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  1. Walking or riding

    I agree. I always walk when possible. After tracking scores for 2 years now I do play better when walking for all the reasons stated above.
  2. Range Finders: Legal or Not?

    I voted no. I like the challenge of trying to figure out what shot to play and how far i need to carry. When Erik said something about being off center in a fairway 10 yards ahead of a sprinkler I think thats golf. I like the part of the game that makes me think about what I am doing and how to play each shot. I feel like I play better when I have to think about a shot more, maybe my focus transitions into my swing, maybe not. I just think golf is a difficult game and with all the improvements in technology its taking certain aspects out of the game.
  3. Connecticut Stinks

    I live in MA so I feel your pain. If you can get over to the RI coast there are a couple of places around newport area you can still play even now. Its not warm but there is no snow on the ground (for the most part) and the ground isnt frozen. best of luck
  4. I'm in - who is joining me?

    Basically I am going to clean the house and play golf and she can bankroll me? DEAL!
  5. Scotch Drinkers Unite!

    I enjoy scotch, especially at the cigar bar... Anyways i dont have much experiance with the single malts, just the glenfidich (proabably wrong spelling) and glenlevit. Johnny black is my usually but will go gold, green or blue if the situation calls for it. I dont care for the red. I also have a bottle of chivas reserve 12yr that is in the decanter right now. Speaking of liquor anyone try some rye? Looking for a good canidate to try.
  6. What Long Drivers can Teach Us about Distance

    that was actually refreshing for me to read. I am not a long hitter and have thought people are going to be doubling my drive in years to come. Maybe ill be able to hang in there after all.
  7. after your round of golf

    a few beers and KENO!
  8. Jackie Gagne: Hole-in-One-Queen or Cheater?

    I am her long lost nephew. I too have multiple hole in one's.. most notably I have aced the 813 yd par 6 at the international. I had to use a range finder to read the green from the tee. After hitting my usual 230 yd drive straight down the fairway i walked up to find it. Oddly I couldnt locate my ball, I just keep walking towards the green and sure enough it was in the hole! Being a member of the Gagne family these things just "tend to happen" to us......
  9. How did the finish hold up during your round today?
  10. I saw gun blue for sale at a sporting goods store in Maine that sold guns. Check to see if there is a local gun dealer to you, they probably carry the product and know how to apply it as well.
  11. Am I the only one that doesn't carry a 3 wood??

    I have the same club and use it as my go to a lot of the time. no 3 wood here.
  12. Blackberry Users?

    I also have an 8830, anyone know a good weather app?
  13. I swapped out my callaway x-16 PW for a callway forged + vintage 48*. Then added a 54* and a 60*. The 54* is mostly for bunker duty with the higher bounce (14*). I use the 48* for under 100 yds and the 60* for greenside work. Thats the general set up for me and I feel confident with it.