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  1. The Tin Man is right. I used to work for a race team and we had a bead blaster, they'll just cover the clubface with a rubber media that the glass bounces off of.
  2. That serial # looks nothing like what is on mine, even the direction is wrong.
  3. And since you are an admin I'll just say that this is one of the best non-vbulletin 3.8 forums I have been on, really well done. I'm partial to my vbulletin though ;) Nice website.
  4. $11 for a Golf Pride New Decade. That was the price on the grip before I even talked to him so maybe that price was install included? (I see I can get it for 8 online) edit: And thanks for telling me it is compatible with Tapatalk, I didn't see it when browsing general golf forums through Tapatalk
  5. I went to a local course to get my driver regripped and had to wait on the course pro to finish a lesson. He runs a club repair business on the side, and he was technically supposed to leave at 6, but stayed over just to get my club regripped right then and there. I was caught off guard because I was expecting to just leave it. He charged me the price of the Golf Pride grip, and nothing to replace it. I paid him, but afterwards I wondered if I should have tipped him. I kind of felt bad because he said he would replace it right then and there without hesitation. Thoughts? Oh, and long time reader, first time poster. I like this forum, just wish it was compatible with Tapatalk.