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  1. Gold's factory wedges, Vega, Yururi, and obviously Kyoei, are Kyoei forgings. Miura does there own forgings. Kyoei forgings are known to be very soft. Golf clubs are all about personal preference, what one person loves, another might hate, what works for one, may not work for another, what's better for a scratch golfer, chances are will not be better for a 30 handicapper.... A friend of mine attempted to hit my mp67s about a week ago, he took 3 swings, could not really get the ball in the air with any distance, looked at me and said "these clubs suck, why would you ever use them", he just started playing last month, has a set of burner irons, and really likes them..... So for me, the word "better" doesn't really work when describing golf clubs. Most players that play blades, or other forged clubs with little help buy clubs based on feel and personal preferences, the actual performance of these clubs is fairly constant, but some may prefer a very soft feel, while another may prefer a more positive stronger feel. What your really paying for with clubs in this category is how much care goes into the making of each club, with that care comes consistency, and a level of craftsmanship you can't find in mass produced clubs. Search Miura golf on YouTube and you will find a few videos of Mr Miura and his sons hand grinding wedges at there factory, sitting right there at a belt grinder and putting grinds on wedges with a degree of skill that only a fierce desire for excellence and years of experience can achieve, now I would find it very hard to imagine the President of Acushnet sitting in a factory doing paint fill on a set of AP2's, or the CEO of Nike custom grinding wedges for "John smith" in Arizona, now is this attention to detail and degree of care needed? Probably not, will it lower your scores consistently? Probably not, but will it turn out a more consistent club that does exactly what it's expected to do? Yes absolutely.... Every club maker i speak to about clubs of this category tells me the biggest difference between these and mass produced clubs is the quality of the build, the attention to detail, and the consistency, the specs are always spot on, when Miura tells you a club is a certain loft, or lie, or weight, it is exactly that, there is almost no variation, and that just isn't true for every mass produced club made by the larger manufacturers..... Will they out perform something from Mizuno or titleist by any great margin? Chances are no. I've always used forged clubs from the larger companies, and i've loved a lot of them, they've always performed well for me(as long as I actually performed well), but since discovering companies like Miura, Scratch, Yururi, etc.., they have piqued my interest like no other golf club ever has, that attention to detail is very attractive to me personally, and there is a certain art, and beauty to the clubs that I haven't seen in a mass produced club. I would recommend reading Erik Barzeski's review of the Miura tourney blade, and CB 501 on this site, I think he illustrates the differences between the Miuras and the more mass produced clubs very eloquently, and kinda hits the nail right on the head. Hope this helps. Jay
  2. Driver shafts snap in that area for apparently no reason sometimes, but generally with a higher handicapper, or newer player, there is a common reason for it to happen, they will swing steeply down at the ball and sometimes hit down into the grass(or mat if your hitting at a driving range with mats) before the ball, weakening the area where the hosel and shaft meet, normally the head will not snap off on that exact swing, but it will weaken it enough that continuous, even proper contact will cause the shaft to snap at a later time(sooner if the club is swung into the ground again), and the fact that it doesn't snap off on that exact shot will cause these players to think that it is the club and not something they are doing.... A lot of my friends are just taking up the game, one has been through 3 shafts on his driver, as soon as I got a good look at his swing, it was pretty apparent what was going on, two other people I know, who are brand new to golf, have had the same problem, none think it has anything to do with them, but they all have the same common swing flaw that leads to this... 2 different club makers/fitters ive spoken to have told me that they see it happen a lot, and 90% of the time it is for the reason I mentioned above. My advice? Well first off, please never express annoyance or frustration by calling something "gay" it just makes you sound ignorant, and it's offensive. I'm assuming you are younger in relation to most on the forums, speaking like that just makes it more difficult for people to take our generation seriously and just reflects badly on our generation(I'm assuming you are around my age) on the whole..... Secondly, go take a few lessons with a pro, fix your swing before you worry about fixing your driver.... It may very well be that the club breaking had nothing to do with your swing or with you at all, the club may have been defective, or it may have been a chance occurrence, but judging from where the club broke, the way it broke, your higher handicap, and my experience seeing it first hand with other people leads me to believe that it has to do with the way you swing the club and your angle of attack..... Any teaching pro will be able to tell you almost immediately after seeing you swing a few times what the truth of the matter is. Hope this helps. Jay
