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  1. Welcome to the forums! I love Shawn Clements videos too. It really helped my game.
  2. I keep a ball marker, 3 tees and a divot tool in my right pocket during the round. The front pouch on my bag holds all of my balls. I have 2 big side pockets on bag too, that holds a majority of the rest.
  3. I was Following Rickey Dustin and Sergio on the 12th hole, and it was crazy when Ricky sank the putt. Right after that, he went straight to the porta potty. LOL
  4. Thanks for the tip! I'll look in my local pharmacy for some neoprene wrap. And as for the ibuprofen thing... trust me. i take plenty of those.... hahahah
  5. what brand tape do you use for your finger??? i need some for my right hand. i cant stand wearing a glove on my right hand so i'll just tape it.
  6. I have tendonitis in my right wrist and im looking for something like a wrist band or wrap to help deal with the pain when i play golf. I've also tried icy hot, and tiger balm, but i dont like the odor they make when my arm gets sweaty. Any suggestions ???
  7. Im Glad the lessons helped you out! I plan on taking some lessons at my local PGAtour superstore in the winter, so my swing wont get rusty, but i was never so sure if i should pay 50 dollars for 30 min lessons.....
  8. dont get all caught up in the ball stuff... Work on your swing!
  9. Dont worry about it. Alot of people do it. A LOT...... I always do that, but i buy some range balls too every now and then.
  10. I agree, people stress about short game too much! A good tee shot boosts confident, and confident = good round
  11. Man! I always wanted to go to Pebble Beach. To see a major there is even better!
  12. no, i only went to day one. it was really nice there. No one was doing really good that day...
  13. What can i say. IT WAS AWESOME.!!!!!! This was my first major i've ever been too and what better one to go to than the PGA Championship! (expect the masters....) I Followed Dustin Johnson, Ricky Fowler, and Sergio Garcia! They were really cool to see in person and they did pretty good. I didn't get any autographs, but im glad i got to stand 5 ft away from the three guys, and breath the same air they're breathing. lol btw... i almost got hit my Sergio's ball on the 16th hole. hahah
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