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  1. i would say its impossible . .it took me 5 years and that was playing up to 6 times a week as a junior player
  2. having owned a yes putter i can honestly say i didnt like the roll i got with it. It felt like it was being chipped of the face for the first inch or so when you hit it hard which didnt inspire me on long putts or for that matter short ones either. Unfortunately i cant comment on rife's quality but i am considering buying a cayman short slant as my next putter from them
  3. i highly rate my 910 driver. I have the same high launch ball flight and ocassionaly draw the ball hard when i go after it to much. I have my 9.5 driver set -0.75 degrees, and 0.75 degrees flat and it suites me perfectly. The only thing to try out is the different heads. The d2 is the bigger head with more forgiveness and the d3 is slightly smaller but more workable. That said i opted for the d2 after back to back testing as i could work it just as much as the smaller headed one
  4. titleist in a heartbeat. In my opinion their drivers, irons and wedges are unmatched in the market for quality and control at the moment. I am infact looking at getting some special edition vokeys and a new set of titleist irons within the next few weeks. THe only thing i would not want is a titleist putter. Ive just never been a fan
  5. this thread has gone from a simple question to a load of handbags at dawn. Being a low handicap i only really play for my gross scores anyway but when i do have a matchplay, stableford . . .etc match against i high capper i respect that they arn't 'as good as me'. This year i got knocked out of the memorial matchplay at my club by an 18 handicapper. My gross score on the card was lower but he managed to play 8 under his handicap (for me to do this i would have had to play -2 gross). At the end of the match i smiled, shook his hand and went for a beer and a laugh in the bar with him beca
  6. i wouldnt worry at all, my 145yrd club is a solid PW and i can hit a low drawing 3 iron maybe 230 with a semi solid connection but i would sacrafice it all for better dispersion stats. There is a guy at my club who hits it about 230 max from the tee and his longest iron shots are probably around 180, but every shot he hits is straight and he putts like you wouldnt believe. He knocked me out of the scratch cup this year, his handicap is 2
  7. no you dont, at the bottom of the card it will usually have some sort of arrangement like this GROSS SCORE: 76 HANDICAP: 6 NET SCORE 70
  8. in honesty i didnt want to bring slope rating/ course difficulty into it as i didnt want to just flood the post with numbers and figures but thanks for mentioning it anyway Standard scratch index is something i should have mentioned though
  9. there is always 2 scores in golf. Your net score and your gross score. your gross score is your score before taking shots of and your net score is your score after removing your handicap. It may not seem fair but if everyone in a competition has an accurate handicap it actually makes the playing field level. it may not seem fair but it really is. When you start playing the game people like to brag about the net scores they hit (eg i hit a 88 today minus my 20 handicap gives me a net 68) where as better plays only really care about gross scores. It seems confusing at first but really isn
  10. Hi all, i have owned my 910 d2 for about a week now and am really happy with it. I do however want to upgrade the shaft as the stiff kai'li just doesnt do it for me. Im thinking of either fitting a pro force v2 or my shaft of choice in my last few drivers, a graphite design ys-6+. Has anyone else upgraded? any other suggestions? For the record i like a mid weighted stiff tipped, stiff shaft (around 75g) but dont really like the feel of an x flex in my driver
  11. your handicap is the amount of extra shots you are given per round. Each hole is given a shot index (handicap number) and this lets you know how difficult the hole actually is. For example the hole that has a SI/ handicap of 1 is the hardest hole on the course. If you look at my handicap of 6 i would get an extra shot on the holes rated 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 during my round to help me. if your hanndicap is 23 you will recieve an extra shot on every hole (1-18) and an additional shot (2 in total on 1,2,3,4,5. This will help to even out any playing field you are in for exam
  12. there is always roomon a practice green ;)
  13. thats why i dont play on public courses
  14. as im from the uk i dont know what equivalent prices are for you but i reckon you could pick up a set of taylormade RAC OS irons for that and you wont go far wrong with a set of them in the bag.
  15. i tend to do the range work/ course work in the lead up week and really try and relax on comp days. Last sunday i arrived for my county match quite early (to a course i had never been to) and grabbed a banana and had a walk around the practice areas. I hit maybe 20 balls to warm up then concentrated soley on getting dialled up on the greens for maybe 45 minutes . . pace, line etc. This is the same routine no matter if im playing on my home 18 or not. I relax, take it in and have some banter with the other lads
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