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  1. WOWWWWWW These videos are 100% on point.........I went to the range today and hit the driver better than I ever have before. Let's hope it continues. Thank you for posting!
  2. Try choking down about an inch or so on the grip. The drivers we buy off the rack are longer than most tour pros. Choking down has really helped keep my slice at bay. That and closing my shoulders a bit at address.
  3. Im not buying this at all...............20 Handicappers????? Sounds like a bunch of EGO to me. And Im a 24 HCP
  4. Staying Connected is the best tip I ever got. It works really well, especially at the range I place a towel under my arm. I cant help but swing 80-85% and I have greater control over all shots.
  5. This thing is awesome. One HELL of an idea from Ping. Havent used it long enough to tell if my putting is getting any better. That will take some time, but atleast I seem to find myself practicing putting more now.
  6. Not "exclusive" but by far the nicest course I've played is Pacific Grove Golf Links on Monterey Bay. The entire back nine has views of the Pacific Ocean that would rival Pebble Beach. Best $60 I ever spent.
  7. I picked up my first golf club 3 years ago. Im 6 foot 3, 205 lbs and proud to say I carry the ball about 215-225 yards swinging within myself and able to finish on balance. I have gained a bit of distance recently just by hovering the driver at address. It's not a long drive contest..........thank goodness.
  8. Im excited to see Tiger back on the course but Sean Foley was quoted about a week ago saying that Tiger hasnt even been hitting balls. Here is the quote I found. Swing coach Sean Foley said in a text message Tuesday night that the pair have not been working together, which seemingly creates the very real possibility that Woods will miss the PGA Championship next month, too. Bridgestone and the PGA are staged in consecutive weeks and Woods has regularly played in both. “We have not hit any balls,” Foley wrote Tuesday night. “And I have no idea what his plans are as far as when he pla
  9. I sometimes get a case of the "rights" also. But making a full turn does help.
  10. If you're boycotting because of an athlete who made a horrible mistake you'd have to boycott sports in general.
  11. Congratulations, like most golfers I have dealt with a slice. I now swing at about 80% with a somewhat strong grip and that seems to work well. I also shortened my backswing. For some strange reason I also make better contact with the ball when I hover the clubhead at address. I now "hover" every club except the putter.
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