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  1. Placing a small towel or head cover under your left arm (right handed golfer) while you hit balls is an excellent drill, VJ Singh practices it all the time on the range. The aim of practicing with a towel under your left arm in the golf swing is to keep your upper arms connected to your body during the swing. Keeping your upper arms connected to the body during the golf swing has two huge benefits: 1. Your golf swing stays on plane during the backswing and downswing. 2. You eliminate the dreaded "casting" or "over the top" move during the downswing which is the cause of most g
  2. If you decide to buy the Medicus Driver or 5 iron on Ebay or Craigslist - BUYER BEWARE!! You may not get the bonuses and shipping time could take forever. Also, if you have order issues with any of these non Medicus Golf Sites, are you confident they will be resolved in a timely manner??...
  3. Here is a drill that will instantly tell you whether you need to learn the Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf. If you swing the club too far to the inside during your backswing this drill will tell you. Most amatuers yank the club to the inside during the backswing putting the swing immediately off plane. The result is a golf swing that is too flat. The Back To Wall Drill: This drill will tell you if you have a overly flat swing. First and foremost, check your ball position and your distance to the ball at address, as this symptom is the most common cause of a shank. Remember guys; try
  4. Check out this video on how to hit a power draw. This easy to follow video is designed to help you learn the draw golf shot. This shot is so powerful it will fix your slice and let you hit the ball further than ever before. Play well.
  5. The Four Magic Moves method does incorporate the two-plane swing requiring you to start the downswing by pushing the hips forward while holding the shoulders, head and arms back at the transition. The theory is that if the hips are thrust forward they will have to rotate as they cannot do otherwise. You can execute a one-plane swing where you keep more stacked throughout the swing and don't need to push the lower body forward during the downswing. You only need the weight to move slightly onto the lead leg by moving the lead knee over your lead foot, this does have the effect of the upper bo
  6. My golf game took a quantum leap in improvement when I finally learned how to perform the correct footwork in my golf swing - footwork I learned from Ben Hogan's "Five Lessons". Believe it or not I read that chapter about proper footwork dozens of times before I finally "got it". Hogan said your feet should feel "alive" during the golf swing. This does not mean the "happy feet" most amatuers seem to have, but an active-alive feeling in the feet. My feet actually had too much movement in it causing my swing to be too loose with too many moving parts. When I quieted down my feet I began to
  7. Here's a great Medicus Swing Trainer Video on the make or break #2: toe-up position.
  8. I was surprised at how heavy the club head seemed with the Medicus 5 Iron. As I started taking practice swings it felt like the thing would break in two! The more I swung it the more I began to realize just how durable this golf swing aid really is. Then I hit some balls with my regular clubs. They felt lighter and easier to hit than normal, and that was after practicing with the Medicus 5 Iron for only a few minutes.
  9. Beau Rials, Mike Bennett (Medicus Advisor, PGA Tour Instructor), Bob Koch (Inventor of Medicus Dual-Hinge Driver) giving the Medicus Swing Trainer make or break points to your golf swing. The ways you can use your Medicus Swing Trainer to improve your golf game. The upper body continues to rotate turning slightly away from the target while keeping the right elbow close to the right hip. As the hands travel around the body and continue to cock/set, the Medicus Swing Trainer will become parallel to the target line and parallel to the ground with the toe pointing towards the sky. COMMON FAULT
  10. Hi Phillip, If you have a slice you don't wanna use the Hogan grip as his was weak - this grip will only make your slice worse. Make the "V's" created by the left and right hand's thumb/forefinger point more towards your right shoulder rather than your right ear (if you're right handed). Everything else Hogan says about the grip still applies, especially the pressure points. Play well. --John
  11. What I have found with the early backward wrist break is it puts your golf swing on plane very early in the backswing. Conventional golf wisdom has you break the wrists late in the backswing, forcing you to re-route the club during the downswing to get on plane. One thing I immediately noticed as I learned the early backward wrist break was the club felt "lighter" as I swung - an indication my golf swing is more on plane and not fighting the laws of physics. Nick Faldo claims this one magic move helped him win his 6 majors. Play well. --John
  12. It sounds like you're close - if you're seeing 2 knuckles on the left hand when making the backward wrist break, your right hand is still rolling a bit instead of bending straight back. Stay with it, you'll get there. Rome wasn't built in a day, it was built brick by brick. Good luck. --John
  13. The Medicus 5 Iron was the first one to come out and still works quite well, especially now that it has the dual hinge. The beauty of the Medicus Driver is you can hit balls with it where you cannot with the Medicus 5 Iron. Plus the Medicus driver comes with the bonus putter trainer which also works well. You'll save a bit going with the 5 iron - $120 for the 5 iron vs $160 for the Medicus Driver. I'm a firm believer in any golf training approach that gives you instant feedback when you're doing something wrong in your swing - after all, you don't wanna engrain bad swing habits, right? The w
  14. I liked the Phil Marrone golf video above. This move Phil is showing in the video is very much like the move Jack Nicklaus used to start his downswing. Jack would bring his left foot's heel off the ground then he would "step down" by bringing his left foot back to the ground - Jack said everything then fell into place there on after. The instructor in the video above said your weight should be on the inside of your left foot at the top of your backswing - be careful you don't reverse pivot is all I caution. Overall excellent video above - the PGA instructor Phil Marrone clearly and concisely
  15. Well said! I couldn't agree with you more. I must have read Hogan's Five Lessons a dozen times and I learn something each time...
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