  3. Lmao, I guess it's my age, I should have said I'm the only one my age without a facebook page, still, i'm surprised even a few people don't have it, even my mother has recently created one, every time I stop by my parents house, she seems to be on her computer "face booking". A lot of the sticks I'm thinking of selling, I'm doing it to make room for miura, scratch, and other JDM or custom clubs, I have the 1957 baby blades 3-Pw, MC 102 3-5, a k grind and c grind wedge arriving tomorrow, i just ordered the yururi raw flat back blades 3-pw satin finish, a yururi rupas wedge, and a bettinardi putter yesterday from tour spec. I'm giving serious thought to the scratch sb-1's and miura giken(Japanese model) 2008 5003 MB, Miura tourney blades limited in black finish, gold's factory wedge and custom putter, miura cb301, and the miura driving iron(can't remember model name)....... Lots of Nike product i'll probably offer first, this year's pro combos3-PW, last year's VR hybrid, method001, 2 vrev wedges, possibly this years vr pro 3 wood as I'm not crazy about the straight fit. Last year's vr wedges If I offer any titleist(haven't decided yet) 710 mb(if I like the new model), 910h 17 degree, 4 or 5 vokey wedges, 909 driver, ap2 3-PW Mizuno is tough, as I'm partial to the company, but if I do, mp58 3-PW, mp53 3-5, possibly a set of once played mp 68's(I prefer the 67 and early models, 32,33,30), the 68's have my initials engraved though, mp 60 3-PW, jpx driver(haven't played it yet, it's been sitting around for a little bit), anything else from mizzy that I don't play now is because I beat the helll outta it already... 2 of this year's callaway wedges, diablo forged irons 5-pw, razr hawk driver 2 of this year's Adams idea hybrids, possibly the cb1 black 4-gw 2 new Cleveland cg 15 wedges Cobra s3 limited white driver Ummm, I can't really think of anything else at this moment, I really gotta go through what I have to be 100% sure what else I would sell, as well as to get the specific lofts and bounces on the wedges, and the lofts on the hybrids, most drivers are 9.5s, some items may have different grips if the 1 or 2 times I played them I was going through an experimental phase, again, I'll be able to get all that info when I really take a good look through everything, there will probably be plenty more that I forgot to mention, Ill also try to get which shafts are in which clubs, I don't buy many 3 woods, I've been kind of phasing them outta my bag lately in favor of a lower lofted hybrid, I play a lot of long irons on long approach shots, and I would rather have the hybrid to act more as a utility club than a 3 wood I rarely use, i will occasionally play the 3 wood on very long courses, and my gamer has been last years Nike victory red with the glued hosel(I have come to dislike adjustable hosels lately as they don't feel as sturdy to me). Regarding Taylor Made, I very rarely buy there clubs, I'm just not a big fan, I have 2 hybrids from 4 years ago, a 28 degree burner rescue that is the ultimate utility club, and saves my ass from the trees constantly, I can hit any shape punch like it second nature, and that's just to valuable to ever get rid of, and a 19 degree burner rescue that often makes it's way into my current bag, I also had an r7 limited driver, which until this year I thought would be my primary gamer..... Forever lol..... But the new 910s, both d2 and d3 knocked it outta the bag, I also rotate in last year victory red tour driver with the glued hosel, depending on the course I play and the shot I want. 1par2win, I actually recently gave the 710 cbs to a friend(he doesnt really do them justice lol)along with the recently retired r7 limited, 2 non conforming vokey wedges, a Nike sv wedge, callaway 3 wood, and a Taylor made staff bag from a few years ago. I do not own many Ping clubs, I do own some, but I need to take a look for what I have exactly, I would probably sell most of them, I'm not a huge ping guy. As far as putters go, I normally buy Scotty putters, I don't buy every single Cameron that comes out, but I buy quite a few, I hang on to every single one, I still have the first Cameron putter I ever bought, and it makes it's way into my bag sometimes, I