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  1. Thanks for your answers so far! Tomorrow, I will go to a golfshop which has a launch monitor and I will compare my driver to newer ones. I was was just curious about your opinions. I don't really have an issue with my driver but I was wandering if a new one could be easier to hit, etc... Best regards Philip
  2. Hey, I am thinking about buying a new driver as my r7 425 with a purple ice shaft is kind of outdated by now. What are your thougths on this? How is my r7 comparing to newer technology drivers like the Burner Superfast 2.0? Is it worth upgrading? I really appreciate your answers... Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi, is anyone of you aware of a free golf software for symbian 6.0 3rd edition phones? it would be nice to be able to measure shots with gps in your cellphone and stuff. thank you for your advices!
  4. Played two times already with the e5 from Bridgestone and I am stoked! Probably like them the best out of several Callaway, Titleist, Nike and D2 Feel from TopFlite!
  5. Best tip ever! "RELAX!!!"
  6. AnalogAG

    Yardage guides?

    The idea is nice, but like it is already said, you might get problems selling pictures that are under copyright protection. I know that there are cases where websites had to pay a fee because they were sued for using images of a map like if you post a screenshot from google maps. So be careful!
  7. No offense taken! Enjoy your game P.s.: My handicap should be around 20 right now, but 25,7 is my offical german handicap and I cannot play a tournament to change my handicap while I am in the US.
  8. Hi Dave39, you're right an wrong at the same time... My old irons were the Cleveland TA5 which is a game improvement iron and I monitored all my scores for a long time. By that I can tell you that my scores slightly dropped since I switched to the MP-32s. Of course my score could be even better with something in between those two ironsets but how do you know? I demoed the Callaway X-20 and the Titleist 735CM and didn't like them compared to the MP-32. By getting fitted the fitter told me to go for the ProjectX shafts instead of the Rifle shafts I wanted first. Also the stiffness of the shaft wasn't my ego's decision. Then of course I like to play blades because they look a lot nicer than cavity backs. I just spoke out what everyone in this forum is about when it hits the topic equipment. Everybody likes to have nice equipment and to look good, including me! I also said, that you look pretty stupid if you try to play serious equipment without having the ability to it.
  9. So, weekend is over and I played a bit of golf but unfortunately I wasn't able to go to Myrtle Beach for golfing... I played Northwoods in Columbia which was really nice and Santee National which was in a average to bad condition. It seemed that they had a lot of rain during the days. Thank you anyway for all your comments and answers. Maybe it will help me the next time I am in South Carolina!
  10. From my own experience I would say it is also another thing to set yourself appart from other golfers! You just know that somebody is really into golf if he does not play stock equipment. Of course it is a prestige thing too! You cannot just say "Oh, I play the Mizuno MP-32" but "I play the Mizuno MP-32 with ProjectX shafts..." That was a little bit of a soul-strip, but it is true.. P.s: Besides what you want others to think about you, you also should play like this! I don't like people with expansive/customized products when they play bad, me including!
  11. It is like Phil last year when he used to drivers! As long as he is able to play good enough...
  12. That's cool! I like all the Callaway stuff except the irons! I will defiitely consider them when I think of new equipment again! Edit: I just started browsing your fotos! Thanks for sharing! It must have cost you a fortune to play all those nice courses!
  13. Oh, we won't stay in Myrtle Beach because we live in Sumter, that is a. 100 miles away, so we will drive there. And like it seems now, we get to play on sunday the 24th of February. I am not sure if I will be able to on saturday the first of March, because my time in the US ends on the 2nd of March and I have to catch my flight at 12a.m. So Dunes is priority #1 right now! What do you can tell me about the condition? I mean, here in Sumter everything is brown, there is no green grass around. Since it is freezing in the nights again I am not very confident, that this will change until we leave!
  14. The best thing would be if you could go to a fiiting center or a golf shop and play your driver on the simulator to see the launch angle and the spin rate! If one of those is too high, it will reduce your roll! On the other hand, it just might be a swing flaw! I was used to hit my shots very high as well, but right now I am taking some lessons and I hope that it will pay off!
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