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  1. SO you should cock them in the backswing and not release on the downswing?
  2. Wrist cock is something that confuses me when it comes to S&T.; Not sure how it relates to the Flying Wedge they preach
  3. I really need to see a current ball test. I came across this searching, anyone have the issue or had a chance to read it?? I am curious what kind of info it has. If you can share any details, I would appreciate it.
  4. I remember Golf Magazine's Golf Ball Test a few years back - it was one of the best ball tests I have ever seen. Anyway, I remember being really impressed with the TM TP black. It had long distance and great spin all based on a 90mph test swing. Anyway, I was curious if anyone knew which TP black model was tested? I know there have been many iterations of this ball, LDP, Tour preferred, tour performance, etc and I am trying to figure out which model was actually tested? I also need to know if its sold still and if so where? So, I want to know what model was tested and if its still in productio
  5. I would probably read a little more on the subject before posting to be honest, as everything you have said to dismiss the pattern is the opposite of whats taught, and opposite of the results that pretty much everyone sees I agree with Carpediem, I watched all the videos and nowhere did I see any mention of hands, let alone exaggerrated hands. Also, I found no mention of sliding lower body, the teach weight forward, period. I am a weekend golfer as well.
  6. mY DVR stopped at the end of regular play, didnt get to watch the playoff, is there anywhere online that I can watch the 3 hole playoff?
  7. The S&T; DVDs teach you hot to hit both shots and using their principles, I can hit both shots not 100% but pretty consistent. I naturally hit a fade and I am Right-Handed. Only with S&T; was I able to hit a draw or a slightly left push IMO S&T; favors a slight draw to begin with so everything they teach leans in that direction. To hit a fade do the opposite as they teach.
  8. Agree as well. Keepingthe weight fwd and rotating around it has helped me tremendously. I don't fully understand the tilt part and have had improvements. Also the other biggest area of improvement is how they teach how to hit draws and fades - this worked for me and I have tried several times to hit a draw with no success. Wegith fwd and use their tips to hit a draw has eliminated the right side for me.
  9. Wilson has a D25 and a C25. The D25s are the ones that are supposed to be straight and long
  10. Sp the difference is the Q is a little longer? How about driver spin?
  11. How did it compare to the B300 RXS? I cant wait to try the Q-stars
  12. I have an issue with any indoor fitting regardless of whatever technology they have. Regarding lie angle, I really need to see not only the ball flight but also the divot and how I am striking the ball off grass
  13. Anyone have any expereince with the Platinum fitting offered by Golf Galaxy? Im wondering if its worth it or not? Any feedback would be helpdful?
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