would never sell them or give them away. The method putter I mentioned above was an impulse buy, I actually played it for a few rounds, and my stroke really suffered, I was getting too wristy, there's nothing wrong with the putter, it has a pretty nice feel, but after being very used to a certain feel in my putters, I just felt like I had to give it a lot more juice with the Nike, and I was doing that in the wrong way by engaging my wrists.., I'm going to give some other putters a shot, I mentioned above that I ordered the bettinardi(tour SB-10 mr2 face sound slot long neck), I will probably give gold's factory a shot, as well as possibly having a Cameron re done by gold's. If I absolutely fall in love with the clubs I have already ordered or will order in the next few days I'll probably wind up scooping up everything made by Miura, Yururi, Scratch, etc... And if that happens, there will probably be more things I will sell, but I really don't want to sell anything to someone that has been played a lot, I would feel like I was getting over on someone if they gave me money for something heavily used, maybe I'll do some giveaways, also, a lot of what I wouldn't originally think to sell has my initials engraved on it, and I just can't see anyone wanting a club with my initials on it, again, if I absolutely must get rid of some of those clubs, I'll do some giveaways. P.S any thing I would list on this site, I would list with photos, I wasn't trying to imply that I wasn't going to put up the pictures, just my strong dislike of taking pictures, and more specifically posting them online. Sorry about the long post, let me know what you think. Thank you. Jay
  4. Anyone who has been reading my threads has probably come to realize that I buy a ton of golf clubs. I've recently designed and devoted a room in the home I recently purchased(my first)to all of my golf clubs and accessories(it even has a re gripping " station"), at this point, it's pretty much full, I'm getting quite short on room, and I refuse to devote another room to the storage of my clubs and other golf stuff( thinking about doing another room with a trackman launch monitor, but that's a different story for a different time). So my question to anyone who cares, would anyone be interested in basically new clubs and other products from the major manufacturers at a very reduced price? I'm thinking of doing this to help out a lot of players on this site who seem to have a lot of game, but might not have the funds to really out fit themselves as well as they might like to. Every item I sell would be standard specs, there are a lot of times when I'm not really quite sure if I will like an item, so I will scoop it up from a large market store(golf galaxy, golfsmith, etc) in standard specs and play it a little to get a feel for it, my custom specs are close enough to stock specs from most companies that I can get a good feel off of the stock specs, the only real variation is the lie angle which I play 1 degree flat in my irons, and I play hard stepped stiff shafts in my irons(for the most part), i have everything adjusted if I fall in love with the club. Getting back on topic, as I mentioned above, everything I would sell would have standard specs, any club I have built to my specs is engraved with a logo I had designed based on my initials, anything I would sell here would be devoid of custom markings of any kind. If people are interested, I would think of doing it kind of by manufacturer, for example, if I start off listing Nike clubs, I would them list anything else I would sell from Nike before moving to another manufacturer, such as titleist or whichever. The only drawback to this for me personally is the need to take pictures of the items I would list, I hate taking pictures period, especially then having to post them on the web, it's like a huge pet peeve for me, the only cameras I've ever owned have been on cell phones, I've mentioned before that I'm the only person I know without a Facebook, but I realize it would be nessescary if I'm going to do this because it would be crazy for someone to buy something over the Internet without seeing it first. Everything I would sell would be from the last year or two, and would not have been played more than a few times, things that I don't love enough to game often, aren't old enough to have developed some sentimental value, and aren't special enough visually for me to hang on to them for aesthetic purposes alone, I would include a mini review for every item as well as the reasons why I will sell it. Let me know what you think, and if anyone is interested. Thank you. P.S Here is an example of an item I would list: Nike VR pro combo, 3-PW, purchased this April, played 2 rounds and about an hour on the range, everything is standard, shaft is TT Dynamic gold S300, no marks on them $400.00 Jay
