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  1. I don't like steel shaft in my hybrid and i want the weight around 90-100 grams max. I also play DG SL S300 in my Mizuno irons even though i could probably handle more. I want a shaft that is as light and flexible as possible but that i can still feel and control. The SL is perfect for me even with a 6 iron ss of around 90 mph. I have opted for a Voodoo SVS8 tipped an inch. This felt like a safe bet as i have the same shaft but lighter in my woods and they feel great. If i don't like the result i can always get something like a Project X 6.5 for only 40 bucks or so.
  2. What are you playing in your Driver/3 wood? I was considering the Project X HD2 as i figure the flex will be perfect. I have always struggled with flex as stiff was weak and x flex was too much for me.
  3. I am going to buy a 17 degree 910H and i need advice on the shaft. I went to a demo day and tried all the shaft options in stiff apart from the 904HB which wasn't available. I found them all the be a little weak for me and hence i am stuck on what to do. My Driver SS is around 110-112 mph. I play Voodoo SVS6 tipped 1 inch and that lays nicely in the driver. I am starting to wonder if i would be better of going for a soft X flex though. I hit the ball fairly high and am a handsy player that produces considerable spin. Up till now every hybrid has gone too high for me apart from th
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