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  1. Every now and then I catch one and get it go around 300 or so. Not typical, but it does happen from time to time. This last weekend I was disappointed because I caught one that felt absolutely perfect, but it was only about 280. Don't get me wrong,280 is still about 20 more years than I count on, but my swing and contact felt so good that I just knew I was gonna get a personal best for distance.
  2. Do you already ask for donations? Alot of times people will just give away some money. Although they may feel like they are already donating by playing in the event so donations may not be extremely successful.
  3. 11 consecutive part 4s and 5s with the driver in the fairway and overt 270 yards. On number 15 my greed caught up with me and my old super shove came roaring back! Still the only time I ever broke 90. It was on a pretty easy course in a small town where my wife was working at the time.
  4. As a big time cowboys fan, I have to say that I hope that Romo doesn't quit golfing. I think he has shown pretty well how much he cares abou winning. I also get tired of people blaming him for the Cowboys' woes. He's a good player. The man can keep his hobby. I do wish he'd make could friends with a few defensive linemen who are looking for work.
  5. I carry 4 wedges. My PW and AW are strong though, 45* & 50* respectively. I use the 50* as most people use a PW. Then I've got a 56* SW that I rarely gets pulled out of the bag and a 60* that I use way too often. I'm thinking of pulling the 56 and 60 for a 54* and a 58*. I don't know much about picking wedges, but I think I could keep myself out of a little trouble by going to the 58*. Then I could drop the 56* down to 54* which might give me a little more use out of that particular spot in my bag.
  6. @Hammer 4 Thanks man. The only time I've hit them, I really liked em. I think I'll take them out to the range. I bet I can slice em as good as anything else
  7. My wife's grandfather have me a set of irons that I just don't know much about. They are black dot ping zing's. I've only hit them once. They were fine to hit. Nothing spectacular, but nice for an older set of free clubs. Does any one know much about them? The set is 5i-SW with no pitch. He didn't tell me anything about them, but I'd love to find out what I can. Thanks guys
  8. That's a pretty good point. I still don't think not being a great golfer disqualifies some one from being a great golf instructor though. How could a beginner tell if an instructor, who is just starting off, is good or not? Obviously to find a reputable instructor would be ideal, but let's say that for some reason an instructor that pretty new is the most convenient choice.
  9. Who said anything about professional misrepresentation? I'm saying that just because he may not be a great player doesn't mean he can't be a good teacher. And if there's a little fraud, I don't like it, but the free market will in fact take care of it.
  10. If you feel like you can help people out, go for it! I'm not sure about amateur rules and what not, but I'm sure there's a way to dabble in giving lessons to see if it's what you really want. I am a high school coach. I've coached three different sports in my career, two of which I have never played. While I did play football through high school, I wasn't a very good player. However, I am a good football coach and I'm a pretty good soccer coach too. Just because I'm not a great athlete, doesn't mean I can't teach some one else. Doesn't the old saying follow: "Those who can't do, teach." So if you want to teach people, do it. If you're not any good, they'll quit paying you. If you are good, they'll keep paying you. I don't really even see the issue.
  11. Played in a scramble today. Started on 18, which was the straightest drive contest. I hit a nice solide tee shot about 250 (about average for a well hit drive for me) or so. It ended up about 14 inches from the center of the fairway. At the end of the day, I was the only one with my name on the straight drive paper. I played okay, but the good driver kept on going!
  12. My favorite sport to watch is absolutely football (pro, college, even high school). Next favorite is soccer, but outside of the US national teams, I don't really have a favorite pro team (I do hate Man U and Juventus though). NFL - cowboys and then ravens MLB - rangers and then rockies NBA - mavs NCAA - there are too many I kind of like or really don't like to list. My wife is a big Duke basketball fan though. And it's pretty cool when any Texas school does well.
  13. First one on the course this morning for a relaxing round by myself. Shot 26 over for a 98. Really kind of bummed by the score, but really pleased with my swing and ball striking. Pitching and putting ate my lunch. I feel like a lesson or three would help me knock a bunch of stokes off my average game.
  14. I enjoy the Drew Estates Java. Nothing like a lighter stogy when the weather warms. Tastes great with a little whiskey.
  15. What a strange day! First 5 were pretty average golf for me, next 6 were the worst golf I've played since the first time I picked up a club, then finished 2 over with only 2 bogeys and 4 GIR for the best 7 hole stretch I've ever played. What a strange round. After the front nine, in the midst of my AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL slump I abandoned traditional scoring and started just giving sad faces and happy faces instead. A really perplexing day.
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