tees since I put whatever I find at work in my bag. But I carry some Euro coinage with me as a ball marker (kind of a superstitious thing, dont really know why).
  10. Best Pro in Alaska (as reported in I believe the most recent golf digest) who I take lessons from charges $75 per hour.
  11. I find it to be if I am used to using a flexible shaft and then go to a stiff shaft I will tend to draw it for a few shots, but then it straightens back out. My guess is that it varies from person to person.
  12. All the courses in my area have junior golf lessonsfor fairly cheap. They are group lessons with a PGA certified pro. I was in the program for about 5 years and had a blast. Also, up in Alaska at least there is a junior golf league all summer. I dont know if all places have that or not, but I think they have that in place of a school golf team since by the time school starts we only have a month or 2 if we are lucky before it snows so we dont have them. But I would imagine that if you went to a course and talked to a pro or even just someone who works there they could let you know quite a
  13. AK-Edge

    The NHL

    I love hockey and have been playing for 15 years. And guess what, NHL is back!!!! WOOHOO!!
  14. AK-Edge


    Boxers all the way!!
  15. Not really sure of the best way to word it. But mostly what I do is put my feet kind of close together with the left foot open and put my weight on my left foot (Im right handed). Then I deloft my club, usually a PW, and swing as a rule of thumb from pocket to pocket. Like I said I dont know how to word it really, but I hope that made some sense. Oh yeah, keep your shoulders parallel to the target line since your feet probably wont line up in most cases.
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