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  1. Here's a video of me going full swing at a ball , i still notice my head dipping , harder to control i guess with a quick swing. But other than that is there anything else you guys can point out that i can change , the swing is still a bit long need to work on that more. You probably notice me leaning to my right , i thought that would make it easier for my weight to transfer.
  2. Sure thing , i'll get another video sometime this evening.
  3. This is what i got so far from a few adjustments , let me know if its any better and what else i can do.
  4. Your arms are very tight to your body , you can afford to extend them out further so that they make a sort of L shape half way through your back swing. Here's a video of Ernie Els' golf swing , he has one of the best in the PGA your , about 12 seconds in you see the L shape in his swing that i was talking about. Number one rule in golf though... don't try and emulate that swing. It's only example , try and fit it into your own swing.
  5. Thanks for the drills , these should help a good bit! I hit a few balls earlier yesterday , just standing still not moving my head, and i did connect to the ball alot better , but it'l take quite awhile for it to stick , because i stuck a few balls left of the target , possibly cutting the ball. But i'll not worry about that yet , just want to get the connection right first.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply , i'll be sure to head out back and work on these. Hopefully it will bring the connection back. I'll let you know how it goes as soon as i give it a go. Thanks again :)
  7. Bumping it up, i'll take any help at all :/
  8. Here's a video with me hitting a ball , lighting is pretty poor , very overcast morning and the camera might be a tad bit close , but i don't have much room to work with in that field :P See what i mean by beginner stuff? I even miss the ball the second shot. I've been playing for about 5 or 6 years , and don't think i've ever done that other than starting off. Aside from that the others shots are very embarrassing , that's 3 shots , and i didn't connect well with either of them. I tried shortening the backswing there , is it any better? Am i swinging too fast or too hard? I need to find a cure fast :/
  9. That's no problem , i'll get a recording of me hitting a ball sometime today and have it uploaded this evening.
  10. Hey there, I'm Seán. The reason i've come here is because i am in dire need of some help. Recently , the last 2 months or so , my game has degraded to the point where the ball only goes a few yards infront of me , comparing to about 4 months ago , where i would crunch a pitching wedge 120metres. I have Two videos , one with an Iron and one with a Driver. Any help would be appreciated , but they are very short videos , but it's better than none , right? So basically , everything has gone on me , except maybe chipping and putting , Tee to Green its like i've never played the game , extremely frustrating and if i didn't love the game so much i think i would of given it up Heres the most recent video recorded this evening. A nd this is one from about 2 weeks ago. I notice a few differences , nothing major , but that's what i need to change , whatever i'm doing wrong , i have no idea how to correct it, HELP ME. :) Hehe thanks.