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  1. This time of year, I ride because I get too hot walking. I live in the Mojave desert in southern California and temperatures are above 100 most of the time until late september or so. I simply cannot enjoy the game if my clothes are soaked through with sweat and/or I feel like the sun in literally sucking the life out of me. During the winter I generally walk because the exercise is good for me. I might add that the only reason I walk while golfing is for the exercise. I dont believe it makes me or anyone else more or less of a golfer. Whether I am walking or riding and no matter what time of year, I dont judge anyone or really care either way whether they walk or ride. I find it amusing that people get so hung up on this and start spitting venom over something so completly silly and inconsequential. Quite honestly if you can learn to mind your own business over pointless stuff like golf carts on the course you will likely lead a happier and less stressful life.