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  1. @flog4: Probably didn't clarify, he did say he used the back of the putter, and the launch angle that he came out of the bunker, no way he texas wedged it. On that subject, Texas wedge is really popular here on some courses, where there's no lip on the bunker, you are correct. I once had a birdie that way!
  2. After some thought, I am quite convinced that he scooped the ball out. I didn't see it as the bunker was quite deep, but there is no way in heck he could have used the back of the putter with a proper swing. So I think he would just have used it the same way as we would when we scoop the ball up from the green after we've finished putting. Except he did it to get out of the bunker. He told me as much when I asked him how he got the ball out, and he said, "Putter". I didn't pursue it then, but it kinda stuck after the round. It might be a small issue, but I'm thinking over this be
  3. We use old clubs as 'special challenges' in some of our group bets. Basically, we all bring the oldest club we have (for me, it's an old Wilson Sam Snead Persimmon driver, very nice), and at any one point of time on the course, we will make a 'call', obviously at tee off, and force a guy (usually the one who is killing us in the round), to tee off using the old driver instead of his normal driver. Always gets the laugh. But I don't know, wouldn't whacking the modern urethane balls with the old school persimmons do some damage to the old drivers? My Sam Snead now seems to have cracked a
  4. Without a swing video, I doubt anyone can analyse your swing properly, aside from the universal, "You swing too fast", "You looked up", "You are over-the-top" and those sagely advice. Fact is, as a weekend hacker, we'll have days when we play well, and when we play crap. The best option you might have now is to get a coach to figure it out, and not your best buddy who has played golf 10 years 'coach'---as in a real coach who can analyse your swing properly. Golf - It's the Game of Love and Frustration!
  5. I like to Tomahawk my irons into the ground to get the bad mojo out and bury it into the fairway. Make sure you clean up after that though. :)
  6. I recently played with a guy who in one bunker used the back of his blade putter (the cavity recess where you usually use to scoop up your ball from the green by flipping it up) to scoop his ball out of the bunker and onto the green. I am almost 100% certain that is against the rule of golf, but not sure which part of it states it. Does anyone know?
  7. One ball in the right pocket to remind me to shift my weight properly. Other than that, always use Maxfli balls. Because I like the straight Logo when I look down on it at Address. Titliest Pro-V word is simply too cursive for my fragile mental state.
  8. I thought John Daly settled this a long time ago when he mentioned anything that you can do while smoking and drinking beer is NOT a sport? That aside though, now that the Olympics put Golf in, then Golf is now a SPORT, and we are now ATHLETES! Take that, Gym Rats!
  9. One of the most often used lines to pyscho a hard hitter during an intense round of wagering on the course: "You can drive, but you can't arrive." Almost always, hard hitter will mess up second, third, fourth shot, and putt like a monkey.
  10. I personally like to tomahawk my irons into the ground. But it's a little embarassing because after that I'll be fixing the ground I Tomahawked while muttering to myself...kinda loses the 'angry golfer' impact and become more like 'grumpy old man' issue.
  11. Minimum: Play fast, clean up the course and don't search too long for lost balls. Some beginners out there think they are playing for the Masters and takes eons to putt. I even had a beginner group come back to the tee after they couldn't search for their lost ball, claiming they were following the rules of golf. Needless to say, we nearly killed each other there. Anyways, always remember on the course, make it fun for everyone. Everyone plays lousy golf now and then...that's beyond our control....but fixing divots, raking the bunker, repairing pitchmarks and for sakes, keeping up with
  12. My wife makes a deal: I get a new club, I get her a new handbag. Doesn't take long to figure out a second hand USD60 Hi Bore XLS driver can't compare with a USD800 Chloe Tote Bag.
  13. Hi All! Have always been a big fan of Sandtrap, especially your club reviews. Excellent club reviews and macro pictures of golf clubs. Gilagolf means 'Golf Crazy' in Malay (or Indonesian, depending on which place you are more familiar with). Looking to read more reviews and to participate more in the forum. I currently play to a 20, have gone down to 14 before, but work and real-life has really messed up my time with the game and affected my handicap. I currently use a Hi-Bore XLS driver, a Cobra LD 5 wood, a TM R360XD 3 Wood, a Nickent 3DX hybrid and TM Irons LT. I am promiscuou
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