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  1. Tiger is in trouble. His ball striking is in turmoil. Where are all the yips dudes though? It's quiet because he chipped well, even chipped in today. It's his overall game stinks. Even though he just birdied the hole before and was even par before the last hole he pulled out. (dbl) Actually birdied 2 of 4 holes. It's all very odd. No one can predict the future but Woods is in deep trouble. Im actually starting to wonder about this.. The timing is also odd. [URL]http://m.espn.go.com/general/story?storyId=4744216&src;=desktop[/URL]
  2. This was a true hero of our time. Broke some tremendous barriers. He sacrificed and endured and left not only golf, but our society in a better place. Brave man, rest in peace.
  3. My long break is coming to an end. The extended period has been nice, but I've been fooling around too much anyway and looking forward to some sunshine.
  4. That's cool. He should run out and buy a lottery ticket. That is incredible. It almost appears there was a little troll hiding in that bunker and threw it out...
  5. You're right. I got caught up laughing at, and feeding the trolls again... I change my answer. No. I would rather spend my days pounding keys on a computer, working the controls on an excavator, ringing up sales at Dicks.... Cheers!
  6. My take. Personally, I have never seen a class player have a blow up, and start playing better. It's a waste of energy because you're thinking about the past. Stay in the now.
  7. You're right. I don't want to be a pro.
  8. What else should you go off of??? They are the only answers?? Do you realize how, GENIUS, you sound?
  9. I've been on this site for 8 years, and I'm totally convinced it's run over by trolls now. I come here to simply get some laughs... It was supposed to be a fun, simple question.. but the troll hacks always find some strange way of turning it Into a forest gump battle of dorks.. So the question was really setup to troll and start bs?? Right. You're right. I'd choose to continue working at Dicks and pounding keyboards...
  10. Dad..put down that pabst.... Look at the ONLY choices....the question asked and think about that for a minute. There is no third, deep answer... Choice 1- Yes! Why are you even asking me that bro?!? Choice2- No. I would rather spend my days pounding keys on a computer, working the controls on an excavator, ringing up sales at Dicks....
  11. Now that I like! Obviously we are all thinking the question is asking different things... I'm not sure what was the intent now....
  12. Because you live on a golf site GENIUS...were all golf dorks to be here. I dont think the question was for everyone else in the world.. Yes! Why are you even asking me that bro?!? [X]
  13. Then let me rephrase.. Successful winner = YES Unsuccessful grinder= NO I know what it takes to be a touring pro. Yea I can almost shoot par from courses tips... but I couldn't even make it on a mini tour, not even close. I laugh when people told me to try to play pro. My brother is a touring pro. Really. It's a whole different ballgame. But of I could be a successful pro at the highest level? Why would anyone say no? (Remember excluding family, strings etc like I already said a few times)
  14. The question is obviously assuming youre at the top.. Or else why ask it...very few would want to be lonely grinder.. If the question is asking do you want to be a run of the mill pro, or club pro only... I agree.. No. But I thought this meant successful?? Obviously personally and professionally... The whole question was asked I thought get to get those kooky no answers to hear why. I simply said. I'd love it under successful circumstance, anyone that says no is lying to themselves... That's my point.
  15. Ok. I am dying to hear this one. (The question is fantastic...and is assuming you're obviously scoring well..and family no questions.. Strings..etc.... Right?) That being said, you would not want to be a touring pro? Why? You rather run a website? Really? The activity you have the most passion for, you don't want to take to the highest level if it was possible..... Uhm no...
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