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  1. I live in a small town and was fitted and bought the Mizuno irons when i went to go visit my sister in Austin, TX. I probably wont visit my sister anytime soon, so i will see if i can get the lofts checked somewhere in town. @Rustyredcab Quote: What is the ball flight comparison between the gap and pitching wedges that go about the same length? Same height? Same release on the greens? Are you making the same kind of contact with both clubs? The feeling i get with my AP1's is that my PW is more an iron then a wedge, while with the JPX 800 pro's the PW acts like m
  2. So I finally took the plunge and bought some new irons. My old irons were Titleist AP1’s and my new ones are a mix of Mizuno JPX 800 & JPX 800 Pro’s. The 5i & 6i are JPX 800 while the 7i – PW are JPX 800 Pro’s. The shafts are GS95 S300 after hitting them everyday at the range I noticed that in generally I was able to hit the new clubs 5-10 yards further except my PW! It seems I have lost 5 yards on PW and it seems to go around the same distance as my GW. It could be my lack of consistency but what would be the easiest way to determine if it’s my swing of the loft of the club?
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