  5. This is gonna be a long multi part post, im going to apologize in advance. Played 9 a little while ago with the MP67's with the iomic grips on them, I was happier with them than I thought I would be, the extra tackyness vs my normal tour velvets really gave me a new level of confidence in my hold. Many club and touring pros that I've spoken to or played with since I began playing have told me fairly often that most amateur grips tend to break down at the top of the backswing, and to this day its always in my mind during my swing to make sure my grip on the club is consistent throughout my swing, particularly at the very top of the backswing, from what ive been told, and from my personal experience, that seems to be where your body wants to make adjustments that can ruin a golf swing, honestly, these grips seem to really make it more natural and less forced, as my round progressed, i found less and less concious thought was needed to keep my grip consistant, and i could focus more and more on impact, my mind didnt seem to wander to the various components of my swing, and I could just dial in on the ball and what i wanted to do with it, I found my grove, and darts were thrown lmao. I was also more comfortable really going at my short/ scoring irons, increasing my control of the spin on each shot noticably, I'm not sure of the weight of the iomics vs my tour velvets, but i didnt notice any difference in swing weight like i have with some other grips like the winn lite, they give you a slightly softer feel than the tour velvets, but they also gave me surprising feedback and are more responsive than I thought without being harsh, just looking at the grip, you wouldnt think they give you very much feedback, I personally thought they would mute or deaden the feel of a shot when i first saw the grip up close, but thats just not the case. I personally couldnt be happier with these grips, I believe very strongly that golf is a huge test of mental toughness and focus, and that when you can eliminate or reduce the need for concious thought about a certain aspect of your game or swing, you can focus your thoughts more effectively, makeing you a stronger, more confident, more consistent, and all around better player, these grips certainly help me to achieve that, Ive tried so many grips, and i very rarely find one I like, ive always been back with my tour velvets after a round or two, and never so much because I felt the tour velvets helped my game, but because i felt they didnt hurt my game, Iv'e always found grips to be a bit of an under appreciated part of equipment, overlooked entirely by many weaker players and beginners, and I think my results with these iomic grips illustrate very well that everyone should give the grips they play some thought, weather you are a scratch golfer, or just developing a love for the game, a grip that helps give you confidence in your hold on the club WILL help you shoot lower scores and enjoy the game more, probly not dramatically, but certainly enough to notice, confidence breeds consistency, and consistency breeds confidence, ands its so much easier to have a great time on the course when you feel good about your game. In conclusion, so much about equipment selection is personal preference, and whats perfect for one person, might be terrible for another, but I'm quickly falling in love with these grips, and if your like me and have always struggled to find grips that suit you or have lacked confidence in your hold on the club, and desire a grip that gives you more tackyness without sacrificing feel and feedback, i think you should give the Iomic sticky 2.3 grips a try(or the 1.8 if you have smaller hands), iomic grips are not cheap, I paid 14.00 per grip, and the sticky lines are considered the base models, i believe some iomics get up to 20+ per grip, I'm sure that everyone who has been reading my posts realizes that I spend all sorts of money on golf equipment(and just about everything else for that matter, lol), but I highly recommend ordering 2-3 from a club fitter and trying them out before scooping up enough to re-grip a set, if your club fitter deals alot with japanese clubs, they just may have a few in stock, i havent seen them in any of the larger retail stores(golf galaxy, golfsmith) and I had to order them through the clubmaker who does most of my clubs, but I called around and found two places that deal in alot of japanese clubs that keep some in stock, they have a website you can order through, but im not sure if there are any qunatity restrictions. I hope this helps anyone who is interested in or thinking about getting these particular grips. Erik, thank you for your response, love this site, think its a fantastic resource for golfers of all skill levels, and is just about the only website i signed up for... ever.. lol, also, which clubs is it that you will have a review up for soon that you mentioned in you post? I have an update on my club