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  1. I am more of a range rat than anything. I dont plan on hitting the course until I have a lot more of the fundamentals and a lot more consistency. Although I do need to go to the other range in town that has a putting green and bunker so I can work a bit more on my short game.
  2. I am having the same problem with not much distance. For me its a combination of not using quite enough wrist in my backswing and forward shaft lean.
  3. I bought an Adams A2os from 3balls/Ebay for 12 bucks and have been happy with it. My instructor said "get a hybrid".
  4. Agreed on Sun Mountain. I have a Four 5 and its perfect. And from what I understand their warranty is top notch (I have never used the warranty though).
  5. Left handed here too. L- writing, throwing, eating etc. R- golf, batting My dad couldnt show me how to do things lefty.....So he showed me how to bat and golf right handed. Last week I had my first golf lesson thanks to my nephew and he said since Im left handed and golf righty I have an advantage. I think he said it was because my left hand/arm is dominant.
  6. Bridgestone: Giving you the confidence to go further.
  7. Well it looks like both of these were made in the 1920s. The 5 iron is stamped with an "L" which means its a ladies club. Apparently not worth much but thats ok. Nice to see these vintage sticks still around and in playable condition.
  8. My mother in law came over yesterday and saw that my son and I were practice putting in our apartment. She said "you know I have 2 sets of clubs in the car I was going to take to Goodwill. Do you want them?" I said sure Ill take them and we went down to her car to get them. She had a womans set and a mans set of older mismatched clubs but in with them I saw 2 all wooden shaft ones. One is a putter and the other a 5 iron. The 5 iron I think is mild steel and I think the putter is brass since its non-magnetic. I looked closely at both of these and I do not see any initial
  9. I also have used 3Balls for a used driver. They ship out quickly and products were as described.
  10. I noticed the PGA Tour polos as well as some of the Ping offerings on Ebay. I also noticed Kohls has a line of relatively inexpensive polos that are moisture wicking. I think I will start off with some of the more inexpensive ones before spending on the higher end stuff.
  11. I have a pair of Footjoy Contours that I really like. Also have a pair of Adidas Adicomfort 2s as well. I like them both and they both fit well.
  12. I am in the market for some golf clothes and have been looking quite a bit at the Nike/Adidas/Under Armour moisture wicking lines of clothes. As far as for me, I tend to get too hot in day to day activities if I wear anything other than all cotton shirts. My question is do these clothes make you hotter while playing (temp wise lol) or is it really breathable and allows you to concentrate on your game and is it really best to spend money on this fabric? I really dont want to buy into this line of clothes and find out that Im just gonna boil and be miserable while wearing it. I a
  13. Also check your local Craigslist as well. In my area I see at least 4 or 5 listings for balls in really nice condition. And you dont have to pay shipping.
  14. Now this may certainly seem to be a silly question but I dont know and I would like an answer from you knowledgeable golfers here. My question is about when to dawn your golf shoes. Both at the range and on the course. Firstly, when at the range, do you go in and pay, come back out and get your clubs and take your shoes in with you and put them on when you select a lane? Or do you put them on as soon as you arrive at the range and walk in wearing them. I dont want to ruin the spikes by walking on pavement or concrete (if they are that fragile). Same thing applies to the course.
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