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  1. Probably the most ridiculous golf claim I have ever heard.
  2. This is what we tell folks who play slow because they are new/bad: "Its okay to stink - just stink fast!"
  3. had a similar problem once. on your downswing make your sure your only swingthought is pulling the butt end of your club toward the ball. I mean really just attack the ball, but with the butt end of your club. give it a try. this is a tip I got from my instructor when I was having the same problem and its generally just been a very good swingthought for me in almost all circumstances.
  4. I had a similar problem, and as IACAS mentioned its almost certainly a problem with your launch conditions, which are most likely a result of an improper shaft. You need to get to a simulator and have your launch angle, swing speed, ball velocity and ball spin rate optimized for both your 3-metal and your driver. Simply reshafting may be the least expensive option (maybe $80 per club). I have fairly decent swing specs (100 mph swing speed, 3300 rpm spin rate, 12-13° launch angle) and really only hit my driver 10-15 yds past my 3-metal. My modest 100mph swing speed is about 10-15 mph too
  5. This is probably just a mental trick or gimmick for me, but if I'm not having a good day on the tee box, I will often go to hitting my 3-metal from the deck. Subconciously I think it makes me swing a bit slower and more deliberately which leads to better tee shots. Just wondering if anyone else has every tried this?
  6. Well, you shouldn't swing a teed up driver or 3-metal like a wedge, as you actually want somewhat of an ascending blow, or very close to the bottom of your pendulum I would think. Launch angle and all that stuff. That is why the ball is teed up off of your front foot. However, whenever a ball is on terra firma (or teed very low) you should always hit the small ball (Earth being the big ball) first!
  7. The tee shot is the key shot (to steal a title from golf digest eons ago). Remember when Tiger was all about "You da man" and just absolutely crushing it down the middle? Now granted he had all the other pieces of his game, but damn you got the sense that he LOVED killing the ball and leaving all the other guys in his dust...it built confidence that allowed his short game magic to come through..and trust me its awesome stuff all in itself. It was like when Agassi came out serving a million miles an hour and he was quoted as saying "I just can't wait til he feels that serve hit his old wood
  8. Simply hold down ALT and type in 248 from the number pad. The numbers keys above your qwerty keyboard will not work. Use the NUM keys. /desp
  9. To the OP, that is clearly the responsibility of the starter. However, if ones does start early they should use the "extra" time to get loose on the first hole. Maybe play an extra ball or something to use up their allotted good fortune. If they were breathing down my neck I would call the pro shop from my mobile phone (I have done this on more than one occassion) or go back and ask them nicely to back off and stop huffing over their 4th shot lying in the fairway 100 yds out. Jerks. See, you're getting me hacked off and I wasn't even there! And, yes, by no means should anybody mark thei
  10. Another piece of advice not related to you teebox question.... When I STOPPED hitting driver all the time and started playing my tee shot to set up 2nd shot distance, my scores got a MUCH lower. To wit, you stand on a 340 yard par four (obviously white tee boxes)...barring any trouble/hazard on this type of hole, I would typically pull out my hybrid (goes about 210) or my 3-metal (about 230). When I hit the fairway I've got a 9 iron or a wedge left. As I've learned in my "comeback" after a 2 yr absence, it is very difficult to play feel wedge shots well all the time. Its much easier to
  11. despite your index, if you have a decent swing speed, smash factor, and launch index you will most likely feel the difference and see the difference as well.
  12. My goodness, how long are the blue tees at your club? If you can consistently hit a driver 275-300 yrds you should almost ALWAYS have a wedge into any green, even from the blues...at a minimum 7 or 8 iron. Let's take a look....longest theorteical hole at a non PGA tournament course for a par 4 is probably 430 yards (at least the ones I play on). So if you pound it out to 280 (to be conservative) you've only got a little 7 or maybe a smooth 8 to the green. And that will probably be only 1 of the par fours, likely the longest...the rest are prolly more like 400 yarders or so - chump change
  13. I'm a right to left player, but my goodness to I hook the daylights outta that hybrid I have...25 yards of "draw" sometimes. I don't pull hook it mind you...I simply start it out over the pretty homes on the right side of the hole and hope it comes back!! I have a proper shaft....though I did buy the thing out of the bargain barrell...are the Taylor Made Rescue Mid's too offset for folks that already have a right to left ball flight? Any other have the same problem and find a more appropriate club?
  14. Maybe I was seeing Total distance on the machine when I was in the store...that would seem to match your screenshot, however with a spin rate that low (in your pic) it would seem that carry distance should be further. Regardless I'm not that all put off with my "length" as I seem to be long enough to play 6800 yd courses with little problem. I have a 12 index due to missing greens, failure to get up and down, and poor putting. As suggested by IACAS, my shortgame still sux. However, it IS fun to hit the ball a long way. Honestly, though, I hit driver typically on 3-4 holes per round an
  15. I just came back to the game after a couple of years off. Granted I still played the occassional round, but did not practice, exercise or concentrate on improving. I was sucked up into my job and had little time for anything else. I've put that behind me and now have ample time to play golf and I am now recommitted to getting better. I've made some equipment acquisitions (Driver, Wedges, Hybrid) and regripped/reshafted my existing equipment (Irons, 3-Metal) - See signature below. These decisions based on two things - my swing specs and cost. I had my swing analyzed at a PGA Tour Supers
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