hunt, I will be ordering a new set or irons within the next day or two, ive narrowed it down to 3 choices, the Yururi 2010 raw flat back blades in satin finish, Miura 2008 MB-5003 blades, or a set of Scratch golf SB-1 Digger/driver, that my club maker actually purchased, played once, and didnt like, from what I have heard, the Miura 5003 MB is one of the best forged blades ever to come out of japan, soft feel, great workability, the Yururi raw flat back blades have a very soft feel, and are surprisingly playable, and the scratch SB-1 is somewhere in between the two others, quite forgiving for a blade, but not as soft as the Miura or Yururi, but im quite interested in the digger/driver grind, I love the look of all of them, the edge goes slightly to the Yururi, he would sell me the SB-1 for 970.00, but they have dynamic gold s300 shafts in them, so i would have to have them re shafted and the lie angle would need to be adjusted, that would make them all just about the same price, give or take 200.00, i cant really get my hands on any of them to hit, I could demo the SB-1, but with th s300 shaft on them, that wouldnt help me very much, if you would like to take a look at the Yururi or Miura, you can find them at Tour Spec Golf, please give me any info, opinions or thoughts that you can on these 3 clubs, if anyone owns any, I would really appreciate to know what you think, its probly to much to ask for to find someone who has hit all 3, also, im really inteested in shafting them with nippon shafts, i have been playing KBS lately, and would really love to hear what people think of the various nippon shafts, and just this manufacturer on the whole, and how they feel and perform vs. KBS, I havent really found anywhere I could demo the Nippons, but if i get really positive feedback on them, I would find a way to hit the various Nippon shafts before shafting whichever set I go with, with them. Any feedback anyone can give me would be very appreciated. P.S I still plan on scooping up alot of the clubs and equipment I've mentioned in my earlier posts in the near future, as well as all 3 that I mentioned in this post, but I will definitely be ordering 1 of the 3 sets I mentioned above in the next few days, ill make sure I write reviews whenever I recieve new stuff, and if you would like to request for me to review anything from the larger manufacturers, either currently available, or from the last 3 or 4 years, shoot me a PM, or post it in one of my threads. Thank you very much to everyone that took the time to read this extremely long post. Jay
  6. I hit a few clubs with the iomic sticky 2.3 grips at the range today, I have to say, I really really love these grips, the way i went about testing these out is i took a few clubs with the iomic grips on them, and a few clubs with my standard tour velvet grips, and i hit them side by side, I had a 3, 7, and PW titleist ZM with the iomic sticky grips, along side of a 3,7, and PW MP67(my go to irons) with my normal tour velvets, i had a titleist 910 D2 with the iomic sticky grip, along side a 910 D3 with tour velvets, I had a nike VR pro 3 wood and 4 hybrid with the iomic sticky grips, along side a taylor made R11 3 wood and 910H 17 with tour velvets. The results really surprised me, I have tried sooo many grips, and always I come back to the standard tour velvets, but these iomic grips give me the feel im looking for along with the extra tackyness Ive wanted, they make me feel more comfortable with my hold on the club, and my swing feels slightly more natural, i cant say anything about durability yet or how they handle moisture, but im very optimistic at this point, the only club I would say that I still prefer the tour velvet on is my driver, the iomic grip seems to feel slightly strange on the driver, I gripped the rest of the MP67 set with the iomics, ill be off to play a quick 9 with them as soon as i post this, ill let eveyone know how it goes when i get home later on. Jay
  7. That sounds like a good idea, I'll definitely take a look at the company you mentioned above, if I like it and pick up some of there clubs, ill definitely write a full review, it will probly take some time to have them built to my specs if I buy them, Ill also do a review on the Miura clubs I have coming and anything else that I buy from now on, also if there is anything from the major manufacturers that you would like me to review, just let me know in one of my threads or shoot me a PM. At the moment im seriously contemplating picking up a set of Yururi 2010 raw flat back blades in satin finish, Yururi 2011 KM-0107 CNC Gekku irons, Yonex 2011 forged MB limited Ryo Ishikawa model, Yonex Tour Forged Iron, Miura CB 202 and 301, Kyoei Zestaim Fi-2 Muscle forged blade, kyoei vega V-muscle forged blade, Miura Gikken 2008 MB-5003 and CB 3003, a few Yururi wedges, Scratch sb-1, Miura IC 6001 driving 2iron, Miura giken 2010 MG