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  1. Snowtime! ( BIG pictures...sorry)

    Better shovel the snow off your roof!!!!!!
  2. Need help, I think I am screwed...

    Pull out the Al Pacino flip out. Its their responsibility. Go on a rant and tell them they are cockaroaches.
  3. Do you play any musical instrument(s)?

    I play drums.
  4. Grips DO add swingweight, just to confirm with you... Sorry I don't know how much...
  5. I open my stance up, aim my clubface square to the target, aim like 4 inches behind the ball and rip it. Comes out really high and soft. On longer shots I just don't take as much sand, and square up to the target a bit more.
  6. SuperQuad or FT-I ?

    I've tried both. I really like the FT-i, its nice, thats all I can say. The superquad I thought was nice too, I didnt like the "mushy"ness of it and it sort of sounded weird IMO.
  7. Do you think the long putter should be banned?

    Yes. It makes the putting stroke almost perfect, and hands almost don't come into play at all, and I thought this game was all about hands. You should have to use your hands!
  8. Handicap 2007 start/finish

    started 5.8 finished 2.8 RCGA handicap
  9. how many for tiger

    I say 20
  10. How many putts per round?

    Green size: average-big Putts per round: 30 or less Putter: Odyssey white hot xg #1/#9 3 putts: 1 or less
  11. Northern golfers: What do you do during the winter?

    Well, I do my last day of golf on November 15th. Then, in order to keep myself from flipping out at someone, I have to sit in a small room with the walls painted white, with nothing inside, no windows, no bed, etc. except the occasional meal from the outer world. There I wait biting my arms bloody an raw waiting for spring to come.
  12. Just a thought but your a little across the line a the top... You're clubhead is aimed well right of your target at the top of your swing.
  13. Your favorite Professional Golfer.

    Skilled Trickelson
  14. Duval makes the cut!

    Heck Yes I am watching today!!! I say it is a Duval-Mickelson shootout Mickelson- 66-60-61-56 =243 (-37) Duval- 78-67-57-40 =242 (-38) I am a hardcore Phil fan, but comon, Go Duval, then Phil.