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  1. for 130 your not getting much selection on putters, but shoes 130s pretty good shoe.
  2. aha good call there ^^^
  3. I say, ditch the Flip-Flops
  4. I hit the g10 hybrid at a golftown around where I live and I thought was okay, I'd go with the Nickent 4DX amazing, it goes a long way.
  5. yeah those IZZO shapeners work really well
  6. go rams, panthers are grease
  7. When I was looking for irons I played a round with these I really like how forgiving they were, I didnt think they would big because of the size but they were. I didnt get them because I like the Apex FTX more.
  8. yeah man, I love the look of the driver but ive never tried it.
  9. Let me guess you hit a snap hook.
  10. let me guess youhit a snap hook
  11. wow, that came out wrong, if you want to stop hitting the ball thin and hit more crisp shots, move your hands a little in front of the face.
  12. well if you want to hit the ball thin and want to take some ground put your hands a bit forward of the club face, my pro told me to do it.
  13. titleist is just an all around company, they really dont do much wrong.
  14. It's pretty much cheating , ban them
  15. I bought a OGIO OZONE bag today and used it on the course, I love it.