hybrid, Ryoma driver, Bettinardi putter, Gold's factory custom putter. I probly wont get every single item on that list, but ill get quite a few of them, again, everything will be built to my specs so it will take a while to receive whatever I order, But like I mentioned above, if there is anything currently available from the major manufacturers or from the last 3 or 4 years that you would like me to review, let me know, ive also tried many different shafts in both my woods/hybrids, and my irons, as well as grips, so i can give you review of those as well if you are interested. I ordered a few iomic grips a few days ago and im going to pick them up today, im going to put them on a few irons and woods and ill let everyone know what i think later on. Thank you very much for your ideas and input. P.S I dont want to step on the toes of any of the Administrators of this site, so if there is ever anything you would prefer me not to post about, just let me know. Jay
  8. Hey everyone, Ive played with many different shafts, but recently, I have really liked KBS, they seem to have a very nice feel to them that works nicely for me, lately ive been hearing alot about the various Nippon shafts, alot of people say they have a very soft feel, I'm wondering if anyone has experience with them, how do they feel/perform vs KBS? do you love them? hate them? I'm really interested and i would appreciate any info, opinions, or feedback that anyone can give me, the nippons arent really around everywhere, and its tough to find some to demo. I look forward to hearing what anyone has to say, thank you very much. Jay
  9. At your handicap, the mp52 should be a good club for you, but then again, i am completely unfarmilliar with your golf game, so that statement could be totally wrong, some other factors that would give me a better idea though, did you get fit for the mp52? did you get fit for your older clubs? do both sets have the same specs(length, lie, etc)? do you have the same shafts, and or shaft flexes in both sets? which shafts/flexes do both sets have? whats your swing speed? how far do you hit your 6 iron from both sets? do both sets have the same grips and grip sizes? what percentage of the time do you make good contact(hit the sweet spot)? is your swing consistent? do you currently, or have you recently taken lessons? if you can give me that or most of that info, i can definitely be of more help. As far as other club sets mentioned above, the mp52 and 53 are very simillar to the jpx 800 pro, i own all 3 and you may see a very small distance increase, and an almost unnoticeably higher launch with the 800 pro if they all have the same shaft, but if your swing is consistant and you are having trouble with the mp52, the 800 pro probly wouldnt be a good choice, in my opinion, based on my experiences. Ive never hit the jpx 800, but that may be a better club for you if you want to go with mizuno. The adams cb1 is a great club a little hotter off the face then the mizunos, but again, if your having difficulties with with the mp52, i wouldnt reccomend it, as i find it to be a little less forgiving, ive only demoed the cb2 and i find that it plays very simillar to the mp52, again, the ball comes off the face hotter than the mizunos, but other than that, not much difference. Thats just my personal opinions of the clubs mentioned above, I would find it difficult to toss out other ideas of my own based on the limited info i have about you and your golf game, if you could give me some more of the info that i mentioned above, i could certainly make some suggestions, also, so much of selecting clubs is about personal preference and what you are trying to acomplish playing golf, and no matter what clubs you play, make sure you get them fit and built to your exact specs, that will help your game more than any suggestion i could make. Hope this helps. Jay
  10. I'm going to agree with you for the most part, will a super expensive putter put the ball in the hole better than a 25 dollar putter, or a 300-400 dollar putter? for the most part, no, but I feel the need to make a few points, a putter that is totally custom fit, and wieghted to your exact specs will generally do the job better than something off the rack, and the price generally rises as the level of customization rises, do you need to spend thousands to get properly fit and have a putter made up to your specs? of course not, but I dont think anyone would consider it cheap to go through that process. Also, as far as the super expensive putters go, I dont think your paying for increased performance, i highly doubt anyone pays many thousands of dollars for a putter thinking that its going to make them a better golfer, at that price level, your really paying for extreme aesthetic(sp.) customization, and yes, exclusivity, and most people who buy something like that can afford it, and if you can afford it, why not, its