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  1. If a ball lands within 20 yards of me or my group (from the tee we're playing), it gets tee'd up and sent right back. Had an uncle lose teeth to someone hitting into us, so I have zero tolerance for it.
  2. The office is at home so I'm fairly certain I won't get any complaints :D Could you explain more about the impact bag? I've seen them before but never really understood what the point was...
  3. Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone had used this training aid, and if it made a difference in your swing at all. Particularly wondering if it's useful to someone around a 16 handicap that's still working on their swing, or if it's more to just build strength for someone that already has a solid swing. I'm looking for a way to practice in my office between meetings, but I want to be able to correct some of my bad habits, not ingrain them even more! Any other training aid suggestions would be appreciated as well!
  4. My new outfit: Black Nike shoes, black Adidas shorts, dark purple Nike shirt, white belt, black/white Nike hat (ok, I already had the shoes and hat). Verdict: Sex!
  5. Taking the Bridgestone e7 might give you what you're looking for, althought I'd personally learn to play with the high ball flight. I don't have any experience with the 'e' series of Bridgestone golf balls yet, but I recently played with some Bridgestone Fix that my dad gave me, and they felt much better than any other brand of ball I had previously tried in the same price range. I have the opposite problem, and am right now trying out the Callaway HX Bite to get my approach shots to sit down a little more. Picked up a dozen e5s and am planning on trying them after I lose all the Bites.
  6. I wear hats with logos because if I need a hat and it's on sale, I couldn't care less if it has a monkey on it...
  7. Hey guys! I'm 25, started golfing last year, and am playing at around a 16 handicap, but am absolutely obsessed with this game. I can't stop talking, reading, practicing and playing golf, and I would absolutely love to have a career of some sort in golf. I realize I've more than missed the boat for actually playing for a career, but I wonder if I'm still young enough to learn the game well enough to become a certified teaching professional (live in Canada). Obviously I realize that if I'm going to do this, I'm going to need to put in a lot more work to catch up, I'm just wondering if some
  8. I've played both the Soft and the Long this year, and I really didn't like either of them. I'm in the process right now of trying to find a ball that feels right for me and I thought the soft would be perfect because I am a long hitter (6-iron goes 170 on the range, about 180 with a new golf ball) and have a ton of roll (so clearly my flight trajectory is shit). I didn't like either ball. I played better with the SFT, and am now currently trying a dozen of the Bridgestone Fix which perform much better than either the Soft or the Long. Then I'm switching to my 2 dozen e5s to see how that go
  9. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, and fairly new to golf, and one issue I'm having is lining up to my target properly when first addressing the ball. I find sometimes that my shot goes in a straight line, but 20 yards to the left on a club like my 6-iron (180 yards). As I said, the ball flight is straight so I'm thinking that I'm just not lined up properly when I address the ball. However, if I pay extra attention to where my club face is, I end up turning the face more than I adjust my stance, resulting in a slice, hook, or some other sort of atrocity that I try to pretend is a golf shot.
  10. Well that last post should help me out! I've only been golfing for a year after being away from the game for about 12 years, and I had no idea the hips were supposed to slide as well, I thought it was all just rotation. I think that could very well be what's causing me to hook.
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