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  1. All, I recently thought about purchasing the Matzie Assist Swing trainer based on some reviews and the need for some faster club head speed. The instructional dvd doesn't look like it really gives any instructions (if you care there is a youtube video for it). I also read the instructions on the website which weren't a lot. It obviously has a grip on it to teach you that but how is this supposed to correct my slice with the bent shaft? I feel like swinging it is good but if you don't start the downswing with the hips you'll still come over the top and hit a slice. What is the purpose of th
  2. Thanks for the feedback. How much more hip turn should I have typically? I think the other thing I noticed is that I have a pretty bad early extension problem. If I look at the following sequence line I can tell that I come off the back line. I believe this could also be causing my steep swing because I have to come down steeper to get back to the ball. Are there any drills for this type of issue? Here is the swing sequence to illustrate the early extension issue:
  3. I tried to break down my swing with some lines to say what I think I'm doing. Here is my set up: I then drew a line to the top of the club to show the pocket that I want to try and re-route the golf club to for an inside out swing: Here I am starting my downswing and I try to start it with my hips and the club is starting to be re-routed through the pocket which I believe is a good thing: Here it looks like I'm coming over the top a little since the club is coming down the top of the angle created in my backswing: Just before contact it look
  4. Here is a link to my swing in slow motion as well: http://www.youtubeslow.com/watch?v=tfPstMqHwuw
  5. I was out at the driving range today and could only do a behind video of my swing but hope that anyone can see what is wrong with my swing. I watched a couple videos like this one on the effortless golf swing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lROE1r9S9D4 After watching that video I do feel like I was getting good club head speed and hitting my 7 iron and 9 iron much further today. I also watched this video which gives me a good feeling of trying to get the club on plane and wrapping it around my right shoulder correctly. http://www.hittingitsolid.com/correct-golf-swi
  6. Sounds good, next time I go to the range I'll see if I can take a better video.
  7. I've been Playing Golf for: Occasionally 15 years but really trying to get serious this year My current handicap index or average score is: 90 My typical ball flight is: Fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: The push to the right and the fade. I also seem to hit behind it quite a bit and can't get real good contact. Videos: I just got home from the range and didn't have anything to really capture the video so this is just in my apartment but it's a full swing. What I think I struggle
  8. Haha good point. I just don't find them that comfortable to play with and liked the feel of the other grips.
  9. I bought a new set of irons today and was hitting on a simulator at Golfsmith and was swinging a 6 iron. My swing speed was on average about 80mph but I feel like for a 31 year old guy that I should have a faster swing speed like 85 or so. Are there any drills to get a faster swing speed? I know there are some exercises you can do but looking at drills. I'm working on starting the swing with the lower part of my body to increase this but was wondering if anyone has any ideas? Thanks!
  10. I just purchased the new TaylorMade Speedblade irons today and was thinking about replacing the grips. What are the things I should consider for buying new grips? What are ones that people recommend? I had the Winn Grip Dri-Tac Lite midsize on my last set of irons but read that it might not allow the correct rotation of my wrists during the swing. Any suggestions on this? Thanks!
  11. All, I recently purchased the Swingbyte and it's data is great. However, I'm trying to understand something from the numbers it's giving me. I'm currently fighting a bad hook. I wish I could say draw but it's not :) When I look at the pro swing that they have as comparison on a 9 iron for example, they are showing that the Club Path is 9 degrees inside out but the club face to path is 1.8 degrees open. Does this produce a push draw? I'm not trying to fall into the paralysis by analysis so just want to understand what I need to do for my swing to try and achieve these types of result
  12. Also, I would classify my driver swing as more of a baseball swing with the club face not open at the top of my backswing compared to my irons which is the more traditional swing. When I tried that with the driver I couldn't get the club faced closed in time and was producing some nasty slices so I went to a more baseball swing and that has helped a little. Do most people have different swings for a driver and irons? Also, once again are their drills to work on getting the club face closed at impact if I go with the more traditional swing with my driver? Thanks in advance again.
  13. All, New to this site and got a question. I hit my irons real well and if I have a good day with the driver I can score pretty well for only playing a couple times a year. However, I used to be able to hit a draw with my driver and anymore it's strictly a fade or slice so I want to get back to hitting the draw for obvious reasons. I know I have to go inside out with the swing but I think the part I'm really struggling with is the "releasing" of the hands through the ball. I'm so focused on hitting to the inside out that I don't think I release my wrists to produce the draw. Does anyone hav
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