something thats made specially for you and there will never be another like it, its fun to own, and beautiful to look at, if it brings you joy, why not? Is it an intelligent idea for someone to purchase something like that who cannot really afford it thinking its going to solve all of there putting woes? Helll no, but if it doesnt affect you financially, and if it makes you happy, then I cant see an argument against it, hell, ive paid 400K for a sports car, a super expensive putter wouldnt be my most outrageous or outlandish purchase. Theres a quote I heard on the radio a few years back, right around the time Michael Jorand retired from basket ball that i think kinda sums up what im saying. "They say Michael Jordan has a gambling problem after he lost almost a million dollars in Vegas last weekend, OH PLEASSE, thats pocket change to him, the guy has hundreds of millions!! Me betting 700 dollars on the jets when I have 140 dollars to my name and bills coming out my ears, thats a gambling problem, but Michael Jordan losing a million? not even close, thats just a guy enjoying the money hes earned, he was probly smiling and laughing the whole time" Thank you very much for responding. Also wondering if anyone has any opinions or experiences with the clubs or products i mentioned in my original post for this thread. Jay
  11. There definitely is coming back from the Heavy Putter, Ive actually tried a few of the heavy putters, and find they work pretty well, when my putting is weak i will occasionally play the heavy to force me to grove my stroke. Off topic, a few friends and I have found that on very closely cut fairways, you can knock the heavy putter quite a few yards quite accurately, theyre also great out of the rough right around the green... Back on topic, I would recomend getting to the practice green with a more standard putter, if a friend or golf buddy has one you could borrow in a head shape you are interested in that would help, after a while practicing, you will become more comfortable with a lighter putter, and the conrol you developed with the heavy putter will prove to be a help more than a hinderance, but like anything else in the game of golf, if you want to move forward, you gotta put in the time and effort. After you're comfortable with a lighter putter, go get fit for a new putter, alot of putters can be custom weighted, and what works best for you may still be something that plays heavier than the norm. Based on everything I hear and read, I would recomend Edel putters, they seem to do a fantastic job of matching you to the perfect putter for you through the fitting, and every last detail can be made custom to your exact specs, and they will eliminate your aim bias, as a matter of fact, sometime in the next week or two I'm goin to get fit for a custom Edel. Hope this helps. Jay
  12. Made by the elves you say, do they have "Sting" engraved on them, and does the "blade" glow blue when orcs are near?? lmao, LOTR reference, im a bit of a fantasy junky.... Those are definitely something I will look into, thank you for the suggestion. Also, you may have been joking, but I would never have a problem with anyone trying out any of the clubs I own, if your thinking of buying something and would like to try it out, or if its just something you think you would like to try, shoot me a PM with what your interested in if you live in or around NY, or you are traveling here, I also travel alot, so ill post when I'm traveling and where, normally ill only bring one set of clubs, but if you see that ill be around where you live and there is something you would like to try out, let me know what it is and ill bring it with me, I have just about everything from the larger manufacturers, everything is built to my specs, but im pretty standard, I generally play stiff and stiff+ shafts in my woods and hybrids depending on the brand of shaft, generally standard length, lately I've liked the Aldila RIP in stiff+, Matrix Ozik Altus in stiff+, Fubuki alpha in stiff+, ProjectX in stiff or stiff+ depending on the club, in my irons i usually play a hard stepped stiff shaft. different heads have different shafts, but I've really liked KBS lately, lengths are generally standard, and lie angles are 1 degree flat, in wedges I play the same specs, but I've been messing around with alot of shaft combos lately, namely the various "spinner" wedge shafts and how they work for me with different lofts, heads, and grinds/bounce angels, all wedges shafts are stiff, and with putters, i normally buy blade and small mallet putters. Grips on all woods and irons are either standard tour velvets, standard lamkin crossline, or standard lamkin REL 3Gen, all built up slightly with tape, grips on all wedges (excluding PW) are standard Winn EXCEL AVS red/graphite with no tape build up. Thank you everyone who has taken the time to read and respond to both of my threads.
