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  1. Best is subjective; my "best" inexpensive choice is the Nike PD Softs - a gross was $100 ($8.33/dz). Back to the OP, first I've heard of them and you're probably right, a D2 model badged just for Target.
  2. Top of the list for any prospective buyer of the brand would be a non-compete clause on Scotty (110% sure he's under one now, albeit for quite a hefty sum) - without it, the value of the brand would be quite a bit lower.
  3. Excellent point here. And the final decisions over brand selling/buying are mostly how the numbers, as in $, work out. If Nike is willing to pay enough, the bean counters at Titleist may say "go for it". All involved will believe its win-win.
  4. Its getting very close - tomorrow the high is 31* and windy, occasional snow flurries. Rained most of today.
  5. alf174

    Mini Tour Play

    Thanks for keeping us up to date Ben, hit 'em straight!
  6. Must be the new math. I count only 8 holes played.
  7. alf174

    Mini Tour Play

    Nice job shooting your PB on that course!
  8. agreed!!! I've had the same dreams about owning a marina.
  9. Any single golf course I would consider buying would have to have one whopping bit of cash flow to keep the day-to-day operations from sucking my bank account dry. And if that actually exists, the purchase price is going to be on the high side. I like the idea of investing in a company that owns a bunch of courses and moving around and playing them - in one of those monster RVs.
  10. Your screen name is spot on when it comes to Michigan. There is a reason why Michigan has 800 golf courses, 700 of which are public. (ps, no its example of the leaves not the fairway)
  11. We were neighbors in the early 80s - I lived in Muirwood next door. That Farmington Hills GC Mschott was telling you about is pretty nice, busy though.
  12. A typical Michigan golf course fairway in the fall. You tell me you can find a yellow ball in that mess lol.
  13. Usually the color doesn't matter, the leaves cover everything up. Often you accidentally kick or step on your ball looking for it.
  14. Ditto. Looks too nice for the course but that wouldn't stop me from using it.
  15. This applies to light-weights only lol. While putting, keep your trailing elbow in close to your side.
  16. In a golf outing two weeks ago, a golfer in his mid 40s a couple of groups in front of us hit his tee shot, went down to hit his 2nd & had a heart attack. Course employees tried to revive him with a defibrillator and EMTs were unable to also. Eerie considering he was 5 or so years younger than me.
  17. Outside to in by coming over the top - I've got it down pat lol.
  18. About 30 years. Played & caddied when I was a teenager of 16, didn't start back up until I was 47.
  19. If your serious, a degree in civil engineering will help you propel an entry into course designing.
  20. A chuckle...a very small chuckle. But that & your signature saying you haven't gotten out to play in 2 months forced my reply. :D
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