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  1. I was B-Fit for Bridgestone B330-S golf balls Rickie Fowler -12 Martin Kaymer -12 John huh -12
  2. Got mine Saturday and was able to give it a few swings in the basement yesterday. I feel the weight is just right and am looking forward to taking it out to the range once it stops raining here. I can already tell that I like this more than my swing sock for warming up.
  3. Tiger Woods -5 KJ Choi -10 Justin Rose -10
  4. I found that my tempo was pretty close to the 3:1 ratio and it was not diffucult to adjust to the tones. The tones really helped me out of my driver funk but I honestly think it was because it got rid of all those evil swing thoughts in my head.
  5. I am a fan of fitted mesh hats. I find them comfortable and breathable. So I own a Nike, Titleist, and Callaway hat and I don't own a single Nike or Callaway club. I find the mesh on the Callaway and Nike hats most comfortable.
  6. I started playing when I was 24 after coming back from Iraq in 2004. I bought a set of Ping I3+ and a copy of "Golf For Dummies". I think it was by Gary McCord. Pretty funny now that I think back on it. Anyways, I was determined to learn and read the book religiously and went to the range almost everyday for about 4 months before I decided I was ready to try the course. Anyways, I was able to break 100 in about a month and lingered around the mid to upper 90s for the next few months and finally decided to get a package of 5 lessons. Had a total swing makeover...hardest thing was getting rid of
  7. +1 on waiting along the left side of the fairway for an errant shot :) Got to stand right behind Tiger on the 12th hole of Congressional when he hit that amazing shot onto the green, where he brushed his iron up against that tree.
  8. Hadn't played in 2 years, so I was very excited to play. Been going to the range about twice every 3 weeks since April. Shot a 91 on Slope 128 with 4 pars, 9 bogeys and 5 doubles. Very happy with this round. Only one 3 putt and one penalty.
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