  13. Ive heard some about scratch, and i would like to learn more about there clubs, i would quite possibly order a custom set from them if they catch my eye, I've heard next to nothing about KZG, heard the name mentioned a few times, but nothing else until now, ill definitely give them a look. I try to get my hands on just about everything that I like, I would say its about 60 percent that I love to play everything to see what performs the best, and 40 percent that I love having a collection of beautiful clubs that I wind up hanging on to for there aesthetic(sp.) value more so than performance, I play every single club I buy as soon as i get them, and i love to play all of them, but for the most part I have 3 sets of irons that I play most of the time because they just flat out perform best for me, while there are many many others that ive bought, played, and relized that they do not perform as well for me as other clubs might, but i still enjoy playing them every now and then, and i can enjoy them every single day in a different way, whenever i look at them, as a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Thank you very much for responding, I appreciate it, I cant wait to hear from anyone else who would like to chime in. Jay
  14. Whats goin on everyone, I just joined the forum yesterday, and started my first thread about a web site that sells MIura golf clubs, I would like to thank anyone who has taken a look or responded, if you havent, please do if you have the time and help me out if you can, I would really appeciate it. I mentioned in that thread that I had just recently discovered alot of lesser known custom club makers who make absolutely stunning clubs, i am very interested in ALOT of them lol. I wanted to start a thread to get some opinions and info about these club makers, does anyone own clubs from these makers? how do they perform? has anyone demoed any? which makers do you like? any makers that should be avoided? and just any other opinions, thoughts or information (maybe even a comparison) on this type of club maker, I kinda see this as an open thread for this type of club/club maker. I'm really interested to hear what anyone has to say. Here are some specific clubs and club makers that i'm very interested in (although i definitely do not want to limit this thread to just these specific clubs or manufacturers), in no particular order: Miura Golf clubs (anything and everything from Miura, irons, wedges, putters, woods, hybrids) Gold's Factory wedges and putters Bettinardi Tour SB 10 MR2 face sound slot no sight line long neck Epon Golf 2009 AF-tour forged blades, Epon 2011 AF-152 driver, 2008 AF-101 driver, 2010 EM-S Driver Fourteen 2010 TC-910 forged, 2011 TC-710 forged iomic grip(really like the look of them, interested to know how they feel and perform) Kyoei Golf Zestaim Fi-2 muscle forged blade, Vega V-muscle forged blade, Vega V-cavity RAF-501i, Zestaim forged wedge Nippon shafts (shafts in my opinion are really personal preference and feel base, more so than just about anything else, but im interested to know what people think of them) ONOFF 2011 forged iron, ONOFF Labo Spec RB247 irons PRGR 2011 iD BL Forged iron, 2011 ID forged iron Royal Collection 2011 Forged Blade Ryoma Golf D-1 vspec driver, D-1 Driver, D-1 PREMIA driver Three Luck Sky Dream Jump CF 1 forged iron, Pro WS forged wedge, Pro TB forged wedge Tourstage 2011 X-Blade 905 limited, 2011 X-Blade 905CB limited, 2011 X-Blade 705 Type M, 2011 X-Drive 905 limited Yonex 2011 Zero driving iron Ryo Ishikawa model, 2011 EZONE forged CB iron, 2011 EZONE forged PB iron, 2011 forged MB limited Ryo Ishikawa model, Tour Forged Iron Yururi 2010 Raw Flat Back Blade (I really LLLOOOVVEE the look of this club), 2011 forged Chili wedge, Keigekiku tour wedge, Keigekiku Tour Seida Rpas wedge, Raw Gekku wedge, 2011 new KM-0107 CNC Gekku iron Scratch golf clubs, I dont really know much about them, ive only seen there wedges, but they look great and im interested to learn about there other clubs Hakusa golf X-Blade, Tour Issue wedge, X Wedge Nakashima Golf, havent heard much about this maker Akira Prototype KS201 irons, Prototype K101 irons, K109 prototype tour driver PRGR 2011 ID435 driver Yonex Nano v Nextage 430 driver Wow!! that was a lot of typing lol, sorry about the enormous list, but thats just a bunch of things i really love, or I'm interested in, I would love to hear anyone's thoughts on any of these or any other clubs or products by these types of club makers/manufacturers, i would really really like to here from anyone who owns or has owned or played any of the above mentioned clubs and products or clubs/products of a simillar nature. I ccant wait to hear what people think. Thank you for taking the time to read my enormous post. Jay
  15. For some reason my first reply from Tin man's first post didnt show up on my computer for a while, so i retyped pretty much the same thing in my most recent post, except for the last two paragraphs. apologies. Jay
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