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  1. I went out in 40F with cold rain on wednesday. That looks like it would be considered a very good day to golf this winter.
  2. Screw that, I forgot to read your original post. My bad.
  3. My goal next year is to: a) Get my swing to where I know what my shot is gonna look like (not necessarily down to the exact yardage and target). b) Score a birdie. c) Get into the 90s.
  4. Let me guess... it's only on Golf Channel.
  5. Shot a dismal 120. Made two pars (came 2 inches within my first birdie). So that can tell you I pretty much shot high numbers on all the other holes. :/
  6. I can tell you don't like it because you do not understand what is truly being said. To someone who doesn't believe in it, it all does sound like gibberish. But if you really want to know what is the reasoning behind this sharing of the belief, ask someone with that belief whom you feel comfortable engaging in conversation with. I'm sure they will explain. Not all Christians are gonna shove their belief down your throat, you gotta understand that. Just like you would say that not all atheists or agnostics are out to make religious people feel terrible about what they believe in. Am
  7. What, no Yani Tseng in this issue?! So disappointed...
  8. I'm gonna guess my last round will be mid-late November.
  9. Nah. Rangers/Brewers World Series. Rangers win.
  10. All I want for a super early Christmas present this year is for the Yankees, Rays, and the Phillies to all be eliminated. Or at least 2 of the 3.
  11. Kansas State better be ranked on monday.
  12. My dad was a casual golfer and he would always take me out to the practice green at varying golf courses in the Central Iowa area. I guess I got hooked there and got a junior set at about 9 years old and played my own tournaments in this huge park behind my house, with 4 balls playing as each pro I wanted to play. I stopped at about 12 because we moved, lost my golf set somehow, and just started playing again a month ago (21 years old). I honestly feel like I really wanna play as much as I did as a kid.
  13. Who knew? Congratulations Mr. Haas. Not exactly one of the even 8 players I was rooting for. But a very well played playoff.
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