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  1. Two weeks since I last played, getting the hebe jibees New clubs to boot
  2. Same as last year, to lower my handicap by a couple strokes. I was on that path early but putting woes derailed that. I intent to start a relationship of improvement with a PGA professional and try to clean up some of my swing flaws.
  3. Try a round at Hell's Point if you can, great course, a lot of fun
  4. Understand have far I hit each club , better than I do now. Wedges and low irons I am good with , once I am past a 7 it all runs together.. I am going to a pro to get a Gap analysis. I need to stop[ coming up short.
  5. 17.3 to a 14.5 this year. Got two new knees, replacements. Allows me to be more consistent and not tire as much at the end of a round. The three months I was off with the recovery all I could do was chip and putt. Consequently I became much better at it. When that's all you do it can make a big difference in your score. Now if I can shake this pull hook off the tee I can save some stokes and really make some hay
  6. I had my left knee done November 3rd. Doctor said no full swings till February 1st. But said after 3 weeks it was ok to chip and putt. I am having the right knee done February 15th., Looking forward to be able to walk the course again. Lots of discomfort for about a month, nearly impossible to sleep the first week or so. I suggest sleeping in a recliner if you have one. I was in rehab 2 days after surgery and kept pushing myself. Keep walking around in your home. The more you walk the looser it gets. Right now I go to the gym every other day and bike 14 to 16 MPH for 30 m
  7. Buried in Snow in Baltimore Maryland. Where is Spring!!!
  8. Robert Rock 3 under Steve Stricker 2 under John Daley 3 under
  9. 84, 40 on the front and 44 on the back. I doubled 2 of the last three holes when the heat strated getting to me. This was the best round of the year for me and also the best day of the year off the tee as I hit 10 of 13 fairways. Good day putting as well.
  10. Played with a father and Son when the father was coaching the kid the whole day. Ruined the day for his kid and me as well. The other thing that bug's me is where you have someone in your group who has no consideration for anyone else in the group and if always out in front of you chasing his errant shots.
  11. Well I played yesterday , October 9 th which was 18 days after my surgery and besides being inconsistent as always there was no consequences. My doctor cleared me to play and I've been feeling pretty goo but a little weak. Mine was done with a scope and my doctor fixed a slight hernia while he was in there.
  12. I am 57 years old, almost 58 and had my Gall Bladder removed 5 days ago. I am in pretty good physically condition and I have the itch to get out and play. Has anyone here ever had this type of surgery and how long was your layoff? Dying to get back out and I am feeling good but the torque on the mid section might be a little much for having surgery less than a week ago. My saving grace so far is the weather has been so crappy in the Mid-Atlantic.
  13. I would love to be able to walk the course again. I much rather walk than ride, however I have a problem with my right foot that prohibits me from walking anymore. I found that I played better and faster when I walked. I used the time between shots to gather my self on bad shots and calm down after good ones.. I am 58 years old now and notice that since I started playing till now all the newer courses seem to be designed to prohibit walking. The golf clubs don't want to give up the cart revenue. Occasionally I play a 9 hole course close to me and walk but I pay for it the next cou
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