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  1. Wait my bad, I didn't see the "etsy" part haha!
  2. Did you make those yourself???? They're amazing!
  3. I've seen a few Yodas before. Those might be good for you. Uh oh, we have a rivalry going on. I'm a Blackhawks fan, tried and true :P
  4. So what are you thinking about getting? Just a colorful one or like an animal or whatnot?
  5. Well I officially don't know what to think. This was a very eye opening post to read. Not that I'm questioning your credibility, but I somewhat don't want to believe it, you know? He does seem like such a nice guy and a class act. It's similar to the whole Santa Claus revelation for me: Something that I've believed for so long and actually looked up to as a respectful golfer isn't exactly what he seems..
  6. I absolutely love the "El Nino" part
  7. The last 10 posts or so literally have me laughing.. you guys are too funny
  8. Breaking! Did you gentlemen hear about Sergio apparently leaving a handwritten note in Tiger Woods' locker at Merion? How do you feel about THIS now?
  9. Haha actually I am a kid still (technically) so yes I understand where you're coming from
  10. As did I. I believe (with me that is) it was the fact that I looked up to him so much and wanted him to be the best all time with a flawless background. Knowing now what he did, even if he does break all records, he will always be the guy that cheated on his wife several times. It doesn't roll off the tongue.. haha
  11. There probably are some negative feelings towards Serg since the comments were so racial, so we do have to keep that in mind
  12. Hmm, that's what I should have thought. The usual "indifferent" Tiger. It's quite strange because when I watch old footage of Tiger, he seemed so full of life and enthusiastic. He seemed like he was enjoying the game and actually having fun.
  13. I don't think it could be put into any better words. Great point.
  14. Now we have some inside information as I did not personally see the exchange myself. Would you say he was cold and shut down, or did he seem interested and considerate?
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