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  1. I ran into the same problem, but now the scam is a 10 a month charge for something called Tour Partners Rewards. I didn't want it or order it. The refused to refund because it was a "non-refundable charge." You had a great idea about writing OMeara, Haney, et. al. I'll do the same

    I had purchased the Medicus driver from a retail outlet several years ago and found it helped my swing a lot. I recently ordered the Medicus iron on line. What happened after that is the SCAM part. A couple of months after I ordered the iron I started receiving notices from my bank that something called "TOUR PARTNERS REWARDS" was tapping into my debit card to the tune of 9.95 a month. I caught it after two months and called them. They agreed to discontinue the withdrawals but that they wouldn't refund what they had taken because they considered it a "non-refundable charge." All in all, I would say that I got a better deal from the retail outlet for my purchase there. Apparently the "Offer" for the 'Tour Partners Rewards" is so deeply buried in the details (that's where the Devil lives, you know) that you will be ordering something you didn't want or ask for. My recommendation - buy at a retail outlet or better yet, see if someone makes a knock off. Good luck!