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  1. I understand that it's the current rule. I'm not arguing that at all. That rule was obviously put into place in a day and age when wireless electronic scoring was not available. What I'm saying is if the technology is available now, why not eliminate the need to sign a paper scorecard? Then the 99.9% of the time where this is not an issue becomes 100%.
  2. I'd like to think we live in an age of enough technology to make having to sign your scorecard unnecessary, don't you? I mean, you can go to 100 websites on the internet and get up-to-the-minute progress on any golfer in any tournament. Why do the golfers even need to keep their own score when they have 1000 people doing it for them already?
  3. Sounds like Durand Eastman Golf Course here in my area. It's a Robert Trent Jones layout, a fun course, and it's priced rather cheaply. But those three variables add up to every duffer and their hacker brother jam-packing that course every weekend. You're guaranteed a 5+ hour round every time there. I played it once last year. I just go into it knowing I'm gonna wait on every tee. But I don't usually play it more than once a year anymore. I haven't played it this season yet.
  4. Last weekend I had 34 on the back 9 going into hole 18. The 18th hole is a par 5, so I knew all I had to do was par it and I would break 40 for 9 holes for the first time ever. I blew up for a friggin' 9! Three days later on my league night, I was able to pull off the 39. I remember feeling both excited and mentally tired at the same time. It took a lot of focus to accomplish it.
  5. I use Intelligolf: http://www.intelligolf.com/ I used to have a Palm Pilot a few years ago, but it died. I quickly learned that I don't need the Palm Pilot to use the desktop portion of the software.
  6. Nothing much really. I think at the moment I have my sunscreen and a couple of band-aids in there. But very next round out I'm gonna be sure to put my keys in there and start using it for its intended purpose. :-p
  7. So that's what it's for? LOL, all these years and I never understood why that one pocket in my bag was lined with soft felt...
  8. Broke 40 for 9 holes for the first time ever, and it feels great. Shot a 39 last night during league play. Makes me wish we could have played all 18 holes, I think I could have gone for that record as well.
  9. Both. I'm only 5'8", and she's tall for a woman.
  10. Here's one you guys might enjoy more. You can enjoy Paula and Morgan without having to look at my ugly mug :)
  11. I played with Morgan in last year's pro-am. We both dropped a few lbs.
  12. Here she is a couple weeks ago when my buddy and I got our picture taken with her and Morgan at the Wegmans LPGA pro-am awards party. We both noticed that she put on a little weight, but we also agreed that she still looks good.
  13. I think the bigger question will be, how will he perform when he returns? I know golf isn't football, but you see running backs who return from reconstructive knee surgery and they're not the same caliber. I won't be the first in line to doubt him though. If he can play through pain and still win a U.S. Open, then I don't think this will set him back much.
  14. Roody

    Erica Blasberg

    Gotta give em' credit, they have been marketing the heck out of this girl and her looks since day one. It's obvious that the only reason people talk about her at all is because of her looks, because she hasn't won anything yet. She does have one of the better looking flash websites for LPGA players: http://www.ericablasberg.com She's even got her own logo. On a side note I remember visiting her site a couple years back, and all the pictures of her were more "modeling" pictures than actual golf shots. They've changed that with the current version of the site. Probably because they real
  15. I can't say as I've had many of the bad experiences you describe. I've played a few of the private clubs in my area, and I've always felt like they treated me BETTER than many of the public courses. Maybe it was because each time I played I was playing with a member. Who knows? I actually had the opposite experience to the scenario you described about the starter asking you to move to one of the more forward tees. Last year I was getting ready to tee off on #2 (playing the white tees), and I see the ranger coming down the fairway towards our tee. He sees that we're getting ready to tee off s
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