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  1. Not usually. Most of the woods I have are more or less solid colors on top, with the graphics and logos on bottom. Don't want something to catch your eye at address.
  2. I'm looking forward to playing Osprey. I've mostly been playing Delray Beach GC this year, but I've made it out to a few others.
  3. Would've loved to see him burn a fastball in there, but still super cool. ...and that's coming from a Braves fan!
  4. Rory is very lucky. Woz still looked great after three hours of pounding it. Her fitness level won that match -- just plain old outlasted Svet.
  5. It looks an awful lot like another strong SEC season. LSU looked great against Oregon. Alabama is going to be tough this year in all phases, and there are some surprises in store for us somewhere in the South Carolina/Florida camps I'd reckon. Auburn is a mere shadow of last year without Newton and Fairley. Georgia looked worse than they should be, and I think we're all in a wait and see on Ole Miss, Tennessee and Arkansas. Looking forward to seeing Oklahoma play. Wouldn't that be a kick to see a Big XII team go big after their conference got kicked around this offseason? Texas needs a QB to
  6. Main car, Porsche Cayman S (I no longer have the Edge behind it) Second car, Audi A3 S-line (this one isn't mine, but mine is identical but black) Beater, Subaru Legacy Wagon (also not my car, but mine is identical even same color)
  7. We do also play a "max putts" rule whenever the greens have been freshly aerated. Typically you only count a max of three then. I really like the idea of buying a length of string for charity and using that to inch putts closer. Cool idea!
  8. TST's a hoot Everyone hits three hundred, And plays to a plus!
  9. Divot fore or aft Sometimes I just pick it clean Work consistency!
  10. Double digit cap Take another mulligan Maybe new clubs help?
  11. Golf gives and it takes Each poor shot followed by good Enough to hold you!
  12. I think you'll like the NXT models. I prefer the NXT Tour version myself. While you're checking out new balls, give a sleeve of Srixon Q-stars a try. I just picked some up, so haven't used them enough for a complete evaluation, but early reports are they are very good. Good enough, in fact, that I think they might have displaced the NXT Tour as my preferred ball of choice.
  13. Sand and some water Creep into my mind pre-swing Focus, make the shot!
  14. Pulled into the woods Then up and down for a save This game drives me nuts!
  15. As an avid Falcons fan, I know this script all too well. I would bet that Vick's Superman impression will curtail soon and he will revert to half-assing it, since this contract means he doesn't have to prove himself. He will be a decent QB this season, but I would be highly surprised if he put stats in the top ten this year. I would expect an even worse performance next year. I suppose one bright spot in this deal is that he now has the cash to repay many of his creditors (as managed by the court appointed debt manager) including the Falcons, which may well result in the Falcons getting
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