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  1. Hahahahhahahahhahaha. Those are the incidents that really make the game worth it. Better than any low score is a great laugh!!!
  2. "Captain Kirk"- A ball that goes where no ball has gone before. "Cross Country Runner" - A sliced (or hooked) ball that travels across your fairway and onto someone else's. "Little Enhancement, there?"-A ball that gets a bounce off the cart path. (My personal favorite) "Wanna leave some grass for the rest of us?" - A very fat shot. "Afraid of the dark" - A ball that hangs on the edge. Of any sport, I think golfers give each other the most grief.
  3. @nykfan4life: I believe about $7 dollars to put on a new grip. Obviously, though, you'd have to pay for the grip, too. Giddyup!!!!
  4. I was playing my home course early this week. Par 3, 226 yards, and an absolute monster. Hit a beautiful cut 3 wood to 25 feet. Smacked the birdie putt right in the back of the cup. Haven't birdied that hole for a LONG time. Made two more in a row after that. Sure helps when your putter gets going.
  5. I play with a +2 handicap who never touches the ProV1s, but rather swears by Bridgestone e6's (Tour Yellow). My problem with the e series is that they scratch easily. However, I have found that the Tour Yellows hold up much better. If you feel the surface of those, it's like an oily sheen. For about the same price, you can by the NXT Tour.....
  6. I've been in some lies in the rough where the ball sits up really nicely and have executed the shot. Honestly, with a 460 cc driver, hitting off the fairway is next to impossible. I mean, I can hit it, but there is no way you can find the sweet spot with short fairway grass. It doesn't help if you have 9.5 degrees of loft or less. In a tournament, I will always play the 3 wood. Margin for error is greater. With the driver, you've got to pure it.
  7. This should definitely unearth some interesting stories. Here's mine. I went out to my local course on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon to play 9. I was having a decent round, so I decided to play the back, despite how busy the course was (Aren't all Sundays?!). Anyway, I was behind these two pretty hefty guys-- who were obviously the average beer-drinking, once-a-week golfers. These guys were (amazingly so) both in a cart, and they were whooping and hollering and driving all over the fairway. I'm thinking that I'll just walk off and head home, when suddenly one of the guys starts screaming and rushes at the other guy!!! He grabs the guy by the shirt and drags him onto the fairway. The other guy starts throwing punches, and they start to roll down the fairway, screaming and kicking at each other. Then one of the guys gets up from the fairway, and scrambles to the cart trying to get away. The other guy takes his fairway wood (which he was going to hit) and takes one of the most viscious cuts I have ever seen. The club (fortunately for the guy trying to get away) hits the bar on the cart and shatters. At this point, I am grabbing for my cell. Part of me wonders if I should call 911 or the clubhouse. Just as I start dialing, one of the guys looks up at me. As these guys are only about 200 yards from me, I start to get genuinely scared. Well, out of nowhere, the guys just start shaking hands and slapping each other on the back. Since nothing actually happened to the one guy, I didn't report the event, figuring that these two guys were either extremely stupid or (as I now suspect) extremely drunk. All in all, I have never seen anything more bizarre happen during a round of golf
  8. Never broken a club on purpose. An old sand wedge of mine broke when I played in 40 degree weather on near-frozen turf. Clubs are so expensive, way too expensive to break over one shot! Why someone could get that worked up over one shot is a testament to not only the frustration the game can bring, but also the rage it can bring out.
  9. Let me say this: If you are not totally, 100% committed to playing golf before you start on tour, you do not stand a chance. To play golf competitively, you must not just be determined. The steps to becoming a professional (in my opinion) 1. A love of the game. If you are not head over heels about playing, you do not have the drive. 2. Starting at an early age. Not just whacking balls. Working with a teacher on both the physical and mental aspects of the game. Look at Tiger. 3. Tournaments. Testing your game. You need to know where you stack up with everyone else. Frankly, I think tournaments tell you about all you need to know. You learn if you crumble under pressure or excel in spite of it. 4. Golf school. One of the final steps. There, you will probably see your competition. It's like your first day at school: kill or be killed. Establish yourself as the best, and earn your card. Here's how I look at it: even if I failed at making the tour, I could never live with myself if I knew that I could have gotten there if I had tried. But if you feel that way about academics, then that's the route I think you should take. Best of luck.
  10. No! Don't slide your hips! You will start blocking and/or slicing the ball. The hips need to rotate. Just like the rest of the swing.
  11. I don't think I'm very supserstitious, but I never carry anything more than my divot-repair tool, two tees, and a gold coin (for my ball marker) in my right pocket. In my left pocket, I make sure to have only one pencil pointed down! I have drawn blood several times from those stupid sharp points on the ends. In addition to that, I clean every groove before my round in addition to the numbers on my AP2s. I like it squeaky clean. That might be a little superstitious.
  12. Generally, I am stuck between 205-240 about 4-5 times per round. But there are probably 3 more holes where a 220 yard drive sets me up better than either driver or long iron. The thing is, I play a Cleveland "Hi"-bore 3-wood. The shots are very low and penetrating. Ideally I would like a club that will hold the green a little better if I have to choke down.
  13. "Drop. Your. Sword." Love that movie!
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